Katelyn Monroe

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  • Katelyn Monroe


    Early Life 

    Katelyn was born and raised in the Cabin by DeadBoot Creek. Her mother got sick after giving birth to her but managed to stay alive for quite a while.

    Katelyn's uncle Adam showed her how to hunt and care for her mother. So when he had to go get medicine in the town, she would be able to take care of everything.

    When Katelyn was around 12 her uncle would bring his friends home for some beer, Katelyn did not like his friends but had no say in who stayed and who didn't.
    Over time his friends would come by when Adam was away, hurting Katelyn mentally and emotionally as well.

    At the age of 14, uncle Adam learned about his friend's behavior and he went crazy, he took his shotgun and left the house, only to return hours later covered in blood.
    Katelyn did never see his friends again after that night.

    The winter of 1887 was harsh, Katelyn's mother had gotten worse due to the weather, and uncle Adam had to go to town to get medicine. Katelyn waited and waited.
    hours turned into days, days into weeks. one morning Katelyn woke to find her mother dead in bed. She was alone, but she kept waiting, she just kept waiting.

    when Katelyn turned 26 she decided it was time, She had seen the lights from the towns down below, So she packed up her stuff, grabbed her mother's Journal and the letter she had found from her grandpa.

    She made her way down the mountain and soon met Charity Lawson, She ended up working at Emerald Ranch for some time Until some events caused her to question herself.
    Charity told her to go find the Natives, to learn about herself and find herself.

    Katelyn ended up joining the Comanche, She stayed with them for a while, but she did not believe in the way things were done there, She wanted peace, She didn't want to kill.

    She ended up saving a deputy and a deputy recruit, using her tribe's name to make the other party give over the recruit safely to her. This did however not come without a price,
    The next day, the Comanche had heard what she had done, They tracked her down, captured her, and marked her a traitor, before throwing her off a cliffside.

    Katelyn landed on a small ledge halfway down the cliff, broken and bleeding. It seems the great spirit was not done with her, as at the time a man was doing some rock climbing with his horse nearby and found her. She was rushed to Valentine where she went under surgery right away to remove some broken rips and to fix her skull.

    She survived, A few days later Blood Mouth tracked her down once again, he wanted information, who she was riding with, who she talked to, and what she had said.
    Katelyn refused to tell him much, except for the fact she had told the Deputies what the Comanche had done to her. Blood Mouth told her to get on his horse, when she refused he threatened to hurt anyone she cared about if she did not do as he told her. She did as told and got on the horse, She was taken outside of town and then shot in the chest.
    Luckily for Katelyn, the Deputies had noticed Blood Mouth taking her out of town and had followed, leading to them capturing him and getting Katelyn to the doctors right away.

    Present Life 

    Katelyn is now living on her own, Feeling unsure and unwanted. She has lost a lot of the people she considered friends and family over her time with the Comanche,
    She was offered a place with the Vapiti but, she does not believe she deserves it. She slowly started to walk away form the last few people who wanted her, Not wanting anyone else to be hurt because of her, and Not wanting to be hurt by people she trusts again.




    "I know what you did, I'm not letting you use me again!"

    "You said you cared, was it all a lie?"

    "I'm an outcast, Like Mato. But unlike him, I don't have anyone to talk to anymore..."

    "I should have stayed in the mountains..."


    1: Has burns up her left leg.
    2: Exiled from Comanche.
    3: Has a tribal symbol on her right arm.
    4: The Monroe family used to live in Valentine, But Katelyn is the only known member still alive.

    Katelyn Monroe









    6'1 feet


    160 lbs


    18'th Jan 1872


    Cabin by DeadBoot Creek.



    Marital Status:



    Mom: Anna'Mae Monroe (Dead)
    Dad: Viper-Strike (Unknown)
    uncle: Adamn Monroe (Unknown)
    Grandpa: White-Eagle (Unknown)
    Sibelings: Red-Racoon (Unknown) & White-Bear (Unknown)





    Faction Affiliations: