Yvwi Detlugv

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    Yvwi Detlugv or People of the Trees adapt to the change around them, embracing the modern times that's ever so changing.


    Past Members:

    Odina Woya (Forester) - Left the tribe
    Red Coyote (
    Pathseeker) - Left the tribe
    Adanvdogigvha (
    Former Chief) - Left the tribe; now deceased
    Tayen Jones (
    Forester) - Left the tribe
    Enapay (
    Peace Chief) - Left the tribe
    Little Hawk (
    Pathseeker) - Missing
    Bright Sun (
    Pathseeker) - Missing
    Dalogv [Rain Raven/Rae Brooke] (Forester) - Left The Tribe
    Wabmigwen (Council) - Left the Tribe
    Standing Sun [Elena Shaw] (Forester) - Deceased

    Levi Smith (Elder) - Left the Tribe
    Holly Meryll (Elder) - Left the Tribe
    Sandcat (Elder) - Left the Tribe
    Ahyoka Catawnee (Elder) - Left the Tribe

    Yvwi Detlugv (ᏴᏫ ᏕᏡᎬ)






    Tall Trees

    Tribe Members:

    Bleeding Bear [Mato Kawewe] (Chief)
    Little Doe (Council)
    Riversong [Norah Jones] (Council)
    Kaahche/Stands On Mountain [Birdie] (Council)
    Whispering Fox (
    Asho Kaide (Forester)

    Snow Fox (Pathseeker)
    Lewis Loveless (Pathseeker)
    Solanna James (Pathseeker)
    Winnie Jacobs (Pathseeker)
    Zeke Bell (Pathseeker)
    Runs With Wolves [White Wolf] (Elder)
    Wise Horse [Dowa Shaw] (Elder)

    Fights With Wounds [Alasdi Shaw] (Elder)
    Rising Storm [Jaena Shaw] (Elder)
    Bleeding Flower [Perzival Kawewe] (Elder)