Sean McCree

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  • Sean Carter


    A man left in the past, now riding the country to find peace.

    Early Life 

    Sean McCree (formally), born into the life out running from the law and watching his back. His father, Joseph McCree, was an outlaw who ran with an old gang who as a collective robbed trains, stage coaches, banks and kidnapped for ransom. Sean's mother, Katherine McCree, did not want that life for him. Joseph McCree visited the pair at least 5 times a month, still constantly on the run from the Law. Sean's mother taught him to read and write, something his father struggled with.

    One day, when Joseph was visiting Sean and Katherine in Diez Coronas when Sean was only 5 years old, he was unaware the Law had been tailing him. The trio had no other choice but to flee with each other across Mexico until eventually 2 years later finding themselves in Tumbleweed, New Austin, Where Sean grew up from age 7 to 21.

    Sean knew his father had been up to no-good with his life, but his father always told him it was for the benefit of him and his mother, so he understood. Sean grew up witnessing his father murder men and rob them. At the age of 19, Joseph McCree had caught Tuberculosis. Lasting no longer then 2 months, He passed in his home alongside his wife. (1886) Katherine McCree tried to push Sean onto a path where he wouldn't resemble his fathers. Sean knew why she wanted this, but, she was drinking a lot. She spent most of her money on alcohol and didn't have enough for food. Sean took matters into his own hands and started to rob general stores, people on the trail and murdered men for a few dollars. His mother did not find out until a few years into that life that Sean had been constantly trying to hide himself from certain groups and Law. Once his mother figured out he had been doing exactly what his father was, she felt as if she failed and drank a lot more then she was, later dying from alcohol poisoning in 1888.
    Sean felt as if he was the leading cause of his mother basically killing herself with the bottle, being even more angry and discouraged as he grew older, killing, stealing and lying was apart of his nature. He fell into a gang, where he met Jessica Halloway. She was an outlaw much like him, the gang was filled with nasty degenerates who never paid any mind to Sean, but Jess did. Sean and Jess grew to be unstoppable, murdering, robbing and kidnapping for a decade before Jess was shot in the head with an arrow from a Del Lobo gang member in 1892. Sean went back to Mexico to find the killer of his un-official wife, killing not only him but 4 of his men alongside him, forcing the Mexican Government to put a price of 21,469 peso (In U.S currency $1,000). Sean was forced out of Mexico due to the high price on his head, never to return. Sean was alone, fending for himself until 1899 where he fled from New Austin, in attempt for redemption in the East.

    Present Life 

    Sean McCree is now known as Sean Carter, legally changed in October 1900.


    The Banks Family, Environmental & Wildlife Volunteer Conservationists (EWVC), Cattleman Ranch



    Sean Carter

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    Diez Coronas, Mexico



    Marital Status:



    Father - Joseph McCree (deceased)
    Mother - Katherine McCree (deceased)


    EWVC Fire Expert Ranger [Former]
    Owner of Cattleman Ranch [Rancher] [Former]


    Faction Affiliations: