Inya Nordskov

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    Inya Grey Nordskov is a short but muscular-built woman with long curly black GREY hair often pulled into a bun or side ponytail. She is covered from nearly head to toe in a random assortment of scars, the most prominent one being the large bear claw that covers the majority of the left side of her face. She has a slightly offset and bumped nose that fits nicely with her sharp jaw and her one bright blue eye. Her right arm is usually seen lying limp at her side, unable to really be used as it once was. Inya often wears a bright purple ribbon around her hair and loves to adorn herself with random trinkets and purple-themed outfits. She is always wearing gloves.

    Known as the bouncy and hyperactive 'cat' lady, Inya prides herself on the smile she is usually seen wearing and her determination to help the people around her. While not always in a bouncy mood, Inya challenges herself to be the best person she can possibly be; learning an assortment of useful and useless skills, she does everything in her power to be of use to the people around her and to bring a better name to the Nordskov family. Inya may not always understand social norms and cues, but she's quickly learning and is more than willing to sit down and listen to all the strange ways the world works.

    While It is clear that Inya suffers from an odd assortment of physical and mental conditions, she never lets that get her down! Over her journey in state, Inya has learned how to challenge her fears and the whispers in her head, assisted by the family she has found around her. Every day she is finding new ways on how to control and manage the challenges her own body and mind throw at her.


    Early Life 


    Inya speaks little of her home life, clearly off-put by the question.

    If pressed, she explains that she comes from a family of proud hunters up in the northern mountains, that she grew up learning how to skin all sorts of wild beasts, and one day, after the death of her father, the leader of the family, she sought out to hunt a bear with her siblings to prove herself worthy. Inevitably their plan backfired, and the bear caught them when they least expected it and took the life of her youngest sister, Lucy Wilson. She recalls her brother also being injured by the attack and that she herself nearly lost half her face to it. There is a great look of shame on her face every time she tells the story.

    To those who are closest to her- Inya tells the tales of how cruel and animalistic her family was and how their ties to religion and survival stunted their ability to feel compassion for one another. For much of her early life, she was more a monster than a human, brutal in how she treated those around her and how she did anything to survive. Inya reminisces about her mother, who was the only person in her life who treated Inya as if she was just a young and normal girl; her mother taught her many things, including the ways of skinning animals and mending clothes and the art of musical instruments such as the harp. It is clear in the way she speaks that her mother meant everything to her and that she was destroyed by her eventual passing.

    After a near-death experience due to her cousins, she finally fought back, doing what she had to, ensuring she would never be hurt in such ways again. Lighting the barn ablaze, Inya packed what little items she had and set off into the world alone at the ripe age of 15. For many weeks she stayed within those mountains, scared to leave the place she still called her home; it was only when she met her traveling companion Ada Ward that Inya felt comfortable enough to leave that state and travel with her partner.

    For three years, the two traveled all over the country, seeking out adventure and a place of belonging, before finally settling back into the state once more.

    When the two finally settled down, Inya resided in strawberry, working on her hunting and taxidermy practice and aiming to live a simple, carefree life. This was changed after encountering The Cossacks, a group of men who had decided that Colter was to be their own home. Breaking into her house, they robbed her and then began the game of making her a messenger bird. This happened two more times, the final incident ending with her being stabbed a multitude of times. Angered at the lack of protection she was given and furious that the gang had not already been caught- Inya applied to the Sheriff's Department.


    Present Life 


    During her recruit days, Inya appeared to be a grumpy but very nervous trainee, unable to really open up to the people around her; she practiced memorizing her laws and mustering up the courage to shout during a robbery. She was Guided by the community around her, finding a mentor in many deputies and a friend in others. Over time, the deputies she began to call friends finally broke through to her, revealing the childish and goofy nature of the once shy and stuttering recruit.
    While she was a recruit, her once closest ally Ada Ward discovered a terrible secret that Inya had sought to keep hidden forever; after a great fight that ended in Inya being shot, Ada left the state—leaving Inya heartbroken and alone. Her loneliness did not last forever, though; with all the deputies that had taken a liking to the young recruit, Inya was given a new chance at life. She passed her surprise eval after the encouragement of at the time Senior Deputy Darion Rueb and Deputy Holly Meryll.

    Now a deputy, Inya, for a while, was just that- a simple, lawful girl who wanted nothing more than to help the people around her. Things began to change after she met Antonio Delgato and Lucille Delgato, two Leo members with ideas far different from that she had ever seen. Inya was captivated by the personality of Lucille Delgato, and after an invite to her friend group- where she then met her now best friend and 'brother' Theodore Brown, Inya pledged loyalty to Lucille- promising herself that she would do everything in her power to keep the girl safe.
    Her loyalty has stood the test of time, and Inya now finds herself walking a thin tightrope between the life of good and the life of- what in Inyas mind- is justice. Inya has to choose which side to follow and which side will truly help the people of the state. She's not alone, though, surrounded by a group of loyal friends and family who constantly test her ideas of right and wrong (Especially her 'brother' Pierre Roberts and her most loyal friend and mentor, Grace Delgato). Inya still has a long way to go in her journey, but she will face it with fierce determination and loyalty to what she thinks is good.

    During her time here in the state, many incidents have followed her.

    The Colts.
    More specifically, a man named Maverick Mercer:
    After Inya's adoptive father, Jedediah Wilks, contracted TB (tuberculosis), Inya began caring for his every need, doing everything she could to keep him safe from the world's dangers. In keeping him safe, she began to shield him from certain individuals she thought could manipulate or even hurt him in his current and weak state. Maverick Mercer was one such man. After denying him the ability to see her father, he began to telegram her, calling her out on what he thought were selfish and cruel actions. The two bickered back and forth and even met in person, where he told Inya that after the death of her father- she was going to die. Fearing for her life, she went to a group she knew very well, Antonio Delgato and The Firing Line. After learning of the threats that befallen Inya, he took matters into his own hands, and Inya suffered greatly because of it.
    One night, Inya was taken from her home. Brought out behind Ravens Rest, Inya was shot and left to die; for hours, she lay there thinking they would be her last before finally regaining the strength to crawl back to her home. There she wrapped herself in bandages and collapsed in a pool of her own blood. Four hours later, she was found by her brothers Pierre and Theo, who brought her to Saint-Denis and saved her life. For five days, Inya slept restlessly in her coma, waking to find that not only had she lost a rib, but she could no longer use her right arm as she had once done.
    Inya has done her best to recover, but the mental trauma she had sustained in remembering every bit of her near-death experience has left her slightly cracked.

    The Fish
    Kidnapped by The Fish, she was brought to a small cabin among the swamps of Saint-Denis, interrogated Inya lied through her teeth, fearing that if she didn't- it would be her end. After a back and forth among The Fish, they decided on hitting a nail through her hand; lucky for Inya, they let her pick which one. She chose her already limp right hand. After a few quick strikes with a hammer and a swipe upside the head after a snarky comment, they left her there, taking a picture as a final souvenir of their work. Inya was forced to rip her own hand from the wall and stumble back to Rhodes, where she was then cared for.

    Her Father
    The death of her father, Jebediah Wilks.
    Inya and Jebediah considered each other family, but they were not- and would never be healthy. Jebediah, in his sickness, had begun to hurt Inya. Screaming at her, choking her, shooting her. With few options on what to do, she did something terrible- she went out and hunted her father. At first, she took the journal alone and then was accompanied by The Widows, a group of women who promised to protect her. Together they kidnapped Jebediah, and alone, Inya took his life. For a few days, she convinced herself that she would fight the charges, that she wouldn't turn herself in, and that she would finally be selfish and DO something for herself. The convincing did nothing, and now she sits in Sisika...awaiting a trial that could mean her death.

    Inya's life has been an up-and-down mountain at this point; she's found love- and has lost it as well. People she once considered family, Fletcher Beckett, Salem Blackwood, and Holly Meryll, are all gone now. Some avoid the thought of her very existence. She's managing somewhat, now working as a Guard in the department of prisons she does her job to the best of her abilities. Inya fills her life with work and tasks, such as her bakery- or even doctor work as she's now an official surgeon...yet it still is not enough to make up for all that she has done and lost. She finds herself...Talking to people that won't be the best for her.




    ♥Grace Delgato♥
    " A mentor, a mother, and the wisest person I will ever meet. "

    Inya was at first downright terrified of Grace, unsure of her motives, her wants, and her goals. For a very long time Inya was confused about how she felt towards the state rep, but after watching the dedication Grace showed towards Lucille deep respect began to grow for the young woman who slowly began to captivate Delgato's heart. From then on out their relationship blossomed into what it is now, a Tutor and her trainee. Inya would move mountains for Grace if she could, constantly wanting to prove herself worthy and competent to the angelic figure she sees at Grace Delgato,

    Grace is one of the most important people in Inyas life, and someone she has proclaimed absolute loyalty to.

    Fletcher Beckett
    "The Banana Beckett of Blackwater!"

    Inya's current lover, the first person to ever genuinely show an interest in her, started out as mostly strangers simply experiencing life together and Inya truly never thought it would be something that would last. Yet it truly has stood the test of time, Fletcher has been there for her when no one else has been. He's someone who has always made her smile and accompanied by the gremlins who follow at his heels she always struggles not to smile when he's around. Inya will never be able to admit it out loud, but part of her genuinely does love him more than anything.

    She still loves him.

    Theodore Brown
    " Like water and fire, Theo is often the man to keep me calm and out of trouble. "

    Inya met Theo the day Lucille brought her along on an adventure to meet her other friends, at first they interacted little, but after the kidnapping and near murder of Lucille Delgato the two grew close, needing one another to keep themselves up when everything felt like it was falling apart. For weeks the two were side by side in helping Lucille, refusing to leave her side even when their lives were at risk. Through this turmoil, the two began to see each other as siblings, their personalities pairing together and constantly cooling each other off when things got too much. They have continued to stay strong together even when they can't bring themselves to open up.

    Theo is someone Inya is constantly worried about but appreciates more than anything.

    ♥ Lucille Delgato ♥
    " Through all the hell she's seen Lucille through- she has never stopped shining brighter than anything else. "

    One of the first deputies to ever invite Inya somewhere, she has always been captivated by the personality and fierce determination that Lucy has shown throughout the events she endured. A woman Inya has sworn full and absolute loyalty to, the one girl in the world Inya would break every law possible for if it meant she rested safe and easy. Lucille has shown Inya what it means to find family, and how to stand up for one's own beliefs, even in the face of those who disagree. Lucille has been a beacon of inspiration for months to Inya and will continue to be for the years to come.

    Inya doesn't know how to describe the way she feels for Lucille, but she knows it's something important.






    "Meowskov bakery, always here to lend a helping hand...or paw, meow!"


    "Pierre!!!!!!!!! Theooooo!!!!!"

    "The lizards are trying to kill me!"

    "Do you think I can eat this?"

    "I ate it and almost died"

    "huh...? Wha? BUH!"

    "Sometimes the best thing you can do for a dog is put it down."




    Inya has eaten a multitude of things that...probably should have killed her at this point!

    She tends to run around screaming until tied up and left to cool down.

    WILL bake you a delicious pie.

    Can often be seen carrying around a jar containing her own eye, which she has put shiny things in and called a "Snowdome"

    While the eye may be in a jar, upon closer inspection, it looks to be a double-pupil eye, often referred to as polycoria.

    Inya has multiple metal replacements: A metal plate over her skull, a metal rib, and a wire in her right arm!

    All of her horses are named after powders.


    ❥A necklace attached to a small jar that holds a single bullet given to her by Lucille Delgato, and the bone shards of her brother Theodore Brown

    ❥A feather in her hair that she's always seen wearing, given to her by Salem Blackwood, of the Widows

    Inya always carries her satchel with her, which contains an assortment of items:

    A journal titled Forlorn Recovery & Petaled Pages..

    ❥A small fox plushie given to her by Theodore Brown, though its bloodied and tattered.

    ❥A bundle of poppy flowers given to her by Lucille Delgato

    ❥Obsidian given to her by Jedediah Wilks

    ❥A wolf jawbone, the other half given to her brother Pierre Roberts

    ❥A bloodied bullet that she shot Night Fish with.

    ❥A purple wooden cat statue, given to her by Slyvester cooper

    ❥Agwe Dunshas' a jar






    Inya Grey Nordskov



    Dead. 12/24/1882 - 12/19/1901


    Female (She/her)









    Death Date:



    Colter, Ambarino.


    Russian - American

    Marital Status:

    Unmarried, Single


    Found family:
    Jebediah Wilks - ( "Father" ) [Dead.]
    Maple Brown - ( Niece ) [Dead.]
    Theodore Brown - ( "Brother" ) [Alive]

    Biological Family:
    Henery Wilson - ( Father ) [Dead]
    Viktoriya Nordskov - ( Mother ) [Dead]
    Lucy Wilson - ( Sister ) [Dead]
    Arthur Nordskov - ( Brother ) [Alive]
    Vladim Nordkosv - ( Cousin ) [Alive]


    Surgeon, Baker


    Meowmmy - Dog toy -

    Faction Affiliations:

    King Cross, Firing Line, The Black Widows, New Alexandria Sheriff's Office. Department of Prisons