Painted Feather

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  • Kasanaboo, Medicine Woman


    Despite the gentle illusion of her name and lithe stature, Kasanaboo cuts a sharp and picturesque figure of a fiercely strong indigenous woman. Painted Feather gives the impression of disinterest usually, and prefers the mystery and fear that one who communes with the spirits can manifest. She’s known to be of few words, but when she speaks there is a meaning to them. Her words are often coated with either apathy or vitriol. An Eagle Doctor fallen from her faith, and trying to find it again. Clothing is a concoction of worn outsider pieces and native accessories, though she has little possessions to her name.

    Early Life 

    Having been born in transit, a traveling hunting party camp in the middle of the night. A north star above had heralded her purpose as a holy woman, so her grandfather had believed, being born beneath such a star. From an early age, Kasanaboo (Painted Feather) had heard the whispers of her ancestors and the voices of the spirits in both songs, dance, and when working with the sacred herbs. Having been born of the Comanche tribe, a band called Wianʉ, she learned much from her Grandfather, their Medicine Man. She had seen first-hand taking of land, and the dwindling buffalo which had been over-killed. When of age, she had been married to a prominent warrior and birthed a daughter. In droves, many continued to retreat into reservations, a life Quanah Parker had decided for the nation years past.

    At the age of eighteen, Kasanaboo found an opportunity to leave her band, therefore not taking part in the relocation. Separating herself from her husband she decided to take their daughter in search of a better life for themselves. Wandering for some time she eventually found herself, due to her knowledge of ‘exotic’ traditional medicines, an assistant for a local physician within Oklahoma. For seven years she remained as an aid, which offered a stable life for Esahibi, her daughter. However, with the poor treatment, lack of personal freedom, and the physician's unwillingness to put into practice what he wanted to learn from her - she had decided to move on. Much of the time she was on her own until a group of criminals who were following the same railroad had decided to take her, someone to use as a future hostage. On the border of Texas the Mahikoʔitʉ Nʉʉ band were passing by a camp and had decided to take what they wish, and kill those in their way. Esahibi seemed to have died in the chaos. Kasanaboo noticed they were of the Comanche Nation, but they did not offer her freedom as she expected. Instead, Kasanaboo was kept to tend to the camp and its inhabitants, and use her knowledge as a healer.

    Present Life 

    Being a hostage she has been doing many of the chores about the camp, much of her free time (when she has it) has been taking up with drinking. Now an alcoholic, she's been using whiskey to cope with her late child's death. Recently after saving the life of Grey Hair from a cougar attack, on the instruction of Two Swords she has formed a blood bond with Grey Hair. He is responsible for her and will kill her if need be. However, finally, Kasanabo is a member of the tribe. Months have passed and she has had time to grieve the loss of her late daughter. Fasting, cleansing of both mind and body, Painted Feather spent four days of solitude within the desert. Prayers and time spent with ancestors and Manitou, her persistent addiction to alcohol were finally finished. Through the tribulations the Comanche have endured at the hands of the Government, Kasanaboo has remained faithful and aided her people in the ways she has always to be true.




    “Setting up camp, taking it down. Doing all the things men pretend to be too stupid to do.”

    "You can fit in that box, if we cut you up into pieces."

    "One day I will stop drinking, and it is not today."

    "The outsiders number the stars, and they will keep building their schools, their roads, and wires. We will adapt, or die. I'd rather die."


    Prefers using and killing with a knife, over any other weapon.
    Thoroughly enjoys “collecting” horses, to breed stronger stock
    Enjoys cannabis, occasionally will be seen with a pipe

    Painted Feather













    August 1874


    Oklahoma, Indian Territory


    Native American

    Marital Status:



    Huupi-pahati (Father)
    Tabe Wʉnʉrʉ̠ (Mother)


    Medicine Woman


    Faction Affiliations: