Lincoln McCormick

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  • Lincoln McCormick


    Standing at average height with green eyes, Lincoln is the spitting image of his father, Aiden McCormick, but with his mother's flaming red hair. A small scar cuts across the bridge of his nose, a reminder from his childhood of what happens when you go hunting alone and unprepared.
    Nowadays he wears a green duster, both for hunting and for the New Austin dust. He still wears his old hat from the Sheriff's Department, but a few months of wear and tear and his unwillingness to get it cleaned have left it faded and grey.

    Early Life 

    When the outlaws Aiden McCormick and Ashley Henry finally settled down and built a house in Colorado, Lincoln was already less than a month old. The first of four children for the newly married outlaws, as well as the only son, Lincoln was given a great deal of attention from his father who did his best to impart his life lessons on to his son.
    Aiden McCormick had been an outlaw in Australia before fleeing to America and whilst he did not have the greatest criminal career he did have an interesting one. From his experiences in Gunsmoke County Aiden passed on to Lincoln the lessons he'd learned along the way; about the true nature of right and wrong and how it's all just perspective, to the importance of honour, honesty and sticking to one's own personal code.
    As well as moral lessons, a great deal of Lincoln's childhood was spent outdoors no matter the weather. He was taught to hunt, track, ride and shoot both on foot and from horseback.
    His mother meanwhile, who had been a judge and mayor of a town called Glacier Falls, taught him the basics of law (as well as the loopholes of some of them), some medical knowledge and her own view of the world of someone who had lived half their life following the law. From her he was also told the story of his parents, how they met, and how the events of Gunsmoke County shaped both their lives as well as that of Glacier Falls. As time went on she would tell him the story of his namesake, a lawman named Lincoln Booth, who had shot Lincoln's father in a robbery before eventually becoming one of the outlaws best friends. "Lincoln Booth," she said, "Was the kind of lawman our town needed. Someone who was ready to put down a threat when it was presented, and someone who was ready to make peace when it was time. Better than that, he believed people came before the law. He thought as your father did, that sometimes right and wrong didn't mean what was legal and what was not."

    Both on his father and mother's side however there were little in the way of other relatives, save for his Grandfather, Boots Henry.
    Boots would stop by occasionally as Lincoln grew up. A VERY old outlaw who refused to quit the life. With multiple children to at least half a dozen women across the country, Boots was not exactly a family man. But Lincoln loved having his grandfather around when he was. He would tell dirty jokes, bring presents for Lincoln and his sisters and tell crazy stories of robberies in far away states and even how he once lived as a pirate in the Carribbean. Besides his father, Boots was the only other male role model in Lincoln's life, and much like Aiden, Boots encouraged the Outlaw way if thinking in young Lincoln, teaching him his own personal code and the importance of never getting pushed around or protected by the law.
    "If you give up another outlaw to the sheriff you're either a fool or a coward. And if you have to rely on the sheriff to protect you, you're both. You gotta be able to look an enemy in the eye and say; 'if you try to kill me and I live, I will kill you, if I die, all is forgiven.' That, junior, is the Outlaws rule of honour."
    And as always, much to Lincoln's disappointment, Boots would leave, barely uttering a word.

    For everything his family had taught him however, about life, about death and what to do in between, Lincoln's first lesson of loss would bite hard.
    There were only a few other properties dotting the area nearby their homestead, and the closest town was at least a days ride away.
    The closest property however was the home of the Delacroix family, a group of city goers from the east who decided to try their hand at farming. Among them were a few sons that Lincoln came to know as friends, as well as a daughter who would be his first love. Charlene Delacroix, or just Charlie for short. Their attraction to each other was near instant, with Charlie making no effort to hide her affections. Lincoln hadn't seen many girls his age, so the poor boy was a little overwhelmed. What beautiful thing was beginning however, was quickly cut short.
    In the night, without warning, a group of bandits rode through the property, abducting Charlie and killing her family. Lincoln and his father tracked them for a week, rifle in hand. But to no avail. Charlie was gone.
    A few years would pass, Lincoln accepting the loss and promising himself not to lose the people he cared about like that again. As such, he decided for once it was time to reunite with his grandfather, who had been absent for a number of years. He saddled a horse bid his family farewell and rode out, following what rumours and stories he could find about an old degenerate outlaw. Eventually, these rumors led him to the small town of Valentine, nestled in the heart of the state of New Alexandria.

    Present Life 

    Joining the Department:

    After assisting his Grandfather Boots in a number of smaller criminal acts, Lincoln became tangled in some minor outlaw politics as gangs rose and fell, most of them being gunned down by the unpredictable Boots Crew. Eventually however, an opportunity presented itself to Lincoln for Lincoln to join the New Alexandria Sheriff's Department. Originally Lincoln joined to learn the ins and outs of the department, to figure out their methods, how they patrol and how they operate as an organisation. During his time as a deputy however, Lincoln came to admire and respect the law, despite his sometimes unorthodox methods of enforcing it. He was always ready to be in the saddle, happy to be out on the road on patrol, though he despised paperwork. He helped catch or kill many different outlaws, saving the lives of hostages and other deputies alike. Despite multiple internal affairs reports on him, it was on Christmas Day 1899, that Lincoln decided the department was no long worth his loyalty. Becoming a deputy meant one day Lincoln may need to cross his own grandfather, something he came to accept. He was told by Sheriff Jack Burton that should it come down to another deputy's life and his grandfathers, Lincoln would need to ensure the deputy's survival. However, on Christmas Day 1899, Lincoln was shocked to find the department hesitating to save his life in a hostage situation, if anything making the situation worse. Upon realizing that the department was not willing to show him the same loyalty, Lincoln left, handing his badge in to Antonio Delgato, and making trails for New Austin, the last great outlaw country, hoping to rediscover a part of himself that he had lost.

    The New Austin Rangers
    Upon Arriving in the desert, Lincoln went about creating the New Austin Rangers, an organisation dedicated to protecting the growing number of settlers entering the New Austin territory. Despite a lack of trust, Lincoln began to conduct meetings and talks with the local Comanche Tribe, lead by Chief Looks For War. However, after trying to stand up for a group of deputies, Lincoln was abducted by the Comanche, who aimed to kill him. Admitting to his mistake in taking part in business that was not his, Lincoln ended up accepting a blood pact with Looks For War, that he would never raise a weapon against the Comanche whilst helping the White Hats. With the pact sworn Lincoln also accepted his punishment, a scalping. Thanks to the aid of Dr. Molly Oak, Lincoln managed to survive this ordeal, and from then on a surprisingly friendly bond was born between the Rangers and the Comanche. Two Swords, War Chief to Looks For War, introduced Lincoln to Logan Black, an old friend, who would become Lincoln's second in command as he continued to create the Rangers.
    Soon Lincoln had built for himself a small, armed and organised group. Though he was accused of creating a militia to fight the Government, Lincoln and his New Austin Rangers continued to patrol and protect who they could as more and more settler arrived in New Austin. Soon enough tensions began to spark between settlers and Comanche, resulting in numerous deaths and acts of violence. One such death was that of Bo Dooley, a trouble maker who though a brick through the window of the State House in Saint Denis proclaiming New Austin's independence. This was a dangerous concept, one that Lincoln could not allow. In an attitude unexpected by most, Lincoln had him shot in the streets of Armadillo in front of at least a dozen witnesses.
    However, when the Sheriff's department began patrolling the desert to intervene, their arrival had the opposite effect. Their presence actually united settlers and Comanche, who were both prepared to let the past be the past for the sake of both their own survival, and that of their shared ideals of true freedom in the land of New Austin. Lincoln attempted to be a bridge between the New Alexandrian Government and the peoples of New Austin, being able to meet with multiple state representatives and even the Governor. During a visit to New Austin with a heavy guard of Deputies, Governor Addison Flanagan arrived in Armadillo to hear the complaints of the people, including the Comanche. Upon her leaving the territory however, her escort was gunned down and she was captured by the Apache. Lincoln attempted to protect her, but to no avail, becoming greatly disheartened when the Comanche admitted to him they knew the attack would occur. After a long talk with Chief Looks For War, Lincoln was made to reflect on what side he was on.
    Eventually, after numerous casualties for the deputies, almost entirely at the hands of the Comanche and the Apache, the Government ordered the withdrawal of the sheriff's department, and the deployment of the United States Army.
    Though it was referred to as a war, no true battle or armed attack ever took place. Lincoln, wishing to protect his Rangers, ordered them to remain low whilst the army was present, as the State was attempting to pass legislation that would have anyone associated with the Comanche arrested and kept from a fair trial. Eventually a new Government would be elected, and with Lincoln speaking on behalf of New Austin, he made it clear to all candidates that he would see the army withdrawn, and the barricades they erected taken down.
    The Return to New Austin, and the rise of Outlaw's Rest

    During this brief time of peace as Lincoln, the Rangers and the settlers retreated from New Austin, the Rangers began to recruit once again. With their ranks being rebuilt with the likes of Lincoln's old friend Floyd Marshall, as well as his sister Arizona McCormick (Ari), Lincoln and Logan decided it was time to return to New Austin, whether the army was present or not. Packing their wagons, the New Austin Rangers returned to the desert, occupying the now empty Fort Mercer. They met with their Comanche allies, The Warhorse People, lead by the now Chief Two Swords, declaring their friendship and cooperation before newly elected State Rep. Ulysses Murray, and making a list of the things they would like to see happen for their home territory.
    Since then Lincoln's attention has drifted from protecting New Austin, which was in a state of disrepair after the evacuation of the settlers, and has become more focused on building up the territory. Though still ready to ride to the aid of those who would call on them, the Ranger's efforts have now been focused on building the community of Armadillo, starting with the saloon known as Outlaw's Rest, a name suggested by Lincoln months prior when Krueger Stroolinger and the Kray gang took over.



    Criminal: "You think wearing that badge makes it okay to shoot me?"
    Lincoln: "No, that fact that you're a murderous asshole makes it okay for me to shoot you. The badge just makes it legal."

    "My father raised me to be an outlaw. Not to rob and pillage, but to realize that sometimes good men must do bad things for the right reasons. Sometimes what is right, and what is lawful, are two different things. "

    "If you're doing something illegal and you don't want to tell me that's fine, all I'll ask is this: Don't ever lie to me about it."

    To Ethan Colt: "You're right, one bad day and I might end up just like you. But that day ain't come yet."

    "Me and my big fucking mouth."

    "I am a half breed of Texan and Australian blood. I have not slept yet. My horse has been taken. I have a badge that means I can throw you in a cell now and come up with a reason later and it will still be my word against yours. Now, do you really wanna play dumb with me right now?"


    -Despite having an Australian accent and using some Australian slang, Lincoln has never actually been to Australia. Despite this, individuals like Hope Pisces still refer to him as "convict".

    -Lincolns Mother used to work as a judge and then a mayor in a small town in Colorado before establishing a large scale moonshine operation out of Tall Trees in New Alexandria.

    -One of Lincoln's best friends, Frank Moses, thinks Lincoln's Australian accent is "HOT".

    Art Work


    Lincoln McCormick
















    Marital Status:


    Boots Henry (Grandfather)
    J.D Holiday (Cousin once removed)
    Eira Johnson (Half Sister)
    Nacona Henry (Aunt)
    Evelyn Van Der Smit (Adopted Half Sister)
    Aiden McCormick (Father)
    Ashley Henry (Mother)
    Scarlett McCormick (Sister)
    Arizona "Ari" McCormick (Sister)
    Catlyn McCormick (Sister)
    Esther Henry (Half Sister)
    Coltroy McCormick (Half Brother)
    Maggie Valentine (Godmother)


    Sheriff's Deputy (Formerly)
    Outlaw (Formerly)


    Junior (By his Grandfather)
    Linky (By his ex wife)
    Deputy Fluffy (By Jaena Shaw)
    Hero of Valentine (A small part of Valentine's citizenry)

    Faction Affiliations:

    New Alexandria Sheriff's Department West (formerly)
    The Krays (A friend)