Emily Sinclaire

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  • Description 

    Emily is a mute living near strawberry. She is small and oftentimes moving quickly and excitedly. Emily is most often wearing bright colors, but lately has been seen in a lot of red and black. She most often has a feather in her hair, and a notepad in her hand with a pencil tucked behind her ear.


    (Credit: @TDL#4385)

    Early Life 

    Emily Sinclaire hails from southern Scioto County Ohio. She lived in a large plantation house well sheltered by her family. When she was 11 years old, she obtained a horse. A polka dot horse she aptly and not very creatively named “Dot”. Dot was her best friend. She raised her from a foal and still loves the horse very much.

    When she was about 16, she had read a book about the west. How crazy and exciting it was. She wanted to experience that. So, without telling anyone, off she went. Bringing only her clothes and her horse.

    She eventually made it to Montana. It was just like the stories. She settled in a small town called Mercy for a while. Several months into her stay, a man came through. A drifter. This drifter ended up finding her alone in an alley where she was walking to work. He attempted to rob her. She mouthed off. And he stabbed her in the throat.

    When she eventually came to a week later, she couldn't speak. At all. Any attempt brought awful pain. She had lost her speech. Her voice. She took a week to heal further before leaving the hospital. She immediately purchased a firearm with what little money she had and some ammo. She found the drifter in the hotel room he was staying at and murdered him in the middle of the night. She fled. For 2 years she was on the road. Hoping to never be followed by what happened. Eventually she settled in a new state in the south.

    Present Life 

    While exploring this new state, she fell into a life of crime. Nothing unsurprising given the environment. Things didnt work out though. She was never really designed for the life of crime. Emily recently departed from her gang. She doesnt know which direction she intends to take. But she is likely going to take a step back for a while and settle.


    The Ashen - Estranged


    "I'm talkative."
    "I sure hope you can read."
    "just gotta keep on keeping on"
    "I'm the world's quietest bank robber!"


    Emily has a horse she has raised since she was 11. her name is Dot on account of the polka dots.
    Emily suffers great pain if she attempts to speak
    Emily hides her pain and sadness with immense amounts of humor when she is feeling down/blue/hurt

    Emily Sinclaire











    102 lbs




    Scioto Ohio



    Marital Status:



    George Sinclaire, Father - Alive

    Lucia Sinclaire, Mother, - Alive

    Ashley Sinclaire, Sister, - Alive


    Retired Criminal
    Valentine Denizen



    Faction Affiliations: