Charity Lawson

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    [Theme Song] Randall King - Hey Cowgirl


    The average girl, white girl with black raven hair and blue bright eyes. Braid in her hair, sometimes rolled in a small bun, a bright smile from ear to ear. The common cowgirl of the west with a plaid blue and yellow shirt, or any plaid shirt. Chaps on her legs and boots to her feets. She won't let anyone take her cowboy hat or the fate will be to be tied up.


    Early Life 

    Charity was born at a ranch next to Annesburg, her parents owned the little ranch, with cattle and horses. Charity didn't go to school and preferred to stay at the ranch to help her parents, she loved taking care of the animals. In one of her father's journeys with the cattle, they were ambushed by outlaws and all the cattle was stolen. They couldn't afford buying more and the bank did not give them a loan as it was a risk to take. They took a loan from the wrong people, and those people one day stopped at their doorstep demanding the money, money they did not have.


    Charity ran away from there after both her parents were shot down, finding herself running over to Annenburg, catching a train to somewhere. She ended at Saint Denis streets for a year. Then two old people have met with the stray girl and after a few encounters decided to take her under their roofs and in their care. They raised her in a proper school and home. As she grew older she was thinking what was it she wants to do with her life, one of the bullies at her school was cruel to his horse, Charity stood up against him, and after taking care of the horse, she knew what she wanted to do. She departed from her parents' home for goodbye to look out for a new life, with purpose of helping horses and teaching their owners.

    Present Life 

    Arriving to Valentine she has heard of people talk about business at Emerald Ranch called Tipsy Cow Trading Post who were looking for workers. After finding the owner Lilith Lucifer, she has started working there as a rancher and a stable hand and offering a stagecoach service to different locations around the state from the ranch. At her stay and work at the ranch, the Tipsy Cow Trading Post has faced many obstacles, group of outlaws who bring terror to people passing by, the law who wanted to make Emerald Ranch to a town and take their rights and poachers who decide the animals on the lands it theirs. With the help of all the community but the good words of Lilith and stubbornness of Cualli, at last, Emerald Ranch became a home to a community of those who work at the Tipsy Cow.

    Charity's stagecoach business did not seem to have many clients so she has dropped the idea, sold her stagecoach and then was wondering what can she do to help others, what can she bring to the world, she spent days if not weeks, running away, upset and distant in the search of who she is. But with the help of Cokostov Dobrey, who soon became her significant other, Charity slowly realized where her home is at, and it's with the horses. She has taken lessons from Tommy True on taming horses and her own method of training them, she has became the horse trainer of the ranch.


    After a long time of hard work at the ranch, one day Cualli has came over to Charity, tore the business license to two pieces and handed one to her. She became the co-owner of the Tipsy Cow Trading Post. With all the excitement came the responsibility and she started working harder on keeping the place safe and going. A while later the other half was given to Naomi Black since the founders has left the state, and both of them have spoken and agreed to have Tommy True as an owner too.

    Sadly with the ownership in their hands the responsibility of the troubles that followed it, Snakeface and Washington gang at most. Demanding money for protection, Charity wanted to outcome them and solve it from the root and prepared people to try and stop them once and for all, but the worse has happened and they burned the ranch, wounded friends and associates. The guilty started leaking into Charity's heart, and with no plan she had to give up to them and hand them the money.
    What has became Charity's decision to leave was when she met up with Snakeface one day in Saint Denis.

    They have decided a plead deal, their burned down mansion rebuilt for the Tipsy Cow protected, and she agreed. She wanted to more blood spilled, no more harm and pain. But it was also the moment she started questioning her leadership of the business. Without consulting Naomi or Tommy, her decision was to leave the moment she is done. With Jesse Clanton to their help, the hope was hanging on her head.

    It was not the only trouble Charity was in. One of the workers of the Tipsy Cow Trading Post, Dismas Kinder, has been found to be nothing but a kind of a cultist, among her friends as well, he has plotted against people known by Charity to be caught. Cokostov was the first one to be caught, no one has listened to him because of his behavior. And soon, his step was at Charity's door.

    He has lured her away, with the power he has in the Tipsy Cow Trading Post over to the cold mountains of Coultor. She wouldn't imagine the moment she walks into that little frozen cabin will be the change of the rest of her life. The gun pointed to her back while she was forced to tie her wrists and be captive of Kinder, he has used her for his sacrifice of blood to his gods. The one who found her in the cabin was John Ram, he brought her to Valentine to be taken care of but she has taken almost a week to wake up.


    Charity has woken up with no memory of her past, no memory of her surroundings and no memory of herself. She has few people on her side, but as she slowly walked around the land again, she has questioned anyone surrounding her. One of the people she has questioned the most was Cokostov, with their past full of memories and knowledge about her, she felt as if it was his duty but not something he wishes to do. It became to her worse as he started using her past against her, to mock her. The two who stood next to her side at all times were Aurore Mae and Jacob Grussin. They were the ones to tell her to be who she is.

    The misbehaving of Cokostov has stopped when they spoke about the situation, and the feeling was always different between them probably because of the fact they used to be engaged. Mae has started opening her own business, Coyote Crossing Ranch, and Charity of course was first to step in and help. They have planned together many things and helped each other raisin the business. Mae's success helped Charity to find her way. The plaid shirt was hanged on her closet again, and the fuzzy chaps no one else dared to wear. With Mae's great help, Charity followed her way back to the horses, what has made her had those strong feelings of protection and dedication to this animal.

    While Charity has built herself again, it was a question if those feelings were because she was told or because she found the charm in the man again. But she has caught the feelings for Jacob, they were there before and she decided it was her heart and not anyone around her. So they has started their courting at his old cabin next to Valentine and he doesn't leave her side. Helping her in any obstacle she has passed, she helped him in his.

    They have moved in together to a ranch near Rhodes, and now just looking to the future.


    Times passed by, things slowed down at work and it seems most of the people she used to hang around are not as often around anymore, she spends her days roaming around the lands, exploring on the horseback. A recent encounter with an old friend of her, Henry Clerk, the talk was much needed as it revealed to Charity something is felt missing. At last the decision for Charity was to spend the time at Emerald Ranch back with the Tipsy Cow Trading Post and something there started to become stronger, a feeling that attracts her to stay. Some things turn back around.

    Emerald is her home, and so Charity has stayed in the Tipsy Cow Trading Post as her home, she works hard on getting business together, offering coffee and company. A safe place for people to hang around away from towns. Offering jobs for those who look, but the troubles never seem to rest. Snakeface has indeed showed up to cause some damage and threats, but not badly burned thankfully the ranch still stands! But poachers and outlaws roaming around, she starts to feel no one understands her care for the ranch and on her own while standing against all of those threats.


    How the time goes, Charity finds her true people to be by her side in all the hard times. Liberty Mae Hollister is giving Charity strength from her words and actions, she trusts her of no fool. Liberty has been there for Charity in the tough times before she lost her memory and even after, and Charity returned the friendship in Liberty's hard times, like James' funeral, and a listener. Mazie Martin has also became close to Charity's heart, they have been helping each other in their hard times with the good advices and a big hug. After Charity has given Mazie a safe place to throw her troubles, she seeks and gets the kindness and warmth from Mazie's words, and they formed interesting friendship. Now been called Aunt Charity.

    The relationship between Mazie and Charity only grew, spending a lot of time together, enjoying time or talking about problems and conflicts, while the preparation for the wedding of Charity and Jacob Grussin building up. She has realized one day that she doesn't look up at Mazie just as a niece, but more. It took her too long to confess and someone else has adopted Mazie, left Charity broken. One girl who came to the ranch was a victim of Charity's sadness, and it ended up Charity's broken heart as Mazie is not to be replaced. But it changed, didn't mind for anyone else holding that title, she told Mazie one day that she is willing to be filling those papers, because she already feels like a mother to her.

    New Threats approached the ranch and Charity's friends, The Millers, the day they have threatened Liberty's health and life, she knew she needs to hide her friendship from hers so she won't be used as a bait, as advantage. But one incident made them realize the friendship between the two when they tried to get the outlaw status law to pass and were passionate about it. Charity has ended up roaming the states to put posters to push Ulysses to pass the law. And it worked but the Millers did not like it.


    Nothing stopped them from getting finally married. And her next chapter - motherhood.
    Charity got married shortly after their married and with the chaos around the state with the outlaws. They have left the state for a few months into her pregnancy but came back. She tried making a little kitchen called Grumpy Grussin, but soon enough Naomi Black, owner of Tipsy Cow, came back as well, so they are working on operating the ranch again!
    Recently Charity has signed gurdianship papers to adopt Amazing Doyle and had her own baby girl at home, Lacey.


    Tipsy Cow Trading Post - Employee
    Coyote Crossing Ranch - Manager [retired]
    Horse trainer and horse riding teacher


    "What do you meeeeeean?"
    "Jesus Christ"
    "Blame the rider, not the horse"
    "People will always talk"
    "Everything happen for a reason"


    ♣A Lucky Rabbit Leg - From Vova Michaelson [Bought to her for good luck on their first meeting]. She gave it to Mazie Martin for luck
    ♣An Bird Engraved Coin - From Ezekiel Miller
    ♣A blanket, blue and yellow stitching and with yellow lace flowers and bear fur stitched to it, for her time while she was sick. The blue and yellow are to resemble Charity, the fur to resemble Cokostov Dobrey - From Irelith Briar [A gift while she was sick]
    ♣A music box - From Ezekiel Miller that was given after she lost her memory.

    ♠A Red Bracelet - From Mazie Martin [To remember Charity after Mazie's head injury]
    ♣A pendant Of Gold Shaped Like A Rearing Stallion - From Jacob Grussin [Made by their first gold panning before courting]
    ♣A repeater with horse head craved - From Mazie Martin
    ♣A token with galloping horse craved and a token of horse head with its mane craved - From Amazing Doyle (Mazie Martin)
    ♦A quilt with horse face - From Liberty Mae Hollister
    ♦A bracelet with horse related charms - From Liberty Mae Hollister

    ♣Charity used to have a stagecoach service from Emerald Ranch.
    ♣Between August 3rd to October 2nd there is a gap in Charity's journal, she used to write in a journal book Coksotov has given her, but as they broke up she has burned it down.
    ♣Charity's first horse was Overo American Paint named Adele after her mother, but she died on an adventure to find a Moose, on August the 14th, 1899.
    ♣Charity had a criminal record because she broke into the governor's mansion with Mordecai McFry, John Carmine and Fletcher Beckett.
    ♣Charity used to hang around with Tom Pinch and the Riddler.

    Charity Grussin













    July 31st, 1876


    Annesburg, New Alexandria



    Marital Status:

    Married to Jacob Grussin


    Henry Lawson - Father
    Adele Lawson - Mother

    James Tomkin - Adoptive Father
    Helen Tomkin - Adoptive Mother
    Adopted Daughter - Amazing Doyle
    Daughter - Lacey Grussin


    Tipsy Cow Trading Post Employee


    Horse lady, Horse Queen

    Faction Affiliations: