Emilia Harrigan

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  • Sr. Deputy Emilia Harrigan


    A true southern belle at heart, Emilia Harrigan is what you'd imagine what a true lady of the south to be, beautiful, kind hearted, quick witted and brave.

    Early Life 

    Born unto wealth, Emilia grew up on a beautiful large plantation just south of Montgomery, Alabama. Emilia enjoyed the finer things in life from a young age but was never a spoiled child, she was taught from a young age that wealth was not a right, it was earned; thus forming her strong work ethic. You would often find her down by the stables, cleaning out stalls, organising tack or grooming the work horses.

    Present Life 

    1899, Emilia had settled herself in a small cabin in the small town of Strawberry, Big Valley. It wasn't long until she began to sought out her childhood dreams of becoming a Sheriff's Deputy, immediately applying with the New Alexandria Sheriff's Department. After quiet the turbulent recruitment phase, Miss Harrigan passed her evaluation with flying colours. This is where Emilia finally began to shine, this becoming very evident when she met at the time Lillianah Ark, now known as Lillianah Dagouter. The two quickly became the best of friends, you could not find them separated, off-duty or on-duty. With Mrs. Dagouter in her life, Emilia became interested in learning veterinarian and farrier skills, you would often find Miss. Harrigan off-duty at the Dagouter's farm near the town of Valentine taking care of the horses and other livestock on the property.

    After some time, Miss. Harrigan saw a notice from the Department asking of fellow Eastern deputies to transfer to the West, to which she applied for immediately with the best interest of the Department at heart. Upon transferring, it was not long before Emilia met a Detective by the name of Jean Holt, Emilia almost immediately became smitten with the man. With her new found crush, Emilia wanted to impress the Detective, often following close behind the grey haired man whilst on-duty. When Jean was not around, you would often find her with clipboard in hand constantly improving her paperwork as best as she could under the supervision of close friends and fellow colleagues, Lorenzo Roussan and Antonio Delgato. Not only paperwork, Emilia would often mock negotiations whilst off-duty in front of her vanity mirror. Often mocking store robberies or bank robberies and even flirting with her own reflection, anything at all so she could so she could impress Mr. Holt in any situation that arouse whilst on-duty. It was not long at all that her efforts did indeed pay off, Jean asked Emilia out for a picnic and after that, the two have been inseparable. Emilia now resides with Jean and his adopted daughter Sam Holt in a small cabin in Manzanita Post, Tall Trees.

    With her continued hard work, Emilia was promoted to Sr. Deputy mid 1900 and has continued to work as hard as she can, continuing to improve her skills to the best of her abilities.


    New Alexandria Sheriff's Department



    "If I have to tell ya again, I tell ya what!"



    • Emilia is often referred to as the 'nice' Deputy due to her sweet nature.
    • On the job, Emilia and Miss. Elena Delgato are married, often referring to each other as 'wife' and 'work wife!'
    • She has a love-hate relationship with fellow deputy James Walter and is not afraid to let folk know, neither is Mr. Walter.
    • You can often find Emilia on the porch with a cigarette, keeping a watchful eye over the town she is in.
    • Emilia often posts General Telegrams offering money in exchange for various pelts.
    • You also may find her in a yelling match with another fellow deputy, Rowan Bridger.
    • Emilia owns many horses, her current steed being a black and white Missouri Fox Trotter, she has not settled with a name yet.
    • She also owns a sibling of Lillianah Dagouter's horse, Bones. Emilia named her horse Marrow. Bones and Marrow are currently living semi retired in a field together.

    The Belle











    130 lbs




    Montgomery, Alabama



    Marital Status:

    Engaged to Jean Holt



    Western Sr. Deputy Detective, NASD


    "Em," "Harrigan"

    Faction Affiliations: