Emily Kenward

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  • Behind the Eyes of Emily Kenward


    Suppressed memories of the darkness come to surface

    Emily often wears lose jackets, black and while she does sometimes have different colors when it comes to shirts and such, she is rarely, if ever, in bright colors. She will never be seen in dresses or skirts due to a traumatic past event and she refuses to reform to the stereotype of what women should look like. Her eye color is said to be green and her natural hair color is a medium brown but sometimes she colors it with techniques she learned from the barber like charcoal to make it darker. She often has her journal with her unless she's in a position where she can't carry it.


    Early Life 

    Emily is the youngest of four children (Elijah Thomas, Charlotte Anne, Nicholas Franklin Lee) to Michael and Caroline Kenward (she later found out she may have another sister the same age from a complicated situation). She was born in Valentine, New Alexandria but at the age of two, her family moved out to Pennsylvania and built a life there. With the help of her brothers, her father, a retired war veteran of a few wars, built a stable for horses and a coop for chickens. Over time, her father became a horse trainer while her mother, who had quit her nursing career, occupied herself with farming. As Emily's siblings and she grew older, they all graduated with diplomas and began to pursue their desired aspirations in life. Elijah worked on a small shop and on his free time, he'd assist his father in training horses. Nicholas began racing horses and on his free time, he'd travel. Emily assisted her mother in farming and on her free time, she enjoyed drawing, painting, and dreamed of publishing her writings. Charlotte began spending more and more time away from her home to be with her boyfriend and much of her hobbies were unknown.

    Although Michael and Caroline wished for their daughter, Charlotte, to return, their life was pretty decent until tragedy struck. From what reports said, Charlotte had decided to breaking up with her boyfriend and when he couldn't convince her to stay, he killed her. This affected Emily's mother deeply and things only got worse when her father's stable caught fire and damaged the majority of it. Over the next few months, her father and brothers rebuilt the stables when another tragedy struck.

    Her mother had developed an addiction to pills and overdosed on her medication. She was pronounced dead at the medical center and her father decided he couldn't live in the house anymore. Her eldest brother decided to stay at the home while she moved to live with her father, who had developed an addiction to alcohol. Out of the inability to deal with the family tragedies, her remaining brother, Nicholas, moved back to New Alexandria, though he lost contact with the family so she never knew where. She remained with her father until he finally met his demise due to mixing alcohol and pills. These are the memories Emily remembered, she would later discover she has suppressed memories.

    After that, Emily decided to move to New Alexandra and decided to find a place to suit her tastes while hoping to find her brother. She drifted a little bit but still seeks to find her place in New Alexandria while hoping to meet new people and get a horse like she had in her younger days.

    In her past, her father and father's brother were a part of two gangs but due to suppressed memories, she didn't remember that at the time until much later.

    Present Life 

    Under construction

    After moving back to New Alexandria, Emily traveled around the state and applied for deputy. She stayed at it for awhile and even with some difficulties, they were willing to work with her. For many reasons, she decided to quit voluntarily and depending on who she spoke to, she'd tell them one of the reasons (though not all) and moved forward with life.

    In the meantime, Emily had gone back to farming and after leaving her position as a recruit, she decided to do that full time and she did. She made good money from it and did well as saving money before the snow came. She claimed to enjoy it because it reminded her of life before her sister's death and how much more simple times seemed to be during those times.

    Over time, she did find her brother, Nicholas, and they reconnected. Even though they don't talk much because of schedules, she speak every so often. Also, she met people she considered friends and one of those people was John Reid. She has said he was the first real friend she made in New Alexandria and she went on many trips with him and met many people because of him. She left state for some time to visit Pennsylvania and lost touch with Mr. John Reid and when she retuned, she found out he was a deputy recruit. She hasn't had much contact with him since then because of their clashing schedules.

    Her life took a turn when the man who murdered her sister (only known as Henry) returned and shot her, stole her rifle and warned her she would die. She told Nicholas Kenward about this and was informed, he was also robbed and injured by a man fitting Henry's description. Since nothing was really being done to find this man, Nicholas told her not to worry about it. She was later told she would never have to worry about him again and has not seen or received any threats from him since then.

    In her romantic life, she didn't really pay much attention. She had found certain people interesting but it wasn't until she met a man named Jesse Booth that she realized what love was, or so she thought. They started as friends and their friendship blossomed into a relationship until finally becoming an engagement. After a few run-ins and and friendship with two young people, Jesse and she adopted Mackenzie Rose and Archie Marlow together. Jesse did a few moonshine runs before leaving the state to do more but had to stay gone when the law caught up with him. They sent letters and telegrams but eventually the telegrams were returned to Emily and she started hearing that outlaws and moonshine runners were been caught and some were killed.

    "After all, it's the end of the era of outlaws." - Emily Kenward on the matter.

    So being in the unknown and assuming the worst, she called off the engagement, though she didn't say it out loud at first, and started living her life as a single mother. When he did return, a lot had changed and he was quite shocked to find out they weren't together anymore. Now they had a complicated friendship and she had a lot of turmoil but she ultimately forgave it, though she avoided him to keep tense situations from happening.

    Another blow in her life was when she came to find out her son, Archie had been taken, beaten, tortured and burned. She began investigating his situation and learned who the men were. She also continued investigating and she was getting close to find hangout spots but ultimately they found out she was doing so and on January 2nd, 1900, they kidnapped her, beat her and shot her in the back of the head. She survived the ordeal but suffered great injuries from it.

    Another event was she briefly got involved with Blood Mouth's gang as a follower and an information giver, though she never participated in any beatings and did her best not to take part in the violent crimes. This led her to make a few friends and while they all split away from Blood Mouth, she continued the friendship with the former members, aside from the obvious.

    She started a relationship with fellow rider, Oliver Steele. She thought all was well but they began seeing less and less of each other, which didn't bother her but when she wasn't receiving any contact, she knew chances were grim. She has not seen or heard from him for some time and the status of their relationship became clear. After such a long time of not hearing from him, she considered them no longer an item as he just disappeared.

    Emily contacted former deputy, Lincoln McCormick when she heard he was doing what she called 'this whole rangers thing' with New Austin and inquired about it. Once she learned more about it, she developed a love for the idea and desired to be a New Austin ranger and with Lincoln McCormick's approval, she became one.

    "We are not the law and we will never be the law, we actually want to do something helpful instead of abusing power. We just want to keep things safe here and we do our best to do that."

    She acquired level of trust with Lincoln and desire to help New Austin, the rangers, and help people live a safe life and hopes of accomplishing the goals of the rangers. In her own thoughts, she doesn't wish harm on deputies but she wishes to keep it deputy free and doesn't see a need for deputies to be there since they never cared about it or its people before. In her eyes, they seem to only care when they feel it is necessary to care, show off their power, or they think it's safe.

    One of her strong sources became one by the name of Mark Waylon and outside of business, they became friends. After getting to know each other, they started talking and became close to each other. Emily didn't elaborate on what they were at first and only confirmed it to her daughter in fear that someone would use it to their advantage against either of them but they are involved in a relationship.

    As for New Austin, they both have the same ideals and while they have both similar and different roles. Due to the seemingly ideal of certain parties desiring war and the likelihood of the army coming, she, as Logan Black and Mark Waylon noticed people have started leaving so they are finding shelter in other places until they army does what they are inevitably going to do. In Emily's mind, they are going to wipe it out and their targets are the Comanche and the Apache. Even so, she kept going back because she has a loyalty to Lincoln McCormick and she values loyalty above almost everything.

    Eventually everyone started splitting off though especially after many people left state so Emily, Logan, Mark, and Emery left for Annesburg and other places. In the meantime, the Comanche were committing beatings and such and when Emily found Moon dance, who was attacked, Mackenzie happened to show up and treat her. Her boyfriend, Lance alerted deputies and they arrived and once everything that could be done was done, they transported her to St Denis. Archie went there and while leaving, the Comanche asked him who was there and out of fear, Archie told them. He told Mackenzie that and she panicked and 'tortured' him, sending electric shocks to his fingertips, not knowing that the Comanche already knew and were just testing him. Once this was found out, Lance and Mackenzie were shot and while they were injured, they both survived their injuries. Mackenzie suspected rangers, Mark, and anyone they were associated with since Emily did confirm she told rangers but also admitted she didn't know who else knew. This led to many conflicts and ultimately led to the breakup of the family and came to the decision that Emily would from them and on be 'childless'.

    Over time, Mackenzie did talk to Lincoln and got an understanding of certain situations, served time for what she did for Archie and reached out to Emily again. The two had a few letters and finally talked and made amends with each other. While they are on good graces and have soft spots for each other, Mackenzie has stated that she needs to leave to help herself and they both understand that. So while Emily still leaves her status the same, she made sure Mackenzie knew that her letters were always open and even if she didn't reply right away, she does reply.

    In her personal life, Emily came to find out her eldest brother who remained in Pennsylvania, Elijah Thomas Kenward, had moved out of their old home there after it was set on fire. He was also poisoned and sick for some time from what Emily was told by a doctor in a letter from the Pennsylvania area, to which she relayed the information to her brother, Nicholas. Before his disappearance, he had a box reserved at the telegram station and sent it to Emily in hopes she would keep it safe. In it, she found old items from her mother, including journals. Elijah had mentioned in the past that he feared she may have suppressed memories that might come to light and slowly, she is learning that his words are indeed true.

    Updated April 1900 (ooc: April 2021):

    Due to the growing frustrations, Mark Waylon took a long leave of absence and Emily joined him for awhile but she soon returned and returned to the rangers. Eventually the rangers decided their were going to make a return to New Austin and received word that the Comanche would not be joining them. The rangers have agreed to take over Fort Mercer and once again keep true to the original goal which is was keep people who wanted to live in the lawless safe, or as Nick Carter would say 'do what the white hats don't have the balls to do' without being white hats. What made helped make the rangers complete was the return of one of the original members, Nicholas Carter, better known as Nick, who had been absent due to business. They have also agreed that while they have no ill will and are on good terms with Native Tribes like the Comanche, they will not involve themselves so much in their affairs, especially if it comes that down another possible army invasion that could get them killed. In the meantime, the original Comanche has split into separate groups and Two Swords has his own New Band of a Comanche tribe. Due to the fact that the Comanche has shown interest in not returning to New Austin, at least not right away, a few people have shown interest in returning to New Austin.

    Meanwhile, Mark Waylon made quick appearances here and there but kept in contact with Emily. They were friendly with each other but he eventually told her that he didn't know when he would return and if he would, or if he did, it wouldn't be for a good while. He told her he wanted her to move on with her life and be happy but they remain on good terms despite the factor. So with Nick back in the rangers, Emily was especially happy, especially since she had grown close to him in the past and had considered him a good friend as well as someone she could trust. In the past, she also developed a crush on him but never acted on it due to the fact that he had something with Little Bird but in the present that was no more. Their friendship grew closer and they began to open up more to each other which even resulted in Nick seeing Emily break down when trying on a dress after not wearing one since her sister's death. After Emily was sure her relationship with Mark was over, she did allow herself to be a little more teasing with Nicholas Carter and he responded back to it. Finally they did resist temptation and they did share a kiss and soon after, finally decided to enter to a relationship in their own little way of words. Nick showed Emily the place he used to live in when he lived in New Austin and invited her to live with him and officially called it 'their' home and they vowed to be there for each other.

    As time went on, their relationship continued to blossom and they professed their love to each other. Over time, she saw a local doctor in Rhodes who claimed she was not pregnant and she left it at that. One day while farming, she finished with no problem but when she returned to check the stables and was caught in the crossfire of gunfire between two local men in a gunfight. She found it odd that so much blood came from that and found out from yet a different local doctor that she was indeed pregnant with twins and miscarried one child. Nick learned of this information from her and was furious. He had some words with both the man who shot Emily and the doctor who incorrectly diagnosed her and word is 'they got into an altercation and shot each other' or that's what Emily and Nick told everyone. Emily carried out the pregnancy with her remaining child until she went into premature labor and gave birth to a boy they named, Darryn Lee Carter.

    On May 28th, 1900, during a time Emily and Nick decided to distance themselves after feeling as if true colors were being shown and went on a few adventures of their own. In this time, Nick proposed to Emily and she accepted the proposal, thus making them engaged.

    (Continuously in working progress)


    • Dirk Westwood (formerly Westwood Enterprises) (alive?)
    • Unnamed sources she uses to get information from (including law). Some names she's named; others she hasn't.
    • Lincoln McCormick (alive)
    • New Austin Rangers
    • Mark Waylon (alive)
    • Kathleen Muldoon (alive)
    • Declan O'Connell (alive)
    • Rolando Bermuda (alive)


    "How is it justice when someone is killed and all the preparator gets is a slap on the wrist only to be released to possibly do it again? I understand they just do their jobs so they have to follow blindly like mindless fools but it's not right.." - Emily, from months ago, on her frustrations with how lenient the law can be sometimes

    "I have a displeasure with the law and Government but I never wanted this..." - Emily on situations that involved New Austin

    "Well I'm doing and I'm alive, that counts for something." (or 'Well I'm alive and that counts for something." - When asked how she is doing


    • Emily has a major love for horses
    • She is a former deputy recruit but quit for a few reasons
    • Emily used to consider Wayne Dagouter her mentor as a recruit
    • Favorite color is midnight blue, royal purple, and neutral colors

    Emily Marie Kenward









    67 inches (5'7)




    August 31st 1877


    Valentine (Grew up in PA)


    American/Mixed European (she isn't fully sure)

    Marital Status:

    Engaged to Nicholas Carter


    Darryn Lee Carter (infant son) (alive), Elijah Kenward (brother) (alive), Nicholas Kenward (brother) (alive;away), David Kenward (uncle) (alive)

    Non-living family members:
    Michael Kenward (father) (deceased; murdered)
    Caroline Kenward (mother) (deceased; overdose)
    Charlotte Kenward (sister) (deceased: murdered)




    Kenward, Em

    Faction Affiliations:

    New Austin Rangers