Iva Jones

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    Iva can be easily found once someone figures her out. She loves rocks and she can be found in a cave not too far away from town. She is always trying to keep herself busy as her mind is full of thoughts that she doesn't want to think about usually. She can be easily distracted when she finds herself bored; hence the keep busy part. Sometimes she can come across as abrupt, sometimes even rude when she does not mean to.

    Iva has to constantly keep herself moving and if doesn't her feet will move her for her. She cannot stay in one spot and is usually moving around a lot; unless she's in a cave.

    Early Life 

    Iva's family is complicated. And she fits into that jumbled puzzle somewhere. Her family found it hard to settle in one place and call it a home, they settled for a few months and then would be on the move again; this would go on for most of her life. It was difficult to make friends and keep in touch with them because she would just disappear on them and she was so young at the time. This would always make her upset and unhappy as she wanted to stay with her friends, she enjoyed their company and loved playing with them.

    On occasion she would lash out at her parents because they did not understand her frustrations. She would randomly lash out at her siblings if they wanted to play with her; she would do this because she would much prefer her friends over her siblings. She would bite them and hit them, sometimes so harshly she really did hurt them and they would have to taken to a hospital.

    She was then isolated throughout her adolescence up until she turned 19 and she left the family. However she did not go far, she kept close to the area. She was mingling with a group of people who were the same age as her. She met these teenagers in school and she remained friends with them. They also were from troubled families, Iva and her friends would get into all sorts of trouble. Iva would get in trouble with her friends family. She would take items from their homes and bring them back to her own home which was not much. Her favorite item to steal were silver combs. Especially if they had pretty gems on them. Anything sparkly would catch her attention.

    At some point in her life she stopped doing this. She had gathered so many! Iva applied for a job in a jewelers where she would manage the luxury jewelry, she would have to make sure they were clean, tidy and she would have to engage with customers. She was then trained to recognize types of rocks, gems, stones, you name it.

    An incident happened in the store that changed Iva - it was a robbery gone horribly wrong. Iva was involved in a robbery as a victim and she watched her colleague get shot, she died. She felt completely helpless by this and was horrified for months by it. She could no longer step into that shop and quit her job.

    After all of this she decided to work to law enforcement in North Carolina for a year. She had then moved location and started working on mining and gem picking. She is now also interested in returning back to working in law enforcement.

    Present Life 

    Currently, she is working for the Sheriffs office as a Senior Deputy when she can and also mining on the side. Mainly for her enjoyment. If not she sometimes finds herself in the saloon drinking and being flirty with desperate men. Such a simple modest life.

    From time to time she returns to her home town. For only one reason, which is to return to a bad habit. She will spend days to weeks out there, most times she usually gets herself into trouble without planning it thus things always seem to go wrong for her. Then once shes bored she comes back to New Alexandria to live her solo life in peace and solidarity.

    Iva dictates her life in her journal and anything that she wants to remember is all written in her journal.


    New Alexandria Sheriff's Office


    What do you poor folk want now?
    Who am I?
    You're not being given a choice.
    I fucked up.
    My temper guides me.
    I got a bottle of Whiskey for that wound.





    Iva Jones







    30 years old




    11 stone


    3 Sept 1871





    Marital Status:



    Norah Jones - Cousin


    Miner and resource seller & Western Senior Deputy {New Alexandria Sheriff's Office}



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