Maverick McClain

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    Maverick McClain is a soft spoken, 'honorable' (to an extent) Criminal. Since 1898 he's been on the trails with Fiver Avens, after both Maverick & Fiver decided to leave the Gang of Riley Littlefield after a 'small' incident that they left behind. Maverick is confident in his abilities with a gun, and as a person. He's quick with decisions, and when found in a tricky situations, he rarely intentionally puts himself in harmsway. His loyalty as of now lies with Fiver Avens, and no one else.

    Early Life 

    Maverick McClain was born in Nashville, Tennessee on October 2nd, 1873. Ultimately a couple weeks after his birth, Maverick's parents decided to let him off to an orphanage to which he was abandoned in. Maverick's parents did not wish to maintain care for Maverick, nor could they afford to do so. As Maverick wasn't a planned child, they wished no business with his life. Maverick McClain grew up in the orphanage along side his older sister, Bailey McClain. When Maverick was 18, Maverick was picked up by a gang known as "The Gang of Riley Littlefield". At first the gang seemed appealing to Maverick, a family that he could stay & grow with but he soon began to regret it almost instantly after he left because he realized he had left his Older Sister behind. By the time Maverick began to regret & wished to go back, it was too late. The Gang had already been on the move for quite a while know, as Maverick rode with them he slowly realized that they would be his new family, whether he'd like it or not. Over time he'd learn to commemorate the gang & it's members. A couple weeks down the line & the Gang had found themselves down in Arkansas. During the time down in Arkansas, a good amount of new members joined the gang. One of these members being Fiver Avens, Fiver was a 17 year old at the time Maverick had met her (Maverick being 18 at the time). Maverick met Fiver a couple of weeks after she joined the gang, however they did not get along well at all. They'd yell, argue, disagree & even find themselves in scuffles together at times, but as time grew on along with Fiver & Maverick growing older, Maverick & Fiver became the best of friends, learning to trust eachother, and have eachothers back. Once both Fiver & Maverick grew into their twenties, the bond they shared together was unbreakable.

    Present Life 

    In the summer of 1898, the Gang of Riley Littlefield had found themselves attempting a score, a risky one. The attempt at the heist was poor, as it left a good amount of respected members deceased. This caused major uproar within the members of the gang, Fiver, Maverick & few others decided that Riley was unfit as the gang leader, and that he was leading the gang into it's demise. Fiver, & Mavericks opinions of Riley Littlefield stayed private for a short while along with the other few that were in agreeance with them. Maverick & Fiver made their opinions soon very present for everyone to know & hear within the gang, this followed up with arguments filled with tension to abrupt within the group. The following morning as it became daybreak, Riley Littlefield was found deceased in his tent, Maverick & Fiver were nowhere near to be found. At the time the rest of the gang found Riley deceased, Maverick & Fiver had already been on their way to south, finding themselves in Louisiana. Upon their travels, Maverick & Fiver layed low, they did a couple of 'highway robberies' along the way, but they'd usually only find themselves doing it when exiting a state. From Louisiana they travelled through & across Texas, eventually landing in New Mexico. Maverick & Fiver still remained with their heads low in an attempt to make sure that their names or faces didn't appear in the papers & possibly find it's way back to Arkansas, or to those who knew them from The Gang of Riley Littlefield. From New Mexico, Maverick & Fiver eventually found themselves to be in New Alexandria. From there, the two kept to themselves, and avoid civilization for quite a bit. As of recently the two showed their faces around towns more, picking up their habits of crime again & possibly even planning for future heists within the state of New Alexandria.


    The Gang of Riley Littlefield (Former member)
    Active Member : Red Hill Bandits


    "Oh Lord."


    Tries to refrain from cursing at the request of Fiver, however is often being scolded by Fiver due to his failure to restrain from cursing.

    A bracelet, a birthday gift from Fiver to Maverick

    All art is made by Scout Sterling / Bray



    Maverick McClain







    27 Years Old








    Nashville, Tennessee


    American English

    Marital Status:



    Mr. McClain [Father - Unknown], Mrs. McClain [ Mother - Unknown], Bailey McClain [Sister - DECEASED]


    Reliever of Materialistic Burdens



    Faction Affiliations:

    The Gang of Riley Littlefield (Former member) - Red Hill Bandits (Active Member)

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