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    Ironwood Medical Company was founded by Doctor Malachi Pike on January 24th, 1901 within the state of New Alexandria. Ironwood Medical Company specializes in teaching advanced first aid, intensive triage care, Field Medical training, and pharmaceutical studies. They also host weekly training sessions for employees or those in a 3rd party space that wish to attend for their own medical knowledge. Should a student graduate and wish to start their own medical practice, Ironwood Medical will assist them with getting onto their feet and starting to grow their own medical community. The company takes pride in its "True Neutrality Act" instating that it will never publicly endorse public officials or otherwise for the sake of maintaining un-bias medical treatment.


    Starting in January of 1901, Ironwood has been a growing staple a the medical community. Having a management team compiled of several veteran doctors and multiple well-educated prospects, the company strives to improve the state of care across the state of New Alexandria.

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    Doctor Malachi Pike

    Date Founded:

    January 24th, 1901


    West Elizabeth, New Hanover, Lemoyne, New Austin, and Ambarino.


    Dr. Elinor Grey, Trainee Isabella Clarke, Dr. Hope Pisces, Dr. Drey Shadowfox, Dr. Evaline Sanderson, Field Medic Alex Walker, Field Medic Apollo Alovich, Field Medic Solomon Quatermain, Field Diego Baronio, Field Medic Dallas Cobb, Field Medic Elijah Peachey, Field Medic Maize Doyle, Field Medic Rose Kendall, Trainee Anna Mercer, Trainee Dahlia Quinn, Trainee Eleanor Rose, Trainee Florence Blackwood, Trainee David Rizzo, Trainee Verathis Jenner, Trainee Anthony Chase, and Trainee Joseph Navarre.