Jesse Sterling

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    Jesse Sterling is a man of his word, and a man of respect. If respect is given to him, he will reciprocate that respect back, and vice versa for disrespect. Jesse Sterling is quite fond of robbing general stores, and just overall appreciates quick and easy ways in making money.

    Early Life 

    Jesse was born into a rather poor family originally from Texas. They had moved to New Alexandria when Jesse was just 1 year old. Upon the arrival at New Alexandra they couldn’t afford much so they found a cheap small house that they lived in for the next 11 years of Jesse's life. This house was located in Lemoyne. His father was James Sterling, his mother was Adelia Sterling, and his sister was Judith Sterling. When Jesse was roughly 11 years old, he awoke early morning to screaming from the other room, Jesse went and creeped up to the door and watched into the living room , through the slight opening he was peeking through , he saw his father and his mother arguing , his father clearly drunk. Jesse noticed a shine of metal when his father was waving his hands around, a gun. Jesse watched with a bad feeling and disbelief , but when he least expected it , the front door flew open and a woman’s voice was heard…”what is going on in here?!” The voice yelled. Jesse instantly recognized the voice, his sister Judith. Not even 2 seconds after he heard Judith, her question was followed with a single gunshot. Screaming ensued except it was clear it was his mother still yelling, and crying , Jesse opened his door wider and caught a glimpse of Judith on the ground, blood pooling beneath her. Jesse saw his father notice him with wide eyes and Jesse quickly shut the door and stood there, not knowing what to do. The door flew open, hitting Jesse in the head, knocking him out cold. Jesse awoke in the same spot he happened to fall unconscious, his door shut and a bump on his forehead. He opened the door and saw his father sprawled against the couch, clearly passed out drunk with the empty alcohol bottles around, Jesse also noticed the dried blood on the floor next to the front door and last night's memories flooded him in an instant. Jesse looked for his mother around the house and she was nowhere to be found. Jesse now crying and angry grabbed a knife and walked to his father, standing above him knife in hand, clenching his fists. He stared at his father, tears flowing down his face deciding what to do. After contemplating his choice…. Jesse dropped the knife and wept like a child uncontrollably, he had no idea what to do. Wondering if last night even was real. Jesse went to his room and laid on his bed eventually drifting off asleep. He awoke later on and his father greeted him as if all was normal, and Jesse continued to live with his father in Lemoyne, wishing he was able to leave...but knew he had nowhere to go. James blamed Jesse for all the issues and the unfortunate outcome of everything with Adelia, blaming Jesse for the night she ran off.

    By Jesse’s 12th birthday, his father had kicked him out and told him he’d never want to see him ever again. Mentally Jesse was destroyed, he was lost, hopeless and had absolutely no idea what to do and how to do it. All he could conjure is that he needed to make money to somehow sustain a living. Jesse tried doing this from getting any job possible, after many quests and money making opportunities, Jesse was able to purchase his first revolver by 15 years of age, the double action revolver, which he still carries to this day. Jesse had no intent to use it for any malicious reasons however he came across a situation… he happened to stumble upon 2 armed men robbing 3 people out of a stagecoach, one of the victims began to run as Jesse passed and and one of the armed men yelled at Jesse to catch him. Without even thinking.. Jesse did exactly that and held the victim at gunpoint returning him to where he originally fled. Jesse analysed the situation very deeply.. understanding the power and the control he had with the “threatening” weapon. The mysterious armed man handed Jesse 20 dollars as him and his friend hopped on horses and rode off as quickly as they could. Absolutely astonished, gun still in hand, Jesse stared at the money he had… this had been the most money he had ever had at a single point in time. While lost in thought , shocked at the amount he was given, one of the victims pounced onto Jesse sending him into the ground. Jesse tousled and fought as hard as he could before he heard a loud bang, a gunshot. The man on top of Jesse laid there lifelessly as he heard the other 2 victims weep and yell… Jesse had accidentally shot the man in the chest and while tussling on the ground. Jesse got up in disbelief staring at what he had done and just started running as fast as he could, anywhere he could go, all he knew was that he had to go. He made it deep into some woods and it was very late at night, hardly able to see, Jesse made his way through the woods, eventually stopping to get some rest for the night. As morning came , Jesse hopped on the backside of a passing wagon discreetly and let it carry him to wherever it could have been going , as long as it was away from the location of the incident.

    This wagon ended up carrying Jesse to black water, a town he had heard about but was not familiar with at all. He stayed around the area for a little bit , hoping all would be well when he came across a woman who was slightly older than him named Ruby West, (at this point in time, Jesse Sterling was 13 years old, Ruby West being . Ruby and Jesse conversed for a couple of hours and became very well stretched friends over the course of a couple months. They began seeking work together and just tried to make a living , helping each other out. This is the way it continued up until Jesse was roughly 19 years old. Ruby and Jesse came across a gentleman who claimed to be named Ethan Colt. This gentleman seemed rather aggressive and rude to Jesse. Ethan was asking questions to Ruby and then started asking Jesse questions. Jesse ignored him to his best ability…up until Ethan was fed up and fired a shot. This shot has struck a post near Jesse’s face, the bullet shattering and sending metal shards in many directions , one rather decently sized shard flew straight into Jesse’s face giving him a decent sized cut across the right cheek. After a somberly fearful and slightly angered conversation with Ethan, Ethan decided to want to take in Jesse and Ruby and to feed and care for them. Jesse did not like this idea at all.. but went along with it because he trusted Ruby who also went along with it.

    Over the course of months and years Jesse , Ruby and Ethan established a rather tight relationship with each other , becoming brothers and sisters alike, a family. The 2 first members were taken into a gang they conjured together that was yet to be named. Ethan explained that he wasn’t a “good” man but neither a “bad” one depending from the way you look at it. Weeks go by and they decide to simply name the gang after its leader…. The Colts . Jesse and Ruby stayed by Ethan's side and began learning from him and adapting to his ways. Jesse has yet to tell anyone about his current past and when asked always claims that he "never knew” his parents and was an orphan for as long as he could remember. He helps those which he loves and cares for like they are his own children, he wishes to provide some the love that he himself was deprived from as a child growing up. He wishes to make sure all his close family and friends are safe. Jesse would put down his life for all his family and friends. Now present day there are roughly 20+ Colts and 4 leaders of the Colt gang.. Ethan Colt, Ruby Colt, Jesse Sterling, and Scarlet Prescott . Jesse carries his Colt title with pride and honor and wishes for nothing but to keep his family , friends and allies safe. Jesse has a weak spot for those who he sees are neglected, and or need assistance. He is confused as to who he is as a person… one who loves to rob and make money , hurt people when needed.. but at the same time one who cares and helps people to his best ability.. sometimes even putting himself in the way of harm, and danger simply to make others prevail. Although he understands he does suffer from helping people, seeing those people he helps prevail from the issues he’s assisted them with makes it all the more worth it for him.

    Present Life 

    Jesse Sterling is now the third in command of The Colts gang in the state of New Alexandria. The Colts were formed under Ethan Colt's namesake with the acquisition of Jesse Sterling, Elias Haines (Deceased) and Ruby West, whom is now known as Ruby Colt.

    On any regular day in the beautiful state of New Alexandria, you may find Jesse Sterling doing what he does best.. Store robberies, or as he prefers to say, simply providing aid to the store clerks who are unable to clean their tills. With enough practice and skill under his belt nowadays, Sterling usually will commit any robberies by himself and will escape the law most times. He loves to spread the wealth he gains from any robbery to his family, The Colts.

    Jesse Sterling now resides at the "Colt Homestead" with the rest of the Colt family just north of the Oil Fields in the Heartlands.

    He enjoys messing with people and getting into their heads, often playing games with any law-man/law-woman during any robbery.

    During September of 1899, The Colts were asked by The New Alexandria Sheriff's Department to help provide security in the lawless state of New Austin after a plague had taken the town of Valentine, New Hanover. Jesse began to court a doctor by the name of Cornelia Considene after meeting in the quarantined area of MacFarlane's Ranch, however, he split things off with her in the month of November, 1899.

    Spring of 1900, Jesse Sterling & The Colts had fallen into conflict with another unnamed group that consisted mostly of 16 year olds. Some being Tobi Grey, Charlie Magpie, Scout Stonebrook (now known as Scout Sterling ) , & plenty others. One fine day Magpie was caught in the telegram office alone by The Colts & the Colts wanted to have some words with him. During the conversation Scout Stonebrook had barged in, not understanding the situation at hand. The Colts then kidnapped Magpie & left Scout at the office as they went to go have a talk with him outside of Emerald Ranch in the tree line. Magpie was struck across the head by Ethan's Shotgun known as "The Freeman Free-er" (Given to Ethan Colt by Detective Eden Meredith - the shotgun was named after it's usage in shooting down members of the Freemen Gang). After the conversation had finished, Magpie was given to (at the time) Sheriff Jack Burton. Magpie was returned to his friends.

    Days later the Colt Homestead was burnt pretty badly by unknown people. Jesse Sterling, by his lonesome, decided to spend a whole afternoon dedicated to getting wood & fixing up the homestead. Mid renovations a boy known as Morty Detweiler rode up to the homestead, Jesse understanding that Morty had affiliations with Magpie & Scout's group beforehand. Mid conversation Tobi Grey & Scout Stonebrook had came to the homestead, Tobi pointed a gun at Jesse; thinking that Morty was under duress from Jesse. Guns were lowered and an "understanding" was reached (not a friendly one per-say) but alas both groups had seperated with no bloodshed. Jesse then sends a telegram out to general to let them know to send him a letter for any updates on the situation provided with the Colts. This is when the chain of letters began between Scout Stonebrook & Jesse Sterling. Through letter by letter Jesse & Scout got to know eachother much more than before. Scout Stonebrook then understood & agreed that although she did not 100% agree with The Colt's actions against her friends, she could at least understand it. Scout & Jesse began hanging out more and more and eventually became some of the best of friends. After many weeks of knowing Scout, Jesse asked Scout if he could adopt her... and thankfully, Scout said she would love to. As of 6/16/1900 Scout Stonebrook legally changed her name to Scout Sterling. The two are now nearly inseperable and always have eachothers backs, no matter what. A bond stronger than many can imagine.

    Jesse would do absolutely anything & everything if it meant protecting his daughter. She is the joy and love of his life. No one has priority over her.

    Jesse Sterling currently owns two horses, "Baylock" his Bay Frame Overo Criollo and "Sylvester" a Brindle Thoroughbred. Within the month of May, 1900 - Jesse Sterling gave Baylock away to Scout Sterling, his adopted daughter, allowing her to cherish and take care of his previous steed. Jesse Sterling has made many friends, but along with friends... many enemies. Jesse Sterling is alive and well and continues to strive to survive day in and day out, while making sure his family, The Colts, are standing up high beside him.

    Late January of 1901, Jesse Sterling spoke to Ethan Colt with Scout Sterling and made his peace and LEFT the Colts to pursue a legal and safe life with his daughter, Scout Sterling. They have since in March obtained a legal business license and operate a new company known as the Sterling & Gold Gunsmithing Company. They open their store in the early mornings and continue with their lives hoping their past doesn't raise a problem in the future.

    Jesse Sterling’s story continues on Wild West RP….


    (Art made by Scout Sterling / Brayces)


    "The Colts."
    "The Hagens."
    "The BLC Cartel."


    "Time for a Strobbery."​
    "The next time you open your mouth, I recommend you to think long and hard about what you're going to say...because it could very well be the last thing you say...."
    "Who said we own the state..? Well...good, cause damn right we do."
    "y e a h, o k a y.... r e l a x."
    "Sure the law is chasing us hard, but that’s because us Colts represent everything they fear."


    • Owed $60 by Ruby Colt and has been owed this for almost 6 months.
    • Loves Navy Colt Revolvers, but uses his personal favorite Cattleman Revolver with an extended barrel.
    • Through conflict of their respective groups met Scout Stonebrook , and later adopted her.

    A birthday gift from Scout to Jesse,

    Jesse Sterling











    183 lbs.


    October 2nd, 1875


    Dallas, Texas


    American English

    Marital Status:

    Not interested in a relationship.


    Adelia Sterling (Mother, Presumed Alive)
    James Sterling (Father, Presumed Alive)
    Judith Sterling (Sister, Deceased)
    Scout Sterling (Adopted Daughter, Alive)
    The Colts


    Filthy Smooth Criminal Gunsmith



    Faction Affiliations:

    " Sterling & Gold Gunsmithing Co. "

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