Norah Jones

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  • Norah ''Riversong'' Jones


    Of very average height for a woman, the female can be distinguished by the caramel brown color of her skin and the raven black of her long hair. The hair she is so proud of reaches a bit pass the middle of her back when not tied up in a braid or a bun. This hair she has grown and taken care of all her life and is one of the only physical features related to her origins she actually enjoys and is proud of. Through her clear native american features, reminiscence of her caucasian mother can be seen through her facial features. The most striking thing though are her yellow/amber eyes. Uncommon among native american genetics, her pale colored eyes are a daily reminder of the fact that only half of her is of native origins. Across her face, a striking scar runs from the top left of her forehead to the right side of jaw, a scar she acquired when she lost a battle against a machete. That scars is only the first of the many that cover her whole body. Gunshots, stab wounds, burns marks, clawing for wild animals .. you name it, she probably has it somewhere on her skin. The female is clearly in good physical shape, The work she does on duty and in her free time helping her stay in shape. If the first few years of her life left physical and mental scars on her being, she's always made sure she kept herself fed and taken care of when it came to wound treating and cleanliness. Being left to herself most of the day was essential in her developping her character and is still what motivates most of her decisions, even today, even though her focus in big part to taking care of others and making sure they are taken care of before she looks after herself .. a bad habit, but a part of herself she will always hold on too, no matter what people have to say about it. Quiet by nature at first, Norah is much more of a listener than a talker. It takes a lot for her to speak up and put her foot down, but when she does, a whole other side of her can be seen. The same thing can be noticed when she starts gaining confidence in herself and being independant. She's very protective of the people she cares about and would not hesitate for a second to get in front of someone to catch a bullet. Under her tough attitude and her hard head, hides a sensitive, hurt soul. It's very hard for her to trust people with some of the most dark moments of her past and she finds it easier to just put on a mask and say '' I'm fine'' It may be obvious to some people, because she isn't the best liar, but she tries her best to not let it show when she's having a bad day.

    Early Life 


    Present Life 





    '' 19 years old .. That's not a life, that's barely a beginning. ''

    '' I'm not being a smartass, I'm just bein' straight with you. If you can't handle the truth, that's not on me. ''

    '' I'm just doing my job .. ''

    '' As long as everyone else is okay .. I don't mind bleedin' a little. ''

    '' No promises. ''

    ''Can't do the time, don't do the crime.''

    '' Fuck around and find out."


    - Norah has over 30 differents scars on her body. Beside the big one running across her face, The more noticeable ones are probably the cougars claws running from the right side of her neck to the right side of her hip and the branding burned into the skin of her let thigh.

    - Norah Speaks English and French fluently. From age 15 to 19, she lived with a couple from Quebec, a french speaking man and a cherokee woman, who treated her as their own and taught her the language. She also knows a bit of a few differents native dialects, but not enough to speak them fully.

    - Norah has short terms memory problems as well as difficulties focusing on certain task after she suffered brain trauma in a freak accident who also took the life of her first horse, Ranger.

    - She always wears a black wrapping around her right forearm. When people ask what it hides, she claims it's a ugly skin condition .. is it really? only a few people know.

    - Norah currently owns 15 horses :

    - Honi Pekka "Wolf Killer'' (Missouri Fox trotter, stallion, 9 years old)
    - Yona ''Bear'' (Gypsy Cob, Mare, 7 years old)
    - Aranyani ''Yani'' (Kladruber, Mare, 6 years old)
    - Bane ( Turkoman, Stallion, 11 years old)
    - Yanasa ''Yana'' ( Breton, Mare, 8 years old)
    - Mitena ''Mite'' (Turkoman, Mare, 9 years old)
    - Nahmala ''Puzzle'' (Norfolk Roadster, Stallion, 4 years old)
    - Nemesis ''Nemi'' (Mustang, Mare, 9 years old)
    - Nyx '' Nyxie'' (Mustang, Mare, 3 years old)
    - Svnoyi agalisgv ''Snoyi or Moonlight'' (Appaloosa, Mare, 5 years old)
    - Wagadigehidohi, ''Cowboy'' (Mustang, Stallion, 5 years old)
    - Asvnoyi ''Nighthawk'' (Norfolk Roadster, Stallion, 6 years old)
    - XXX ''xxx'' (Gypsy Cob, Mare, 3 years old)
    - Compass ''Psycho'' (Norfolk Roadster, 8 years old)
    - Pudding ''xxx'' (American Paint Horse, x years old)











    149 lbs


    December 14th 1876




    Half Arapaho, half caucasian

    Marital Status:

    Am I allowed to move on .. while keeping a part of my heart for him?


    Iva Jones (Cousin) Opichi Ishpiming (Adoptive sister), Sebastian Jones - Mercer (son)


    NASO'S Senior Deputy ( FTO/FD), Certified field medic with Moutain Medical & Forester - Healer, Warrior & Artisan of the Yvwi Detlugv


    ''Jones'' - ''Riversong'' -

    Faction Affiliations:

    NASD, Yvwi Detlugv