Dancing Bear

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  • Noyoparua (Dancing Bear)


    Small in stature with a lean figure, her days of getting by on scraps and leftovers showed. She has black hair to her shoulders, and big hazel eyes. She stands at about five feet tall, and weighs about one hundred and fifteen pounds. She has a scar on the left side of her face, along her cheek which she hides with her hair when she can. She can be quiet around those she doesn't know, but once she is comfortable with you she becomes more open. She can be very outspoken if the need arises, but is lighthearted and kind for the most part. She is an emotional person who is still learning how to decipher from acting with her heart or her head.

    Early Life 

    From the very beginning, her life started with tragedy. As a small baby, being taken away from her family and sold to the highest bidder, the young native girl who would be called Jenna was now owned by the Landen family who lived in Kentucky as a slave. They told her lies, saying she was found wandering around alone and that they were kind christian folks who decided to take her in. When really, she would find out that her family and tribe were murdered. The women and children being taken and sold. The rest she would assume are dead.

    The couple gave her the name Jenna Landen, and to those on the outside it looked like they were doing the girl a favor, a kindness. However, as she got older, Jenna was not treated as the
    adopted child she was made out to be. She was made to work like a servant, which is what she was planned to be from the very beginning. She cleaned, learned to cook for them. The Landen’s never had to lift a finger, for Jenna was there to accommodate them or face punishment for disobeying.

    Some nights Mr. Landen would come home drunk and threaten to kill her. He would often strike her, and a few times even pointed a gun at her, shooting but thankfully missing. This resulted in a fear of guns, and the loud sounds they made while threatening her life. One drunk night, Jenna decided to talk back to Mr. Landen when he asked her to do something and she paid the price with the scar on her face. She never did that again.

    She would spend her days working in the house, her only friend being the older woman named Sarah who helped cook meals in the house. She was the only person who had been kind to her. Jenna learned of the word native, but was made to believe it was a bad thing, like she had been born with some sickness that made her worth less than those with lighter skin. She spent all those years, hating herself and who she was and wishing she was more than she was.

    Present Life 

    One night, Jenna found the courage when the Landen’s were sleeping and decided to leave. She only told Sarah where she was planning to go, having heard of a large ship going far away and she felt far away would never be far enough from this place or these people. So she left, and snuck onto the ship in the middle of the night. She stayed hidden for most of the trip, only coming out to sneak food or water where she could. It was a long journey but when she arrived in a place called Blackwater, she spent days wandering around on her own until finally a large group of people who she later learned to be deputies found her and took her to Valentine where she met Grey Coyote and others. She was taken around, shown where things were and even assisted with buying her first horse whom she named Ranger. Grey Coyote and others were so kind to her, strangers who offered her money, food and safety. Something she never had, and never thought she would have. It was a welcomed change to the life she had prior and she will always hold Grey Coyote close to her heart in this regard.

    During her time spent around the deputies and others, Jenna learned that she was in fact native but that it was not as bad as she was made to believe. She heard of different people she should seek out- but the one name that stuck with her was the name she was told to stay away from. This man was called Two Swords, and he was painted to be a dangerous man to Jenna. She was told he would not be someone she should keep as company. However this man was the man who found her, and in the face of others made sure she was safe and being treated well.

    Jenna ran into the Comanche Chief again, but this time she was alone and was able to chat with him. She found him to be wise and her curiosity for the life she could have, now free to be who she wants. She decided to go with him, meet his people and see his home. To learn about what it means to be a native girl, a life that was taken from her. She was welcomed with open arms by the others, and immediately felt at home with them. It was an overwhelming feeling to be wanted by so many people all at once. People who wanted to teach her things, to make sure she was happy and safe. All new feelings for Jenna.

    She grew close to Two Swords, as well as her now best friend Wise Eyes. She learned Comanche words, and watched the way the band worked together. She decided quickly that this place was where she wanted to stay- and against advice she looked no where else for a place to call her home or people to call family.

    Now deciding to take on the trials and become Comanche and part of this tribe, training began. While hesitant, she began to learn to shoot a bow. This was not an easy task for someone who had never held a weapon, Jenna needed a lot of practice and still does. But the War Chief- Tosawihi (White Knife) was patient and able to help her improve. The time she spent with him training made the two grow close, and become good friends which eventually led to a relationship with him. Another thing Jenna never thought she would have.

    Going through the first two trials, and passing them Jenna was called upon by her Chief who had decided she was ready for her new name. Something Jenna was looking forward to, because the name she had was one given by those who only treated her with hate, so the name Jenna held a lot of pain. So Jenna died, and Noyoparua was born which in English translation would be Dancing Bear. The name came from the word noyonʉʉkanʉ̠ which means war dance. A dance done before war where it can be said that the spirits come and grant protection for the coming fight to take place. And Parua means fierce bear. Two Swords accompanied Jenna on her second trial, where she faced a bear and more or less danced with it and held her ground in the face of fear. This gave her a name that would help her move away from her haunted past and help create a new future.

    Now, Noyoparua has passed all three of her trials and is now seen as a follower of the Comanche. She was also taken in by Two Swords who now calls her his daughter, an honor and happiness that overwhelmed her. She has gained friends, a family, a safe place to call home. People who wanted her, and who would protect her so she would never face the life of abuse she had before again. She gained a romantic relationship, a father and a new confidence in herself. Noyoparua is so much more than she ever thought she would be, and this was only the beginning.

    Time has passed, and a lot of things have come to pass. People change, and things move on. The world keeps on spinning, even when people leave.

    Recently, the Nabipʉheetʉ Nʉʉ has been going through changes. Chief Two Swords had decided to step down and merge with the Wapiti Tribe. There was a lot of speculation about this, and some of the members of the Nabipʉheetʉ Nʉʉ didn't agree with this choice. Some stayed, and some left. Even Chief Two Swords decided after everything that leaving was the best choice for a peaceful life with his wife. Dancing Bear's partner, Tosawihi also decided to leave and she couldn't follow.

    Everything seemed to be a mess, and there seemed to be a lot of loss and downfall. It seemed like everything was over. No more family, no more tribe. No place to be. However, some of the Comanche lingered, all of us looking for something to hold onto. So we did what we always do. We clung to each other. A small group of the band decided to pick up the pieces and continue on, not letting the Nabipʉheetʉ Nʉʉ die.

    Now there is a new Chief voted in, Mahikuhtsu or War Buffalo. Him and his family, his tribe, are building things back up. Taking in anyone who needs help and wants to learn. There are changes coming. While they hold onto the traditions that were taught, they realized that some things needed to change for the band to last. To grow stronger, better. So they stand together, fighting to create something better. The future is unsure of, but one thing that can be counted on is that the Nabipʉheetʉ Nʉʉ is not dead, and they stand strong side by side ready to take on anything that comes at them. One day at a time.


    Comanche Nation



    Unexpected loud guns or explosions scare her.
    She cannot currently read or write.
    Doesn't know exactly where she came from, or who her birth parents are.
    She loves Guarma.

    Dancing Bear











    115 lbs


    March 10, 1879





    Marital Status:



    Two Swords - Father
    Tuauwihi - Brother
    Vera Roberts - Sister



    Jenna Landen, Jenna Ford

    Faction Affiliations: