White Knife

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  • White Knife / Ren


    White Knife can be described as a tall, physically fit man. He is built like a warrior, toned with muscle, his body being a result of time spent doing what he does best. He has long black hair that is braided on the top, shaved on the sides. Although he is a white man, his time spent in New Austin, and in the sun, in general, has left him with a dark tan. He will oftentimes go without a shirt but can be found wearing lighter clothing like a vest or a simple top when needed.

    He is an easy-going guy, playful and friendly- until pushed. Once given a reason, he can very much change his tune to get the point across. He is seen as a kind person on the surface, but those who decide to cross him will learn there was much hidden underneath that kind composure. He is lethal and can easily employ tactics one would not think possible from him. It is best to never underestimate someone.

    Early Life 

    Before there was ever White Knife, there was Ren. As a young child, Ren was raised on his family's farm. There he lived a simple life, raising the animals and working the land. His parents died in his early childhood, and it was just him and his siblings. Death however slowly took each of them too, and so Ren was left on his own. Grief can do a lot to a person, a turning point in his life you could say. Ren turned to a life of crime- something he found to be very good at. So he sold his family’s homestead and began running moonshine as well as other crimes which would eventually lead him to New Austin. A place that would only broaden his horizons.

    Present Life 

    When arriving in New Austin, Ren was with a group which he would have liked to call family. However, he would soon learn that they were not who he thought they were, and not the people he needed. Once discovering this, Ren left this group and started looking for work. This is where he met a man called Thatcher Ford who hired him as a security officer. Their relationship grew, and soon he would also join Thatcher in a group of individuals who were dedicated to ridding New Alexandria of corruption. That went well for a while, but internal issues began driving the group apart and eventually, that too died.

    From there, Ren roamed the lands and took odd jobs here and there to make ends meet. He kept to himself for a while, just observing from a distance. One day, he was approached by a man who he did not recognize at first. Upon chatting with this man, and further inspection, Ren learned that this was his friend Thatcher Ford, but some things had changed. He was now Two Swords of the Comanche Nation, and this raised some curiosity in Ren. He had always gotten along well with Thatcher, they worked well together. He knew where Two Swords was, is where he was meant to be also. He was one of the few people Ren could trust and his loyalty to his friend was strong. This led Ren to want to learn more about the Comanche but would start out as an outsider, not able to be present in any of the Tribe’s business. Eventually though, Ren was allowed to come and learn from the Comanche Tribe. He watched them, learned their ways and would then show his interest in joining. This is an unusual thing to happen for someone who is not of native blood or taken from a young child and raised by the Comanche in their ways. So Ren would have to prove himself useful to Looks-For-War and while he was told it could be done, it was made aware that it would not be easy. It didn’t matter though, Ren had made up his mind and became committed to this.

    Overtime, Ren was able to prove himself reliable to gather information for the Tribe as well as any task he was given. It would be done with no questions asked. Having proven himself, Ren was welcomed into the Comanche and given his new name Tosawihi̠ which translates to White Knife. Being able to join the Comanche Tribe and being named held a lot of weight because it was so unheard of. He had done it though, and White Knife would go on to become a big part of the Comanche Band and the battles they faced together. He rode with them for as long as Two Swords did, however things began to change and with his loyalty to his friend, his brother- they decided to leave the Mahikoʔitʉ Nʉʉ band that was lead by Chief Looks-For-War.


    Men of Mayhem, Comanche Nation,


    "you Bitch"


    • only 5 people actually know his last name
    • He doesn't know where he was Born
    • He cant seem to keep the same horse for more than a month

    White Knife / Ren











    200 LBS







    Marital Status:

    In a Relationship : No




    War Chief


    Ren, Mayhem

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