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  • Description 

    Sandcat was a relatively small, red headed woman. She often wore greens and reds in her clothes, although her attire had changed a lot in her time both as a deputy and then as a tribe member of the Yvwi Detlugv. She wore big, round, copper glasses as she needed them to read. After a terrible event during her deputy work she had been branded and scared on her left forearm. This being, to her, a horrible reminder of her failings, she hid it most of the time from prying eyes.

    Feisty and very head strong, she would fight for what or who she believed in until her last breath. She was courageous but cautious, patient but not naive. One of her biggest flaws for the belief that she didn't belong with her found family. Separating herself from them a lot of times as a simple way of coping. She was very good with a bow and a trained hunter, she would go on hunting trips to relieve herself of her stress.

    Early Life 

    Sandcat lived a quiet life. Born of Isaac and Kara Lott in the outskirts of the town of Rhodes, she lived there all of her youth, dreaming of more, of adventure and discovery.

    For her eighth birthday, her father brought home a foal, a baby criollo. He had named her Milk. She raised the foal and took care of her most of her life. For her sixteenth birthday, Sandcat had decided to leave her home with her parents blessing, she sought out a life of self discovery. She worked as a ranch hand for some time, exploring the wilds of New Alexandria, seeking her own place, her own self.

    Sometime after her eighteenth birthday, she came home to the news of her father's death.

    Present Life 

    Sandcat came back to her home, only to discover her father had been killed by a cult going by "the Order of Skilled Workers". Her father had been a victim of their hallucinogenic ritual. He had been drugged and branded. His death drove Sandcat onto the path of the law. It inspired her to become a deputy, to avenge her father but to also prevent this tragedy to happen to others. As she learned to live with the pain of her lost father, she applied to become a deputy. She was accepted and quickly dedicated her whole life to her work. There, as a recruit, she quickly became friends with Tayen Jones, Elizabeth Ashbrook and Perzival Dagouter, all part of her class of recruits. Tayen was the one she was closest to and it quickly became a apparent that they were inseparable, spending a lot of time together, both on and off duty.

    During this time, New Alexandria was in a tumultuous place, crawling with dangerous and violent gangs, Sandcat got hurt a lot, shot a lot but she survived it all. Physically at least. It is also during that time that she met with who would later form the Yvwi Detlugv. She was invited to join the tribe as she spent a lot of time with them and with Tayen who was a part of it already. She took a long time to accept the invitation, as she felt like she didn't there, that it wasn't her place, but as her and Tayen grew closer she joined the tribe as a new blood. Nothing came of it for a time, as the only desire Sandcat had was to continue her career and get her revenge.











    19 Years Old


    5'3" / 160 cm


    55 kg


    22th of September 1881


    Rhodes, New Alexandria



    Marital Status:



    Isaac Lott [Father] (Deceased)
    Kara Lott [Mother] (Alive)




    Faction Affiliations: