Lillianah Dagouter

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  • Lillianah Dagouter
    (Formally Ark)
    Theme Song : Call it what you want


    A slim woman standing at 5'10 ft, she has blonde hair that falls below her shoulders. Her hair is commonly seen tucked behind her ears, and sideswept bangs falling over her right eye. She has blue eyes with a hint of green, normally not wearing much makeup besides eyeshadow. Her hair is sun bleached to be a brighter blonde, and she speaks with a soft tone.

    Early Life 

    Lillianah was 7 when her parents lost their jobs in the Netherlands, and came to New Alexandria. They quickly found work as butchers and gunsmiths, making their living wage enough for Lillianah to be comfortable. Although her parents provided her with a home, she'd often sleep outside on the grass instead, admiring the moving world around her. At the age of 17, she moved out on her own, settling in a home near Emerald Farm. Her home is decorated with flowers, and the roof is made of grass and logs giving it a naturalistic look.

    Present Life 

    Lillianah is now grown, previously working as a farm hand she wanted to do more. She never had any desire for money, or materialistic things. She found her way into Saint Denis, where she met a few deputies after she was shot. The deputies were kind, and patched her up quickly. She made a few jokes with them, and after a few days of contemplating, she mailed in her application. She is now a deputy, she moved to Saint Denis where she feels better acclimated and closer to the deputies station.

    In September, Lillianah slammed a knife through her badge alongside her fellow deputies. She followed Antonio Delgato with her husband and son and others into a group named Firing Line. They were set on justice, no matter what. They were tired of civilians living in fear and criminals being unable to learn. There's a new line in law.

    A few months after,
    Lillianah had rejoined the law but from a different perspective. She was now Deputy State Marshal, along with her husband. The department was reformed, and they finally had the ability to push back against incorrect laws and unfairness.
    She now continues working as a Marshal alongside her husband, Wayne Dagouter, and Antonio Delgato, and under Audrey Fowler.

    Recently, The group has left being law once more. Delgato has turned to gunsmithing, while Wayne has turned to running a saloon and Lilli has turned to running her ranch; they’ve settled on their aspirations for law and finally have retired. Firing line has been settling, with some loose ends to clean up.


    "Firing Line"
    New Alexandria Marshal’s Office (Formerly)
    New Alexandria Sheriff's Department (Formerly)


    “My.. fEEEET HUUUURT.”


    Has eaten a rock on accident. Had to get it removed by a doctor.
    Horse was killed because a wagon slid into her.

    Lillianah Dagouter







    She forgets.








    Giethoorn, Netherlands



    Marital Status:

    Married to Wayne Dagouter


    Eva Ark (Mother)
    Lyle Ark (Father)
    Jacob Ark (Brother, 20)
    Amber Ark (Sister, 23)
    Perzival Dagouter (Son)


    Ranch Owner


    Lilli, Ark, Cheesecake

    Faction Affiliations:

    Firing Line