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  • Siku


    Siku is a small, somewhat underweight girl with pale olive skin and shoulder length black hair. She has particularly reddish cheeks and faint small pox scars covering her face. She has wide hazel eyes and is almost always smiling and cheerful, which she typically uses to hide her true feelings behind. She is often seen skipping rather than walking and spends much of her time walking in the woods or the desert of New Austin by herself collecting various treasures and exploring.

    If examined closely, especially by a doctor, faint scars and signs of frequent beatings would be apparent. The scarring is particularly bad on the bottoms of her bare feet and her back, which typically go unnoticed. Her back is covered in lash marks that are only about a year old, most likely from a belt.

    On the outside, Siku appears to be incredibly happy, full of energy, and a big trash talker. She is fiercely protective of her name and her right to choose what she wants to do/be/say because of her past. She is terrified of most pastors/Catholics. She appears to have an authority complex. Siku is not afraid to be loud and frankly quite obnoxious. She loves too fast and too deeply when it comes to people she starts to get to know and sees them quickly as friends or family. She isn't the best at reading people's intentions. She sees the good in everyone and despite her somewhat criminally inclined behaviors, she truly has good intentions. She prides herself most on her willingness to question people directly on the rumors she hears about them.

    Early Life 

    Siku was born into an Inuit family in Northern Canada. She was incredibly close to both her parents, Iluak (father) and Sukari (mother) and later her younger sister, Suluk. Her father was frequently away on hunting trips or doing business with European fur traders, but whenever he returned home, he would tell Siku and Suluk fantastical stories about his adventures. Her mother taught Siku how to sew and prepare furs and animal hides as well as cook and preserve meat. She took especially well to sewing her own clothing together, a skill that she continues very proudly today. When not working with her mother, Siku spent her time playing with the other children in the tribe and watching the other adults with their tasks. One older boy in particular, her cousin Kesuk, taught her to hunt and protect herself in the forest, though she never went through the 'first-hunt' ritual recognized by her tribe. When Siku was 8 years old, her tribe was hit with small pox. Many people died that winter, including Siku's father. Traditionally, her mother was to marry Iluak's brother and the girls would be accepted into their family and cared for. French-Canadian missionaries, attempting to help stop the outbreak, witnessed a great deal of this and decided that they could no longer allow such practices of polygamy. They kidnapped Siku and her sister and moved them South to a Catholic Church in Quebec. Suluk did not survive the journey south. Siku, now alone and in an unfamiliar place, was forced to learn and adapt to the ways of Catholicism. She was not allowed to go by the name Siku and was instead given the name Simone Plessi. This caused her to have a deep resentment for the name and anyone who disrespects her or others regarding the name they wish to be called. She learned to read and write in French and eventually in English when a prominent family wanted to adopt her. She was 12 years old when she went to live with this wealthy family in Maine. The family was originally French-Canadian immigrants into America, but had slowly made a name for themselves in America as the owners of a textile mill company. Thus, Siku spent the next several years in a wealthy house and going to an excellent school for girls. Despite her best attempts to behave, however, she never quite fit in and got into trouble frequently for not speaking or acting as proper as desired. Siku very rarely discusses the details of her abuse when she failed their expectations and it took years before she regained any confidence in herself, something she continues to struggle with to this day. She has only ever told two people, Mark Waylon and Painted Feather, of the abuse and beatings that her 'adoptive father' subjected her to when he was drunk. Eventually, the family decided to send her away when she was 16 after being fed up with her not living up to their standards. Siku is not sure where she would have been going. All she knows is that a maid that she had befriended, Sylvie, told her that no matter what happened, she could not get on the train that was to take her there. Frightened, but having faith in Sylvie over her adoptive parents, Siku ran away and hid on a boat. The boat ended up in New Alexandria where Siku now resides.

    Present Life 

    Siku started her life in New Alexandria as a timid young girl exploring the crazy, hectic life of the Wild West. She was fearful of most things, having never been exposed to so many guns and so much violence. She quickly bonded with several people who she considers friends and family, though she would never admit it for fear they would disagree and be upset with her. She spent a lot of time with other young teens like Pin, JayJay Kray, Sam Holt, Whip Harris and Natalie. She became close with Five Wounds, Sean MacAulvey, and Mark Waylon who were the first people who gave her a sense of safety and stability. She would hunt with Five Wounds, listen to Sean talk and teach Sam how to read, and learned to shoot a rifle and pistol with Mark. Soon, she found Jean Holt while he was walking through Annesburg. She and Sam both took to him quickly. She even tried to help him get promoted when he became a deputy, yet she always somehow said the wrong thing and usually just made him look even worse. Around this time, she also met Lily Stroolinger and Krueger Stroolinger. She is greatly amused by Kreuger and adores him, but not as much as she adores Lily. She quickly discovered that she could talk easily and freely to Lily and felt that she truly understood her. Lily is the only person Siku has ever considered to be like her mother, but she would never admit it. She is often too fearful that people will no longer want her around if she gives them such titles that they do not offer themselves or that she will fail to meet their expectations. It was for this reason, which she has never disclosed to anyone, that she refused to take Jean's name when he offered to officially adopt her as his little sister. She refuses the offers to join the Wapiti tribe for much the same reasons, though she considers Shadow Bear an old friend even if she does not know him well. She spent many months being terrified of trains, fearful that it would take her to the bad place that Sylvie had warned her about. She was eventually coaxed onto a train by James Hill, a rough Irish man that she had met while hunting. He was a terrible hunter and she offered to assist him. Siku had been exposed to the criminal element of New Alexandria in a very small way thanks to her time spent around The Krays, the Waylon and the Banks Family, but she never considered herself to be a criminal and was never directly involved. In fact, she often got herself into trouble by warning people, including deputies, of her friend Sam's money scams. Sam and Mark are the reason Siku learned what happens to people who snitch, a mistake that, quite literally, scared Siku straight. However, she found herself awkwardly stuck in the middle when James started committing crimes and getting into fights more and more with deputies, including Jean. At one point, during a simple delivery with Sam, the two girls stumbled into James' hideout. James initially believed Siku had betrayed him and it was one of the first times that Siku truly felt that she was about to die. Although the unfortunate situation has been, for the most part, resolved, there are still some bad feelings mixed into the complicated relationship Siku shares with the few people she knows she can call family: Jean and James, her two brothers, and Sam, her sister.

    Shortly after that incident, Siku went up North at the encouragement and help of James to try and find her family. They traveled to Canada and made the difficult trek up North. Along the way, James supported them with the occasional robbery and Siku attempted to help by hunting, but soon realized it wasn't enough. She witnessed many fortune-teller scams during their travels and decided to run a similar scam herself - although she did her best to provide good advice to those she helped, Siku was fully aware (and ashamed) that she was not the "spiritual guide" she claimed to be. Nonetheless, the operation did provide them enough money for food and supplies. She never took too much from anyone, but it is the one 'crime' she has ever committed and it continues to weigh heavily on her now.

    Unfortunately, Siku and James failed to find her family. They found the remains of several small communities, but could not locate any living relatives to Siku. Devastated, they decided to return to New Alexandria. Along the way back, Siku was attacked by wolves and her right arm was badly wounded. She struggles to hunt as efficiently as she did before and the heavy ice she used to harvest and haul is even more difficult. Now back in town, Siku has continued her usual antics and reunited with old friends and made some new while trying to find a new line of work that might be a bit easier with her injury.

    Shortly upon returning, she ran into a man named William Wulf. The two simply clicked and formed a friendship relatively easily. They continued to run into each other, which Wulf is still convinced is an entirely orchestrated attempt by Siku. Wulf is often the victim of Siku's constant teasing, but despite this, Siku believes he does have a certain fondness for her and wants her to be safe. She mocks him frequently for his propensity to hit on or flirt with women in an attempt to charm them. They often travel from town to town together, Siku constantly pestering him to work and market his company. Secretly, she does so hoping that she can watch and try to become good at sales as well and be a part of his company, Wulf Company Limited. Siku especially enjoys the rest of the company's employees, Mr. Sands, James Harrison and Scout. She truly feels welcome among them and hopes that she can form a closer bond with them overtime.

    While roaming the state, Siku had met many people warning her of Blood Mouth, including Wulf and her new friends. One day, she simply decided to approach him. It led to her gaining new people she cares deeply for, including Blood Mouth and Molly Oak. She hopes to become closer to them both, but has many fears about her relationship with Blood Mouth. She knows he causes many people a great deal of pain and that one day soon he will have to pay the price for his actions. She fears that others will judge her for her friendship with him, but can't help but enjoy the talks they share when they get the chance.

    Her time with Blood Mouth slowly led Siku to meeting the rest of the Comanche tribe. She eventually met his son, Greyson and formed a friendship with him. It was Greyson who took her on her first date. She took a liking to the wild child Nellie Oak during her time with Molly and Greyson and was especially amused by the playful way in which Blood Mouth interacted with Nellie. After Blood Mouth's death, she spent a great deal of time thinking about what she wanted. She reconnected with her dads, Mark Waylon and Two Swords and it only reinforced her desire to be with the Comanche tribe. She still took many weeks to decide if that was the right choice for both herself and the tribe. She has much to prove and is eager to show her usefulness and bond and learn from members of the tribe. She wishes to pursue medicine, something many people have begun teaching her already (Molly Oak, Jaena Shaw, Luella Hunter, Painted Feather) and she hopes to help improve the tribe's relationship with others.

    On February 7th, her beloved brother James was shot and killed by Jean Holt after nearly shooting and killing two deputies.

    For right now, Siku spends much of her time trying to bond with her friends and family or off on her own exploring and gathering plants, stones and other collectable junk. She has recently decided to go into business with her friend Aga and start a hotel and begin work as a bartender. She also assists Archibald, a launderer (the clothing kind!) by helping promote his business and getting a cut of the profits. She supports her family and the tribe by attempting to be the kind, calm diplomatic one, though she is very inexperienced in such matters. She is currently trying to make it through the death of four people, the most recent being the death of her brother James.

    Although she is friendly and, when determined, can walk right up to just about anyone, she usually feels incredibly timid and lacks confidence. She has it in her head that she will quickly become disposable, much like the way her adoptive family back in Maine treated her, if she makes too many mistakes. Whenever she is particularly quiet, one could usually make the guess that she is thinking a little too hard about something that has her frightened and nervous that she tries not to let others see.

    [Still a work in progress]


    "I'm criminally negligent, not criminally inclined." - Siku if asked to commit a crime.
    "Aye, you daft lemon." - Siku's (awful) attempt at an Irish accent


    -The ram skull on her horse was her kill on her first hunt with Five Wounds. She keeps it displayed on Taktuq in the hopes that it will bring good luck and that she will one day see her friend again.

    -Siku once heard Sean MacAulvey say the word "facetious" and asked him to explain what it meant. When he told her that it meant someone was acting 'coy', she asked him why they would be acting like a fish and why he didn't just say it that way. Thus, the word "facetious" became "faFISHous".

    -When she was removed from her tribe, she was given a "birthday" to mark her "adoption" (it was the day she was baptized the first time). Siku hated this date. When she met Jean, he decided to make one day her birthday. (He gave her a steam boat.) She chose to make this her actual birthday whenever she is asked.

    -Siku carves bones, antlers, wood and various other bits and bobbles into interesting animals or scenes as a way to reconnect with her heritage. She leaves them in secret places in the hopes someone will find them and have good luck. She has considered selling and trading them as of late.

    -Believe it or not, muskrats are her arch nemesis. Siku has her toes bitten at least 3 times a day by muskrats while walking along the Dakota river in search of plants and interesting stones to collect.

    -Kinauvit (or simply, Kina) is the name of the small husky that sometimes follows Siku around. The name is a very intentional joke: it means, roughly, "what is your name?" in Inuktitut.

    -Siku has been held hostage many times. She was once kidnapped by the notorious Faceless gang. She has been baptized twice. The second time happened in New Alexandria by Father Al Simmons. Both baptisms were against her will.

    Notable Items Siku owns:

    Her usual brown, worn out beanie: the first thing Siku made after being taken from her family as a way to comfort herself. She was not allowed to be seen with it by the Priests or her adoptive family, so she now wears it proudly or when she is feeling particularly frightened or nervous.

    -a steam powered boat: a gift on her birthday from Jean Holt.

    -Her small pistol: a gift from Mark Waylon when he taught her to use it and a rifle

    -Her sawed off: a gift from James Hill that was altered to fit Siku's hand better. It took her months to be able to shoot it without falling over. James adjusted the wood on the stock so she could properly hold the gun in her small hands. He then carved the rough shape of a polar bear on it. It is one of Siku's most prized possessions and one she rarely uses so that it stays in good condition. When James was locked up, he grabbed it from behind the bars of the cell out of Siku's holster and tried to escape. It led to him nearly shooting her and Jean and resulted in Jean shooting him dead.

    -A Sketch of herself drawn for her by Dallas Clancy

    -A trading card of Jean given to her by Sylvester

    -A tomahawk, it's blade sharpened by Chief Looks-For-War and the hilt engraved by Two Swords, received after her first trial upon joining the Comanche












    85 lbs


    June 1st, 1882


    Northern Canada



    Marital Status:



    No living blood relatives, but has been unofficially adopted by:
    Jean Holt (brother)
    James Hill (brother, deceased)
    Sam Holt (sister)
    Mark Waylon (father)
    Two Swords (father)
    Vera Roberts (sister)


    Ice Harvester/Trader, Hunter, Bartender, Opium Seller



    Faction Affiliations: