Fiver Avens

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    Fiver is a long blonde haired, blue eyed southern sounding woman who hails from Raleigh, North Carolina. She is known to be well spoken, polite, and courteous despite her predilections being toward the less than legal. Fiver has a self assured confidence and tends to showcase this easily around others. There are few times when she falters in her resolve.

    Early Life 

    Fiver's early life started easy enough, she was born to a mother and father within the town of Raleigh where not much opportunity was afforded. Both her parents had met within their gang, and had her during their time amongst their cohorts. Tragically, her father fell during one of the many escapades that often went south for the not so notorious outlaws. Fiver's mother elected to leave the gang and became a saloon girl, traveling throughout the state making ends meet for the pair. Once Fiver was of age, during one of their stints in Arkansas she met Riley Littlefield, of the decently known gang in the area. He offered her a chance to escape what was looking like a life of service the same as her mother for the young Fiver, so she lapped up the chance like a cat to milk. At the age of 17, Fiver rode with Riley and the rest soon meeting Maverick McClain who was a stable member. At first the two hated one another, getting off on the wrong footing before slowly with time and enough experience cover each other's back during high octane adventures soon came to tolerate, then like one another.

    Present Life 

    The Gang of Riley Littlefield was mostly known for it's various small scale robberies across many states, with a revolving door of active members. Fiver always found favor in Riley's eyes, and was often at the forefront or side of the leader during their time. Whilst Riley was a man of many woman, he never had the chance to successfully court Fiver despite his numerous attempts and the pair often flirted back and forth. After a rather unsuccessful large score attempt that cost the lives of a few good members, the gang came to indecision with Riley's leadership. Fiver, Maverick and a few others had been on the outskirts doubting Riley's ability to lead effectively and often expressed this in hushed whispers around the campfires at night. And Fiver, despite being seen as close with Riley, was found to be in agreement with the voices of others.

    One fateful evening saw tensions come to the surface as a argument broke out between the various members. It didn't take long for Riley to appear dead the following morning, and Fiver along with Maverick missing. The pair spent the next two years traveling around various states before arriving in New Alexandria.





    Young Fiver


    The Gang of Riley Littlefield (Former)


    "So it would seem..."


    Fiver hates cursing, and vulgar language often chastising Maverick for his oft use of various curse words.

    Fiver Avens









    Ms. Avens - [Unknown]
    Mr. Avens - [Deceased]


    Aid to those in who find themselves in desperate need.


    Faction Affiliations:

    The Gang of Riley Littlefield