Demonica Ozouf

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    Demonica Ozouf
    Themesong, 'Dark Riders'



    Demonica is a very small and underweight female that barely stands 5'3, she has long, thick black wavy hair that falls below her shoulders and reaches the middle of her back. It is often kept out and rarely tied back, only small hints of a long fringe covering her eyes every now and again. Matched with her darker hair and pale skin she has pale but bright blue eyes that commonly show a ton of emotion. She has pale skin that is fairly coloured with pink undertones that gives her a more youthful, young appearance and also shows she is fairly healthy.

    One of the key features of Demonica is the fact she is mute, she is unable to speak and often can be seen writing things and showing people what she wrote. Demoncia can be very hyper and loves when people are patient enough to stick around and actually talk to her and once given the chance to show herself she is very friendly and helpful. She is flustered easily due to her innocent nature or mere compliments can cause her to flush/blush. Though while she is this happy go lucky woman, she has a very lonely side to her, with being mute not many have the patience to talk to her and she finds herself aimlessly wandering the world in hopes to find a friend or two or someone to talk to.

    Early Life 


    Born to a wealthy caring but strict couple; Jazmine and Blake Ozouf, Demonica was set to live a perfect life, that would be filled with caring parents and anything the young girl wanted but unfortunately Demonica was born with the inability to speak, her voicebox not forming in development which left her unable to speak or make sounds aside from sounds caused by breathing. Her parents originally had thought she was sick, thinking something was wrong with her and when taking her to a nearby doctor he came to the conclusion that she was mute. Her parents have heard of people who were "mute" but never came across anyone who was and such they became wary, unsure how to take care of her at first but the doctor reassured them that she would be normal just.. well the inability to speak and such she would have to learn other ways to communicate. As Demonica grew from baby to child, she and her parents often clashed due to misunderstandings due to the lack of ability to communicate, but the arguments never lasted and even when mad at each other the small family would grow close again.

    While her family understood her condition, others did not and as she tried to make friends she was treated differently. Parents shunned her due her difference and she was often called a curse or was cursed by those who lived in the small town, though Demonica never understood the cruel words till later it still effected her and because of parents and average people shunning her; Possible friends kept away from her too. Kids her age strayed away from her and those who did stick around never lasted as her parents began to move constantly. The young girls 'wonderful' life was one lived in Solitude. She would grow to be very aware and conscious about herself and she would slowly become more distant and more of a “loner” as the years went by, becoming mostly a shell of her former self as she started seeing that in this world, things were easily judged and taken out of context and made worse than it actually was. Being different was often seen as bad rather than good.

    As her parents moved from place to place, being travellers who want to explore the world, Demonica would meet all sorts of people and with that came a lot of bullying, friends and enemies. But she grew to show no emotions and started developing underhanded traits and often started getting back at those who bullied her. As her family decided to come to the fancy place of America, they travelled around for a bit before hearing about a place called Saint Denis, a well developed city. It caught the small families attention and soon enough after travelling for what seemed to be weeks or months and getting on a boat they arrived at the city. Though Demonica always preferred the countryside she grew to dislike the city and soon found herself often exploring and with her faint love for horses she ended up meeting someone named ‘Bella’, a young adult who looked after horses and trained them. Bella didn’t seem to mind
    Demoncia's inability to talk and she would often play guessing games with Demonica and write to each other. The two would quickly grow to have a strong friendship and Bella would treat Demonica well and the two would often be seen together. Bella would inspire Demonica’s love for horses further and she would soon meet an abused mustang named ‘Tempest’, a young gelding that fell into the wrong hands. The two got along and Demonica would become very close to the horse and they would become inseparable as Demoncia would trot and walk from town to town, slowly exploring her new home. Demonica would also continue being friends with Bella, happy to finally have someone to truly talk to and Demonica found it a bit easier to fit in.

    Present Life 


    Now the young woman constantly travels across the state of New Alexandria, she spent majority of it in solitude and struggled to talk to people due to the lack of patience or perhaps they just didn't want to talk to her. But she didn't let it get to her, she had Tempest aftercall. The young gelding was the friend she needed and she still sent telegrams and visited Bella every now and again until Bella was forced to move on and after a long goodbye Demonica watched her only friend sail away on a boat. She still sends telegrams with Bella but due to the long distance such letters take a while to send.

    Left in Solitude again, she finally ends up being brought into a conversation among what seemed to be a group of friends, the joy she felt as a man name Bishop introduced her to a ton of people and as she made new friends, she let the joyful side of her come out again. She greatly enjoys the company of those she met and actively seeks them out when she's up and around, though she is forever grateful to Bishop and she couldn't form or more so write how grateful she is for his actions.

    Growing more confident, Demonica ends up doing her own things and join in helping out with herding cattle and went from city girl to cowgirl thanks to Cutter Baset's influence. Though with her mind being twisted by trauma and nightmares she grows distant and ends up falling into the claws of a Cobalt Fish. What could go wrong?


    Demonica doesn't have any affiliations with any groups as of right now.


    *Random scribbling*


    - Character Journal

    Demonica Ozouf
    "The Lonely Mute"

















    American/Scandinavian with Viking origin

    Marital Status:

    Single But forever alone


    Jazmine Ozouf (Mother) - Alive
    Blake Ozouf (Father) - Alive


    Lonely Traveller


    D - Given by friends
    Cinny Bean - Given by Elijah Peachey
    Demmy - Given by Kerri Shelby

    Faction Affiliations: