Calliope Crane

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    Calliope is nothing more than a petty thief, a nuisance to the law enforcement, but also a friend to some of them.

    Early Life 

    Born in England to a poor family, Calliope took to thievery to get by. Her parents abandoned her when she was young, which lead her to be alone for most of her early life, this didn't deter her however, she kept a strong sense of humour and joy, then began to make a name for herself. Thievery was her go to, every store, bank, and business across her home town took measures, to prevent one woman from stealing her way through. Though none of them could ever really stop her, even when they caught her.

    She wasn't just a thief however, the back alleys and bars of her home town were rife with fight clubs and brawlers. She would go home battered and beaten every time, but every time she got better, and better, and better. She would rise to the top of her local fighting rings. Her fighting skills would translate over to her thievery, when people would try to apprehend her, she would throw a few well placed punches.

    All the excitement in her life began to have adverse effects on her however, she would begin to suffer from a desire to do more dangerous and risky jobs, things that would likely get her caught or killed. Her jobs became more frequent and less for necessity and more for fun.
    Eventually the local law enforcement became truly sick of her, and decided a more permanent solution was needed. They tried to have her sent to a mental asylum, claiming she suffered from Kleptomania and would need medical treatment. Calliope, having heard of the terrible conditions in these mental institutions refused to be admitted to one. She would flee from the police one last time. She would stow away on a boat docked in the canals of her home town which lead out to the River Mersey, and from there the Atlantic

    Present Life 

    Calliope arrived in New Alexandria, in March of 1900 after stowing away on a cargo ship bound for America. Once she arrived she instantly took to her old bag of tricks. The Saint Denis General Store was her first target. Here she would meet her first deputy in her time in the state, Bloom Thomas ( Now Bloom Shaw ). Calliope being confident in her abilities challenged Bloom to a fist fight. The bet being if Bloom won then Calliope would turn herself in for her crimes. Calliope would then spend a majority of her prison sentence unconscious.

    This fight led Calliope to begin writing down every fight she would have, and keep track of every loss and victory. Fight after fight she would get better and better. She would find many different people in the state to fight, determined to bring down every foe she would come across. Deputies would be her favourite targets, their overconfidence would make them take the same bet Deputy Bloom Thomas would, but not all of them would win.

    She would spend most of her time robbing stores alone, and "befriending" the deputies of the New Alexandria Sheriff's Office. Aaron Hunter and Sophie Harper being two deputies she would encounter often. But her life wouldn't always be solo robberies and fair fights. One day she would have a chance encounter with Butch Marlow who randomly invited anyone at the Valentine post office to join him in a robbery

    This one event would change her time in New Alexandria for the better. She would meet a myriad of like minded individuals and become friends with many of them. Birdie of The Hagen Crew and August Powell would become two of the people she considers her closest friends. She would spend a lot of time with these two, getting up to many chaotic hijinks.

    Then the hurricane hit New Alexandria.

    Calliope was separated from her friends, the state was in shambles. And she couldn't rob any general stores.

    This is where her story is now. What she is doing currently and where she will go, is still up for fate to decide.



    "I'm only good at two things in life, running away and punching things"

    "Well, you are going to have to catch me first"

    "I'm Calliope motherfucking Crane"


    Calliope discovered her need for glasses after stealing a pair to use for a disguise, she needed a disguise because she wanted to witness the trial of John Winkler while she had multiple warrants on her head.

    She has a scar across her lip, which she gained after falling from the horse of someone who kidnapped her

    Calliope Crane



    Alive and Well








    26th of December 1879


    Manchester, England



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