Alice Hopkins

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  • Alice "Mary" Hopkins


    Alice Hopkins arrived in state February 1900, St. Denis. You would find no other more out of place person by miles.
    The short little English grey nymph dressed herself in a casual maid outfit, a fine hat, satchel, and gloves. Covering all skin but her face as custom to her. Growing up in a middle-class life with her father owning a lumbermill, Alice never suffered, but never had the finest things in life, and by their family upbringing, was lower in the ranks due to her gender. Alice never questioned, never doubted, work minded, she only took what was given and never asked for more, so she never questioned beyond her boundries. Leaving her with a cautious, simple thinking mind, until later. Her golden long hair usualley tied up professionally to her job, and likes to keep a clean appearance at all times, and as per standard of a Lady's maid, she keeps herself well kept clean and formal.

    Early Life 

    Alice was a curious kid, compared to the rest of her family. Posh and proper was the lifestyle of the Hopkins. Her father, Robert was the head of a very successful lumbermill, and her mother Jane worked as a florist. Her elder brother by two years Arthur was a promising fencer, who took part of a many competitions, and was her fathers pride. Alice on the other hand, was unique. See Alice was taught from when she could talk, that she was to be a Lady. No laughing, no running, no creativity, no lolligaggin, no climbing in tree's. Nothing. However Alice did exactly that, when ever her father left for a business trip to the local Lordship.
    Alice had a secret, in the attic above the stables, her free space. The walls were decorated with paintings, pictures, flowers, an explosion of free thinking and spirit, she was free in there. Until the day her brother Arthur heard her, cleaning the horsepen. Alice was never really on the best of terms with Arthur, however she pleaded for his silence, asking for anything to make him stay quiet. But tis' was all for naught. Same evening Robert charged the room of young miss Alice, his tone boomed as he scolded her for her disobedience. He rushed to the stables, and destroyed her work, Alice following behind, crying in her night gown, she fell to her knees in the mud. She was told the next day that the local Lordship was her new home, and she was gonna behave, learn, and get some dicipline. At the age of 12 she was sent away to become a maid.
    The life at the place wasn't horrible, but not welcoming either. In her early years she was taught by an elder maid named "Nan". Who let her know their place in such a place. You are family, but not treated as it. Alice by the years grew and stayed with the noble family. Eventualley she got so trusted and loved she became the Ladyships Lady maid. Accompanying her to social gatherings, meetings, political garbage and more. Some years later, she was told by her ladyship to become her Governess to her future children, and Alice was sent to New Alexandria as her first destination, to learn, chart down the local flora and fauna, culture, with more. And then return one day.

    Present Life 

    Alice has found herself anywhere but near done with the first and main task she was sent out on, but has instead found herself in the mixture of everything. By a lucky train ride after spending almost a week, the 5th day in state, she ran into Robin Dun and Micheal O'connor in the town of Strawberry, after a treachorous muddy and raining walk from the nearby station. The man saw great potential in Alice, with her proper and posh attitude, he needed an administrative assistant, someone who could speak formaly and help with writing properly. Alice took on the job, in an oil field, nervous as she had never done anything like it before, but knew the 100 $ from home wouldn't last forever. Some weeks passed and Alice grew more comftrable in her new surroundings. The woman one day made two very good friends in the lifestock town of Valentine. Cassius Evans and Willie Roseberry taught her the ropes of the land, warned her of the dangers, and taught her, to the best of their abilities, to shoot a weapon. She was gonna need it.
    The two became her best of friends, even to the present day, Cassius is still a big part of her life, and means alot to her. Willie sadly left state for an unknown amount of time.

    Some months passed, Alice rose in the ranks of the Oil facility. Going from Administrative assistant to Administrator. With a promotion Alice wanted to celebrate, as she then was gifted a horse one peculiar day, by none other than the newest addition to her friend group, Fletcher Beckett, who paid a good amount together with Cassius, to let her get "Admiral" - Admiral was the name given to the horse, after Cassius and Alice went on one of Fletcher's spooky boat tours in the swamps of Lemoyne. Alice despite being terrified of the water, enjoyed herself so much with her new friendship that she decided to name the horse after Fletchers costume for the boatride - A memorable adventure indeed, one she remembers fondly.
    Some months later, her luck had seemed to turn, with her good heart, seeing the best in most and giving all a second chance at life, made friends with a man called Finley O'shea. At first the meeting between the two was sour, as a day prior Alice had together with an employee of the Oil field called Cleamont Doubont, been held up by the O'shea's and asked a bunch of questions. By this encounter Alice was terrified and confronted Finley, who in return told her that he was sorta going against his family, for their bad ways. This lead to one day in the Valentine Saloon where Harley O'shea found Finley surrounded by Alice and co. who slowly left the place, the last she saw of Finley was his cousin raising a shotgun to his face.
    Bam. Alice despite knowing not to get involved, -despite- knowing she could get in trouble, rushed in there and found Finley on the ground, resulting in his rescue, and him walking away with a limp, but alive. Alice told the deputies what she knew, and for a long time stayed in a disguise as "badger" to avoid getting taken by Harley. With more wealth and growing in the ranks of the Oil field, Alice then started her own protection service, as she could no longer STAND being dirty and filthy as the naturalist "Badger"
    Getting to know a few people, Alice hired Brooks Conrad, a former cavalry man, Brad Johnson, a former Ranger, and in the end she persuaded Fletcher Beckett, the tailor of Blackwater to be her bodyguard too, in which he agreed.
    Now, Alice has moved away from the Oil field, persuing a profession of litterature and bar-owning, but however also over time grew more fond of her last standing bodyguard, Fletcher Beckett, whom through goofy nature, extravagant persona and flawless smile had melted the shy and very much so locked up nymph heart from England, and the two have with their growing romance, decided to be official, planning to make Blackwater their home, and pour business to the town.

    Some time after, the friends who had both in joke, however also in seriousness had mentioned and poked at Alice to run for Government in the upcoming Summer July/August 1900 4th Adminitration, came to reality. Alice gathered her nerves and wrote an application, for State Representative of West Elizabeth, the state where she had her newly built home with her significant other, Fletcher Beckett. Why would she not try to better the town with even greater means than just running a bar.

    The application was sent, and the word quickly spread to her friends, and even the people of the state who knew her through her stories, it was well received. Alice at first didn't think much of it after the initial hype had faded a bit, until a day she never thought was coming, after 5 and a half month with no ill intention brought to her from another citizen in the state, as tales are true, she was at the Valentine Post Office at the wrong time.
    Coming back from reflecting on a few things, Alice was met with a greeting of a man, dressed in black, her initial thought was not much other than he might be asking for help.

    She was very wrong. It was none other than Aiden Kray, who pointed a Navy Revolver to the little Alice's head, who had her heart sink, and stomach turn to stone, a bite into her lip withheld her tears, she had to be strong now. All that her friends had taught her put into this very moment, though a strong face, she was trembling underneath, terrified.
    Luckily mr. Kray made it clear that he didn't want to hurt her, he only needed her for a trade, a trade for Damon Kray who was to be sent to Sisika that evening according to their spies.

    Some time went by and they talked, mr. Kray asked a bunch of questions to Alice, to which she answered, as believeable as she could, only withholding a few things.
    Mr. Aiden Kray asked what her occupation was, she told him she was an author, writing stories about people in state through comissions, and that she ran the bar in Blackwater. He asked what her thoughts were on the new Government, she played the fool.

    After half an hour so with no Sisika transport in sight, Mr. Aiden Kray let her go, with the reminder of one thing. Were she to ever tell on this, she'd be dead.
    Alice got away with her life intact, for now, luckily for her, mr. Aiden had not kept up with the Governemnt candidates, cause then he'd realize he was sitting with a future Staterepresentative, unknown to both of them.

    The campaign phase was over. The voting began. However not only having to deal with being nervous of the kidnapping that just took place, her life being threatened, even more nervous over the elections, Alice didn't sleep much, but didn't sleep at all after the news was brought to her. Oliver Porter was dead, such horrific news of a person she considered a good friend, landed life a heavy rock, as it was brought up while Alice was answering questions to the people, for why they should vote for her as a State Rep. Her heart sunk, unknown to anyone, Alice had very high thoughts of Oliver, he was the first she met in state at the same age as her, who was from England, and had gotten so far in his life, to be a senior deputy. Alice was star struck over meeting him, and further ahead before the time of meeting Fletcher, she even considered Oliver for a potential partner. Alas such was life not meant to be, and Alice attended his funeral, heartbroken and maybe with regret of never getting to know this man better, however she left with a speech of her fondness of him, respect, and looking up to him, along with a small bouqet of a single red rose, and a purple hyacinth, two flowers symbolising love, and regret.

    Alice didn't sleep for days. But the day came where the results were counted, and was to be announced.

    "At a tie" Adelaide said "We have Henry Knight and Audrey Winters. with 80 votes."

    "With another tie, we have Liberty Hollister and Marvin Logue at 127 votes each"

    Alice's heart sunk. Shoot, she was out of it, surely this meant they would have to run off.

    "And last with most votes of 24% and 128, Alice Hopkins!"

    The joy that rushed through her body, words couldn't describe this momenteous day for Alice, she did it. She actualley did it. The nervously ruined pamphlets in her pocket were no longer to be destroyed by her nervous hands fiddling with them, it was over.
    She could finally sleep, and so she did for 12 hours straight.


    Lordship in England.


    "Rather quaint" "Pompeous prick" "I believe in the good of a man"


    Alice has now survived two cougar attacks.
    Alice writes dirty fan fictions through comissions of people in the state.
    Alice taught herself to ride a horse, and somewhat shoot a gun.
    Alice has never shot a person in self defense. Never will.
    Despite starting out as a very timid person and shy, Alice has managed to make quite a few friends, from deputies, civilians, and former criminals.
    She can do funny voice impressions of people she meets.
    Alice is no longer terrified of thunder - Thanks to Fletcher.

    Alice "Mary" Hopkins



    Making big choices.






    1.62cm / 5´1


    59kg / 130lbs


    10th September 1881


    London Hospital - England


    British / England.

    Marital Status:



    Robert Hopkins (Father) Jane Hopkins (Mother) Arthur Hopkins (Brother)


    State Representative of West Elizabeth - Writer.


    "Badger" - Miss Hopkins.

    Faction Affiliations:

    New Alexandria Government.