Scarlet Prescott

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  • Scarlet Prescott


    A tenacious, capricious, firecracker who remains untamed by the docile life(s) that surround her. Well dressed to prove a point. You'll never see someone like her lacking when it comes down to her presence. Beauty would not begin to describe what she aims to maintain. Synergy in her actions, thoughts, and feelings create the presence that emanates so brightly. The fire of the night could only illuminate so little of what holds her together. Days and nights alike hold no weight towards what she tends to accomplish in her days, but only aid the acts she wishes to commit to.

    Early Life 

    Taught from a young age Scarlet learned the basic necessities of life that her family used daily to ensure their survival. Throughout Scarlet's younger years, she was kept close and present during most events always kept far enough while in eyesight so her father could keep an eye on her. She had learned to shoot, steal, lie, and especially hustle. A lot of what is known lies within the parts of her past which are still yet to resurface.

    Present Life 

    Waking up in Blackwater with no recollection of her past or the deeds she had done to lead her down such a path Scarlet found herself at the tail end of the summer barely able to make sense of the world around her. Lost in the new landscape that beseeched her she began her journey into the depths of New Alexandria composed and above all else eager to discover what awaited her. Shortly through her escapades, she found the joyful and jubilant Theodosia OHare. A short exchange led them to grow close quickly both powerless to the practical world around them.

    Throughout their short exchange, a man approached them inquiring to find beauty in this world to paint for his gallery in St.Denis. Scarlet as eager as a beaver jumped to assist in bringing her new friend Theodosia on an adventure that will forever live on in their history. Upon arriving at a secluded spot of beauty the two quickly realized the mysterious stranger's intentions. At a moment's notice, Tobias Plimft had the two at the end of a double-barrel sending Scarlet to get help while he began to capture his new meal waiting for him on what seemed like a silver platter. It was at this time that Theodosia was rescued by Jesse Sterling and Elias Hanes thus forming the bond that has now manifested itself into the foundation of what makes up Scarlet.

    In the coming months that passed Scarlet quickly found herself fond of her new family the ones that were there when she needed and saved her best friend at their lowest point, The Colts. In this time she would realize that she still had a lot of the muscle memory from her life that seemed so far, but so close all at the same time and was "taught" how to shoot, hunt, rob, and truly fend for herself so that she never fell victim to another situation like the one that she found herself in her early days. It's with this mindset that she now sits waiting to conquer all that is presented as an obstacle for her in the name of the family that's saved her from her gregarious, questionable, innocence that held her back for months. For the time being, she stands strong as the fourth in command of her prideful family.


    "The Colts" Aug, 1899 - Present

    "Red Ravens" Nov, 1899 - Dec, 1899

    "Molotov Ravens" Dec, 1899 - Present




    Scarlet Prescott


















    Marital Status:



    Theodosia O'Hare - Alive
    Blue Prescott - Alive
    Billy Graves - Alive
    Ethan Colt - Alive
    Ruby Colt - Dead
    Jesse Sterling - Alive
    Delphine Argent - Dead
    Edward Prescott - Dead




    "Bad Bitch"

    Faction Affiliations: