Malcolm Ashbrook

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    Early Life 

    Warning: Includes some bloody and gruesome details. If you are squeamish, do not proceed.

    Born January 23rd, 1873 to a Steven and Abigail Ashbrook, Malcolm has lived a quiet but decent life growing up. He was taught how to read and write by his parents at a young age and even helped his father when it came to medical incidents. His father was a well known surgeon in the west, having helped in the Civil War at the young age of 20. Despite Tumbleweed being a town of less-than-likeable folks, they made out fairly well. At the age of 16, however, Malcolm was witness to two bandits riding into town demanding money from his parents for protection. When they would not give up, the two men made a spectacle of Steven and Abigail by bringing them up to the gallows and hanging them for the whole town to see. Malcolm, enraged by this, proceeded to spend the days after that hunting these men down and waiting for them to make a wrong move. When they rode into town trying to demand more money, he had gotten the jump on one and took them both down afterward. He decided to do the same of these men, tying them up and keeping them lassoed to horses while they dragged the two through the streets of Tumbleweed. Afterward, they were promptly strung up by the gallows, quartered like deer and hung promptly after in a gruesome fashion. With the people seeing this morbid display, Malcolm was branded with a hot iron in the shape of a snake, and exiled due to his lying of the plan he had been working on. He took himself and left, hiding in an empty Rathskeller Fork for some time.

    When things seemed to quiet down after some time near Rathskeller, he made his way to Armadillo in the dead of night and found himself often at the saloon. He would drink his problems away, even at the recent age of 17. One night when he was at the bar, going to get his usual drinks, he had heard a scuffle outside of the saloon itself, near the barn. Too curious to not check, he carefully made his way around the back of the building where he saw a large drunken man grabbing hold of a woman and trying to drag her off. Malcolm, enraged and sobered up by this, made his way over behind the man. To his unbeknownst and with a swift kick to back of the knee, the man fell to the ground where Malcolm proceeded to beat the utter living shit out of him. He dragged him out toward the front of the saloon, showing everybody around and yelling, "This is the kind of man who puts his hands on a woman! Do so, and you may find yourself at the same point." And with a simple kick of dust, he made his way back to the woman. And when he finally got a better look of her, something clicked. She was beautiful. A shorter woman with long black hair, and a slight tan complexion. She wore a long black dress at the time and he was just... smitten.

    Her name was Elizabeth Davis.

    Present Life 

    Since moving to Blackwater, Malcolm has been more and more active as of October 1899. He applied to be a Deputy around then and has been working with the Department ever since. He still lives in a small place in Blackwater, having been settled from some savings left behind by his parents.


    New Alexandria Sheriff's Department

    Extended Family:

    Marcus Baker (Adoptive Father, Deceased)
    Vivian Vale (Adoptive Mother, Alive)
    Wyatt Baker (Step Brother, Alive)
    Lyna Baker (Step Sister, Alive)
    Jaena Shaw (Sister, Alive)
    Lauren Taylors (Sister, Deceased)
    Bloom Thomas (Niece, Alive)
    Adelaide Joyce (Niece, Alive)
    Bright Dawn (Niece, Alive)
    Metea Shaw (Nephew, Alive)
    Henry Knight (Nephew, Alive)
    Lucas Joyce (Nephew, Alive)
    Elena Barns (Sister, Deceased)
    Elizabeth Griffin (Adoptive Daughter, Alive)

    Horses (Past and Present):

    Chaos (Speckled Grey Norfolk Roadster)
    Moonlight (Reverse Dapple Nokota)
    Midnight (Reverse Dapple Nokota)
    Triton (Silver Kladruber)
    Huginn (Black Turkoman)
    Bayard (Formerly Cretin) (Bay Frame Criollo)
    Jupiter (Dappled Buckskin Norfolk Roadster)
    Dusty (Buckskin Brindle Missouri Fox Trotter)

    Undertaker (Brindle Thoroughbred)

    Bucky (Tiger Striped Bay Mustang) - Retired
    Legba (Black Missouri Fox Trotter) - Retired
    Cataclysm (Dark Bay Turkoman) - Retired
    Odin (Black Chestnut Thoroughbred) - Retired
    Raven (Blood Bay Thoroughbred) - Retired


    What the fuck.
    Man DoOoOOown!
    FUCK 'EM!


    One fourth of the Light Patrol.
    Doesn't actually drink alcohol.
    Malcolm loves to buy and ride different kinds of horses.












    170 lbs


    January 23rd, 1873


    Tumbleweed, New Austin


    Italian American

    Marital Status:



    Steven Ashbrook (Father, Deceased)
    Abigail Ashbrook (Mother, Deceased)
    Elizabeth Davis Ashbrook (Wife, Deceased)
    Isaac Ashbrook (Son, Deceased)
    Chester Ashbrook (Blood Brother, Alive)
    Mallory Ashbrook (Blood Sister, Alive)


    Trauma Surgeron and Retired Law Enforcement


    Assbook, Ashbucket, Ash, Trashbrook, Rattlesnake, Deputy Mandown (Given by Jaena Shaw), Deputy Yuŋkáheya (Lakota for Fallen, given by Willow Whitecrow)