Rose Avery

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    Rose Avery (Previously Rose Miller) is an eighteen year old girl from New Austin, New Alexandria.

    Blonde haired and brown eyed, she stands at around 5’5", though is often wearing high heeled boots. She is rarely without her beloved cowboy hat and can typically be found in her hand crafted skirts (or clothes stolen from her fiancé)

    She has a scar on her right cheek, seemingly caused by a knife. She wears her hair in a braid to the side in an attempt to cover it from view, along with a missing right ear.


    Early Life 


    Rose rarely opens up about her early life, seemingly wanting to be distanced from it.

    She was born near Tumbleweed to her mother and father on the 15th of April, 1882.
    She has an older brother, Ari Miller, who lived with the family until he was old enough to work. He wound up venturing out of state when Rose was still young and the two have had a rocky relationship ever since.

    Rose ended up leaving the ranch and heading East at age 16, where she believes her life truly began.

    If asked, locals of Tumbleweed will not recall a ‘’Miller family’ ever living nearby.


    Present Life 


    ❀ - ❀ - ❀ - ❀ - ❀




    Felix ''Lucky'' Avery

    Well known to most she comes across, Felix is her fiancé and the love of her life.
    The two met on a hunting trip to Annesburg and, charmed by his carefree, boyish nature, they became fast friends. Despite their stark differences, they soon became inseparable, spending almost every day together since.

    Though cautious of them, Rose’s feelings developed quickly, only spurred along by the time they spent together at MacFarlane’s Ranch during the ‘Valen du Sang’ pandemic. Felix’s admission to his own feelings still managed to catch Rose off-guard, but gave her comfort in her own, and soon the two began to court - becoming ‘official’ in October of 1899.

    Rose credits Felix with helping her become the person she has grown into - stronger and more confident in all areas of her life. His recklessness sparked her interest in medicine, and his contagious passion inspires her to fight for what she believes in, no matter what. She wholeheartedly believes that when they are together, they can take on anything that comes their way.

    The pair got engaged in January of 1900 and are due to be married in November.


    Henry & Twinkle Valentine -

    Some of Rose’s first true friends, Henry and Twinkle hold a special place in her heart. The three met very early in Rose’s venture East from New Austin, and the pair helped her come out of her shell and feel like she really belonged.

    Rose spent many days with them on all kinds of adventures - hikes through the mountains, wagon rides to Coulter, even venturing across the sea for the first time to see Guarma. She holds these memories close to her, thanking the pair for helping her experience so many new things and accepting her with open arms.

    Henry and Twinkle’s patience and advice played a huge part in her and Felix’s budding relationship, the two of them often turning to the couple for guidance. The theme of love was ever prevalent in their friendship, Rose eventually being asked to be Twinkle’s Maid of Honour at their wedding, to which she obviously agreed.

    Though the four of them see each other far less, their love and trust never dwindle and Rose has faith they will remain life-long friends.


    Jean, Sam and Siku-

    Rose is not quiet about her distaste for ‘’family’’ and refuses to use the label for anyone, except these three.

    It began as a joke between Rose and Jean, but eventually the two of them realized they did care for one another as siblings would. Rose was soon introduced to Jean’s other sisters, Sam (now his daughter and Rose’s niece) and Siku, and the four of them accepted one another immediately and began referring to one another and spending time as a family. Though not overly close, Rose keeps the family title for the four of them. On the surface, this is played as a novelty, but deep down Rose appreciates having them around her and it is slowly rebuilding her faith in what a family is supposed to be.


    Johnny O’Connor -

    Rose and Johnny’s friendship can best be described as complex. The two became friends rather slowly, building a foundation of trust and fondness over time - though Rose had her reservations in the beginning. They eventually became closer, Rose beginning to see him as some sort of brotherly figure - standing, defending and fighting alongside him when he created the 3rd generation of Krays and beyond, giving advice when she could and learning a thing or two from him along the way.

    After fighting together, bleeding together, and even witnessing the death of a mutually beloved friend at each other’s side, her trust in him was deep-rooted, but the mixture of hardships, grief, opposing views and conflicting morals wound up causing a tear in their relationship. The two of them began to drift and due to many difficult situations, Rose became convinced their friendship and trust can never be fully recovered, though she still promises to have his back should he ever need her.


    Johnny Cooke & Fly Wilson -

    Rose knew Fly and Johnny far less than she wished to, but her desire to get closer to them was robbed from her far too early in their lives. The time she had managed to spend with them was valuable to her and she hoped they would have grown to be good friends, if given the chance. Their willingness to help her and Felix, their generosity and even kindness shown to Rose is something she will not easily forget, and their deaths are something she will not easily let go.

    Rose and Felix’s shared anger towards their murderers is not exactly a hidden secret and despite many attempts from friends to dissuade them, they do not plan on ‘’forgiving and forgetting’’ anytime soon.


    Evelyn Hurst & George Bennett -

    Rose met Evelyn and George far before they became actual friends, but always admired them both from a distance. Always friendly towards her, she enjoyed the early moments they spent with one another - observing friendly fights or other lighthearted shenanigans.

    They became close following George establishing a friendship with O’Connor and his joining of the Dapper Flats alongside Felix. Rose spent a lot of time with both of the pair, especially as the conflict with the Freemans grew. The day before Evelyn died, she and Rose had a talk about their willingness to have each other’s backs and expressed their desire to get closer as friends.
    Following her murder, Rose, alongside others, vowed to help George in his hunt for the Freemans, to help him get his revenge. His descent into grief was difficult to watch but Rose remained by his side, keeping her promise and doing her best to keep him safe.

    Rose and Johnny were the ones who found him mere seconds after he was shot and killed by the Freemans in Armadillo. As they carried his body out of the town to shouts of ‘’Stay free’’, Rose knew that this was something else she would not let go, not until every Freeman was dead and Georgie got his unfulfilled revenge.


    Magpie -



    Scout Sterling -



    Tobi Hunter -




    ''Fish can't sin!''

    ''Felix, you better not.''

    ''I love my wife.''

    ''Geez Louise...''

    ''Bear left!''


    ♡ Rose speaks a few languages, most notably French and 'Binglish'.

    ♡ Her horse is a leopard appaloosa named Dice, she got him on her 13th birthday.

    ♡ She cannot swim, though is being taught by Felix.

    ♡ Her favourite food is peanuts, which she calls ''peenams''.

    ♡ She enjoys crafting, often making her own clothes, herbal medicines and skincare products.

    ♡ She likes to cook, stews and jams being her favourites to make.

    ♡ Thanks to Felix, she has gained a vested interest in tarot.

    ♡ She hates New Austin, avoiding it whenever possible

    ♡ Her favourite colours are pink and yellow

    ♡ Rarely drinks alcohol, instead opting for root or ginger beers.

    Noteable items -

    Small golden cross necklace and brown leather bible, handbound - gifts from her mother
    Her cowboy hat - stolen from gift from Felix Avery
    A golden pocket watch - stolen for gift from Felix Avery
    A golden ring, adorned with yellow enamel daisies - gift from Felix for their engagement
    An inscribed copy of ''Grimm's Fairy Tales'' - gift from Gemima Rose and Leopold Marcus
    Kray belt buckle - gift from Johnny O'Connor
    Jar of dried flower petals, worn on a necklace.


    Johnny, Felix and Rose by CooFooLoo (Commissioned by Boopy_Doopie/Johnny OConnor)


    Rose and Felix by CooFooLoo


    Rose and Felix by Benzyon/Dallas Clancy


    Rose and Felix by Anj_iety (x2)


    lamb 2 low res.png

    Rose by Xitrie


    Rose by Sketch_Vanguard


    Rose Avery









    165 cm / 5'5'' (without heels)


    51 kg / 112 lb




    Tumbleweed, New Austin


    American (New Austinese)

    Marital Status:

    Married to Felix Avery
    Definitely, totally, not as a joke at all married to Ellen Cooper


    Ari Miller (Brother) - Unknown
    Jean Holt (''Adopted'' Brother) - Alive
    Sam Holt (''Adopted'' Niece) - Alive
    Siku (''Adopted'' Sister) - Alive


    Nurse, Veterinarian


    Milly - Tose - Bose - Berry Lady

    Faction Affiliations:

    The Krays - Negative
    The Colts - Negative
    The Freemans - Negative

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