Two Swords

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    Half native man born in Alabama. Raised by a widowed woman & mentored by one of Alabama's most crooked gangsters. An ex convict who was given a second chance at life. Strong leader, always putting family before himself. Vigilante & Protector. Found his true purpose after embracing his long ignored native culture.

    Early Life 

    Jeremiah Tate, an outlaw on the run, found himself captured by a native Chickasaw tribe. After proving himself useful and earning respect from the Chief he was able to remain and live with the tribe. Jeremiah found himself falling in love with the Chief's daughter Tawanna. She became pregnant but during the beginning of her third trimester, Jeremiah's past came back to haunt him. The Chief of the tribe asked him to leave to keep the tribe safe and away from his problems. He did so, abandoning his lover and soon to be newborn child, but it was too late. A large group from a rival gang ambushed the tribe during the night attacking anything that moved while searching for Jeremiah's whereabouts.

    Tawanna was able to barely escape with her life. Injured with a gunshot wound to her shoulder and a badly bruised ankle she pushed throughout the night walking in one direction away from the gun fire. After countless hours of escaping she collapsed on a bed of grass. She woke up in a bed, bandaged up and being cared for by a white woman, a widow by the name of Margaret Ford. The two got to know each other as Tawanna recovered, however during child birth Tawanna was unable to survive the birth process. She died giving birth to a baby boy. Among her belongings Margaret had found Tawanna's journal. It was new with only one entry. She had given her son the name "Piominko" after her father his father before him. He was destined to be a Chief, but fate had other plans.

    Margaret decided to keep the newborn child and raise it as her own. She named the boy Thatcher Michael Ford, after her late husband. Thatcher was raised outside of Birmingham Alabama, in a small town. He was much bigger than most boys his age, and his dark hair and complexion made him stick out like a sore thumb. He was a prime target for bullies but Thatcher was always taught by his mother to turn the other cheek. His mother was his everything so he abided by her every word. At the young age of 9 Thatcher found himself picked on daily, until one day an older boy by the name of Logan Black, stood up for Thatcher, fighting along his side. The two have been best friends ever since.

    As the two grew into their teens they began to drift apart but always knew they'd have each others back regardless of where life took them. Logan was becoming quite the ranch hand for his family, and Thatcher was starting to get involved with a gang due to a relationship formed with a mentor named Frank Roberts. Frank was one of the best gunslingers in the state. He was sly and cunning... He could capture the attention of an entire room with his smooth talk and charming demeanor. He taught Thatcher everything he knew and begin to see him as a son and protege.

    At the age of 13 Thatcher began to run money for Frank's gang. His mother Margaret had become ill and Thatcher wanted to do everything he could to help pay for her medical treatment. Eventually Margaret's sickness took her leaving Thatcher with no family except Frank. Thatcher fully embraced his new father figure and began to rise in the ranks of the Roberts Gang. Like any teen Thatcher was full of energy and often outspoken. He became a people person and started slowly but surely influencing all around him. At the age of 14 he had a summer love with a girl named Valerie, she worked in one of the gang's saloons. The romance lasted a little more than a month. Valerie became pregnant and upon finding out this knowledge, Frank sent her away to Virginia, keeping the knowledge away from Thatcher. Now a heartbroken teen Thatcher decided to fully focus his energy on the gang, not allowing any other women distract him.

    At the age of 21 Thatcher was Frank's right hand man and muscle. He had influence over every member, and this began to worry Frank. He began to think Thatcher might push to replace him. So before this could come to fruition Frank made a crooked deal with deputies and set Thatcher up. Thatcher was ambushed by deputies and caught with a bunch of stolen money planted in a wagon transport. Thatcher was sentenced to 10 years in an Alabama prison. At the age of 31 Thatcher's sentence was over and found himself looking for a fresh start. Logan Black left him an open invitation to find him in the state of New Alexandria where the two of them could start fresh and live a simple and honest life.... or so they thought.

    Present Life 



    Present: Comanche Nation, The Men of Mayhem
    Past: New Alexandria Horse Racing Association, Ford & Sons Security, Carmichael Co., & The Tightest Posse



    Two Swords







    40 years of age.




    210 lbs


    August 7


    Birmingham, AL.



    Marital Status:

    Bound to Willow Whitecrow


    Children: Vera Roberts, Theo Roberts, Noyoparua, Siku, Mohuwuni
    Friends: Logan Black, Ren "Tosawíhi̠" Hamblin


    Chief, Nabipʉheetʉ Nʉʉ


    "Thatcher Ford"

    Faction Affiliations: