Iris Dragner

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    • Brown hair with a touch of red
    • She has green eyes
    • Scar on the left side of her face beneath her cheek
    • Lacking in the nice teeth department
    • Wears purple eyeshadow and light lipstick
    • Can sometimes be seen chewing on a piece of wheat.
    • usually wears a big blackish/gray hat that covers most of her face
    • Likes to incorporate purple into her outfits

    Early Life 


    Madison County, Kentucky

    Iris grew up in a closed-off inbred family homestead out in the wooded wilds of Madison County Kentucky. Her family would mainly self sustain themselves by living off the land, raising goats and chickens, or from the rare seasonal run into town to buy other goods that they couldn't make themselves.
    There were rare occasions Iris got to go into town with her relatives to help sell/buy goods. Although on these outings she would have to stay in the wagon or wear a bucket over her head. During these outings she would find herself craving to experience the world outside more and more. On one of the trips into town she ran into (quite literally ran into him because she was wearing the bucket) a young Henry Weston while he was visiting America. They became fast friends, albeit hidden from her family, and would send letters back and forth throughout the years until her absconding from home.

    Iris was always a curious/adventurous child and did not like the ways her family liked to close themselves off from the world or the style in which they kept their family together. She would steal magazines about bounty hunters and stash them away in her room and read them when her sisters went to sleep, all the while dreaming of one day becoming a bounty hunter herself.
    It wasn't until Iris was much older and threat of a marriage with her cousin that she decided to run away from home. She left in the middle of the night, taking with her some money she stole from her father for the train ticket, a few books, and the clothes on her back. She made her way by train to New Alexandria where she felt like she could finally start experiencing all that life had to offer, knowing all too well that she left behind a family feeling scorned and heartbroken by her vanishing.

    Present Life 

    Iris reached St. Denis by Train on August 2nd 1901, She met back up with her old friend Henry Weston. Henry along with Dahlia Portucale helped Iris to get acclimated to her new surrounding and living on her own. One of the people Iris met very early on was Kragen Murdoch a Scottish man who lived in St. Denis and ran with The Boston Blinders. The 4 of them quickly became inseparable and spent most of their time together exploring the state and going out on adventures together


    During this time Iris was living in a tiny house directly south of the Rhodes telegram station. Iris starting selling roasted caramelized peanuts called Dragner's Nuts, they were a hit! She found that she had a real knack for selling goods and it didn't take long until everyone in the states had tasted Dragner's nuts.
    It was around this time that Iris met Obediah "Obe" Sticks and became friends with him. She would also have started dated Kragen after he fell off a lighthouse in Van Horn and had to stay at her house to be looked after.

    After a couple weeks into their relationship Kragen started to show Iris the life of a criminal. Her first seedy adventure was going out grave digging in Armadillo.
    Down the rabbit hole Iris went, being one for adventure in any form, she did not look back.
    Around August 19th of 1901 Kragen and her had became good friends with Theodore "Theo" Adams, it was then that they formed The Remnants. Wishing to make a sort of family that would have each others backs when times got hard. Theodore and sometimes Obe helped to teach Iris the intricacies of robbing stores and kidnapping people when necessary.
    While working on the every growing gang, Kragen proposed to Iris in the Valentine telegram office amongst friends and a hogtied Theo. Kragen and Iris would move into a cabin out in tall trees where she felt most at home. To Iris' dismay her and Kragen moved out of their home later on to live close by The Remnants at MacFarlanes Ranch.

    There came a point when Iris ran into a gallant Knight, Sir Dain Alwyn. She was so taken with the knight, she begged if she could become his squire. Anytime she ran into the Knight she would ask him about her request. They would become good friends, and she would go out and try to help him on his quests. One quest of importance was when she accompanied him up to Mt. Shann to banish the evil that had taken over Lord Nut the squirrel found at the mountains peak. They were successful in their endeavors and saved all the critters located in a house at the base of the mountain.

    Sir Dain and Iris' time was horrendously cut short when he was kidnapped by a group of people. This malicious group sent threats to Iris, played with her through anonymous telegrams, left "gifts" for her.. Iris tried in vain to save the Knight but he, in the end, was violently murdered. He left her a bouquet and a cherished letter that at the end named her his squire.
    Iris later obtained a sword that was to be gifted to the knight. She was devastated by the loss and vowed she would stop at nothing to hunt down the people that killed Sir Dain Alwyn.

    A few days before Iris and Kragens' wedding, Iris was adopted by Bob Volkov. She signed a document that was written in russian (later to be transcribed in english), she cut her thumb, and sealed the adoption with her own blood. From that point on she was family with Bob, Jimmy Hersh, and Boone Jackson.
    On October 15th 1901 Kragen and Iris wedded at Brandywine Falls. It was a truly joyous occasion, Tobias Mason volunteered himself as sacrifice for the fruitful union of the newly weds. Tobias drunkenly took a row boat over the falls and miraculously managed to swim out from the river unscathed.
    Directly after the ceremony, Kragen and Iris celebrated their nuptials by robbing the Valentine general store with large fish held out like weapons.

    Iris and The Remnants would go on a string of violent escapades that would lead to harsh punishment. A store robbery, jail bust of Kragen, and shooting of Deputy Jean Claude that resulted in a bounty, a final shootout in MacFarlanes Ranch, and their ultimate capture.
    A shootout transpired one evening with deputies that were trying to detain Iris in Rhodes, although the gang got away, they were shortly captured thereafter when seeking medical as Iris was bleeding out from a punctured artery.
    Then there was the kidnapping and shooting of Tris Chamberlain that started a mad hunt for Remnants and attempted execution of her brother Boone Jackson by Deputy Fredrick McCarthy. This act on Tris attracted the notice from the Firing Line, who eventually found Boone Jackson, Theodore Adams, Jessica Adams, Emily Westbrook, and Iris and shot them down outside telegrams in Blackwater.

    At the end of November Iris was kidnapped and tortured by Alvin Kimes. To this day she has "Kimes" engraved across her right forearm. This kidnapping ushered in a dark period for Iris and her brothers.

    In early January 1902, Iris told Kragen she wanted a divorce, this had been a decision she had been mulling over for quite some time, both of them running the gang had caused a distancing in their relationship. This kicked off discord in the gang, a period of depression and anger for Kragen, and a period of depression and for Iris. Despite the turn of events, once the dust settled the Remnants and the friendship between the pair remained intact.

    After the divorced was finalized, Iris started seeing one of her close friends, Michael Montarello.
    During this period she started focusing on her happiness and not just her obligations to the Remnants.
    This period of quiet lasted only a short while however.

    Iris' ex Husband Kragen shot her brother Boone Jackson in the head, comatosing him with the possibilities of death. Many of the Remnant left the group, including the other two leaders. A mini war ensued with Iris' ex-husband Kragen a former member Conrad, who vowed the extermination of the gang. Things finally came to an end when Iris' other brother Jimmy Hersh killed Kragen in Sisika.

    This brought another dark time to Iris, she was on the breaking point. Not only losing an Exhusand, But potentially losing her brother Boone, and knowing that Jimmy was next in line for death at the hand of the Government.
    She also was made sole leader of the gang while it was at it's most vulnerable.

    The day of Jimmy's execution, the Remnants staged a breakout, freeing Jimmy and ultimately making Iris and the ones involved outlaws.
    During their time on the run, Iris ended her relationship with Michael and focused on her brothers (Boone had just woke up from his coma) and the gang. They stayed in hiding for about a week until they were "caught" and turned in for insurrection.
    Iris faced life in prison with a chance of parole in 20 years.

    While in Sisika, Iris had to process the death of her brother Jimmy. The loss of he brother his her hard, she was not able to cope very well, she was depressed and unable to eat. It was thanks to the rest of her family and friends that she eventually managed to deal with his passing. This was not the only unsettling thing to happen to Iris, she had gotten acquainted with a DOP guard, Griff Alwyn, and discovered that he was Sir Dain Alwyn's son. Wishing to connect with Alwyn, Iris tried to talk to him about his father, only to learn that Griff despised his father, thought him to be a madman, and wanted nothing to do with him. Iris was not having it easy this time around in Sisika, it was a traumatizing experience to say the least.

    But there was a silver lining to her stay there. Having nothing left to lose, Iris confessed her feelings to Nathan Burke. Although she was possibly looking at serving life in Sisika, Nathan expressed he shared feelings for her as well, and thus on March 2nd 1902, they began a relationship. This did come with it's own share of backlash, but the two of them were very happy regardless. They sent each other love letters, and Nathan visited Iris every day. They dreamt of a future together.
    Iris eventually had her parole hearing. It was a daunting case held in the courthouse. Shelby Lord even came as witness, he had vowed to try to get Iris stuck in there for life. But despite best efforts, Iris was given parole with Piper Lasky as her overseeing officer.

    Iris was going to have to change the way she did things, it was a very confusing time for her. On one hand, she felt a responsibility to her family, to help lead the Remnants from the shadows. But on the other hand she was dead set not to go back to Sisika, she wanted to live her life with Nathan and even considered trying to take up a career as a DOP guard. She may be free but life was not going to get any easier, and she had some big decisions to make.


    Life was good despite the parole.
    Iris and Nathan ended up moving into a house on the river south of Braithwaite, they adopted a dog and named it Nodens.
    She focused on helping Nathan with his Businesses, she got into cooking and used that to help.
    She also looked forward to getting more involved in the fighting tournaments that were coming up. She got to see her Papa Bob, who had adopted two new children, Illya Sirenko and Vanya Smirnov.
    She was very happy where she was at with Nathan Burke and the rest of her family.
    On March 24th 1902 Nathan and Iris got engaged. Nathan gave Iris a claddagh engagement ring that belonged to his mother.

    Parole went off without a hitch, Iris was approved to have her parole lifted. Around this time she started the Abeona Carriage Company were she would provide rides to people across the state, or help events.
    At the same time she continued to lead the Remnants in the shadows to the best of her abilities. She would keep her hands clean of any crimes and focus on Businesses to the public eye.
    Iris grew an interest in medical work, she considered getting an apprenticeship under Mountain Medical through Nathan, who had just received his doctors bags.
    Iris also decided to try and officially adopt Jessica Kings and Kiara Williams. Being in the Remnants for so long already, Iris had developed a close, loving bond with them akin to a mother figure; the two proudly signed the adoption papers and also accepted Nathan as their future father figure.


    On April 30th 1902 Nathan and Iris got married. They had their wedding on Guarma with Robert Murdoch as their officiant. Remnants, Volkovs, very close friends and the Castillos showed up for the celebration. Celebrations were had at the castle fortress, there was drinking games, Food from Cassidy's restaurant, and toasts for the happy couple. The wedding had at least 3 sacrifices which was deemed very favorable (It is Remnant tradition to have at least 1 sacrifice during a wedding for a prosperous union).


    Iris' guise at being on the straight and narrow was short lived, however. The day after her wedding Robert and Sigy left the gang. Robert was meant to be the face of the criminal side of things and help teach the new prospects coming in. With him gone, Iris felt obligated to step back up to the plate and do what needed to be done.. To protect her family with a hands on approach, and to show the new people coming in that she was a leader willing to go into hard situations with them. Iris' reentry into crime went off with a bang, she started by doing a bank robbery with Rae.

    Starting crime again was not without it's changes though, One evening after being sent to Sisika, the former warden Petra came to visit her. Petra and Iris walked around the linseed field and she gave Iris a warning. If Iris committed any act of aggression against anyone innocent, that being civilians or deputies alike, Petra would use Iris' admittance of murdering Alvin Kimes against her and make sure she hung from the nearest gallows.
    This blackmail worried Iris, she would not deny the fact that she murdered the man that tortured her if it came down to it. Iris liked to stand behind her actions. Iris knew she needed to be different, She wanted to show the deputies that her and her gang was not looking to be inherently violent with deputies, especially Iris herself. Iris was not looking to go back to Sisika for life, she decided that she would try not to use or raise any weapons to deputies unless they used them first, she would not use hostages for banks or stores. She was trying to do her crimes in a way that did not escalate things further than they needed to be.

    For a long time life was good!
    She had the love of her husband Nathan and her two daughters Jessica and Kiara. She had the support and Loyalty of her brother Boone. And the had built a fantastic family in the Remnants.
    She continued to play politics with the other gangs in the state, she would keep up with her friendship with the Castillos that she held so dear. She would enjoy having conversations with newspaper writer Roberta Cunningham and she would compete in all the championship fighting events, showing everyone how good of a skilled fighter she was. She had many wins under her belt and almost won the champions belt against Shiloh Graves, her being one punch away.


    The Brotherhood made a reappearance, she kidnapped two of them outside of Valentine with her gang and delt them her own version of justice. The Firing Line also made a reappearance and she got to work gathering intel on them before they went back underground, passing the information off to a trusted member in the sheriffs department.
    A war was waged between The Remnants and Silverfox and Co., a hit on her life was made one day in Blackwater when Silverfox shot Iris in the neck with a bolt action before the gang rode away out of town. It was due to the fast response of her husband Nathan that she survived.
    Though there was a few bumps in the road, Iris would consider this time to be the golden era of her life.

    This golden Age started to tarnish however. One day Raelynn Pyre and Iris were robbing a bank as per their usual passive procedures. Sr. Deputy Avery Hardy and Valeria Cortez were 2 of the 4 to respond. They gave the order to breach the bank. Iris gave the deputies a warning that breaching the bank would change the respect and =riendship that Her and the gang had built with the deputies. The deputies breached anyways, shooting and putting Rae in a coma, Iris was eventually rushed while she was firing shots in the vault. She was butted with a repeater and shot by Avery Hardy.
    After the breaching, Iris and Rae went after Avery Hardy and Valeria Cortez. Avery was kidnapped by the Remnants, Iris had a talk with her in a run down cabin in Tall Trees before she pistol whipped and shot Avery. After that an escalation of aggression began between the Remnants and Deputies. Iris instructed the Remnants not to outwardly go out looking for deputies, their main focus was Cortez, But deputies wanted to bring her gang in on their heinous warrants and the gang was willing to take a stand with deputies if they were not allowed to leave.

    Eventually Iris was caught for her attempted first degree murder on Hardy. She was cornered in the Blackwater telegram station by Jasper Creed, John Reid, Esme Keller, and Ria Lasky.

    Shootouts would continue between Iris' gang and deputies. One such night Iris' husband Nathan was in a shootout and had an artery nicked. He was tended to by Raelynn but had sustained enough bloodloss that he slipped into a mini-coma. When Iris woke up the next day she heard the news, she went to tend to her husband. She was filled with an extreme amount of guilt for not being there for her husband in his hour of need.

    Nathan eventually woke from his coma later in the evening, he regained enough energy to stand and ride a horse. Iris, Nathan, and the rest of the Remnants rode to Emerald to hang around. Iris took Montana to get an evans repeater for a prospect that was going to be sworn in and they made their journey back to Valentine, but the deputies there had noticed them.
    Not to long after reaching back up with her group at Emerald, deputies arrived with their guns out. They were Jasper Creed, Jacob Allen, Valeria Cortez, and Clark Bergamont. The gang members with warrants hopped on their horses and rode out as fast as they could as deputies chased them. Iris and Nathan followed them all the way to Van Horn, Iris told Nathan to stay back because he was still injured and wanted to keep him safe. Outside of Van Horn a gunfight had erupted in the tree line between Raelynn and Cortez and Iris saw Jasper Creed running around. When she rode up on Creed he told her to leave but she said she couldn't, she had to protect her family. A gunfight broke out, Iris had her repeater and Creed had a sawn-off. Iris clipped Creed but in the end she was fatally shot in the chest.
    Nathan begged to come perform medical on Iris but he was told to leave at gunpoint by Creed.
    Iris told Creed to tell Nathan that she was sorry for everything and that she loves him before she passed out from shock.
    Once Iris was finally taken to the Annesburg doctors office she died of blood loss and heavy trauma from her injuries.

    Nathan showed up in Annesburg where he learned of his wifes passing, soon their daughters and the rest of the gang showed up and they received the news that their leader had just died, everyone crowded in the room crying and wishing Iris back to life.
    Iris' brother Boone was in Sisika at the time and had to learn the news from Raelynn after they were sent for their charges.
    It was a devastating night for the gang, and for the week to follow, there were a lot of tears shed for Iris. The gang made Ash a member as per Iris' plans to do so before her passing. In her will that was left with Jof Hawkins, She had declared Boone the new leader of the Remnants and made it her final decree that Montana was to be made a full member. Iris left her treasured belongings to her husband, daughters, gang members, and closest friends. Iris also asked in her will that a paper bag of flaming horse shit be left on the porch of the deputies office, and a maggot sandwich to be given to Tris Chamberlain.

    A large funeral was had for Iris where all her family, friends, and members of other gangs were in attendance. The procession starting in Blackwater where they walked all the way down to Thieves Landing. Many nice things were said on Iris behalf, contrary to popular beliefs she was well loved by many criminals and civilians alike. Once everyone finished saying their goodbyes and leaving things for her at her grave, she was buried on the water next to her brother Jimmy.


    The End


    Leader of The Remnants. Close friends with the Carvalho's, Shadow Firm, and the Castillos


    • "Try some of my nuts, they're salty, sweet, and they burst in your mouth with flavor"
    • ".....forehead"
    • "Put the gains to the reigns"



    • Iris' first arrest/trip to Sisika was for desecration and assisted 2nd degree murder. Her arresting officer was Deputy Brick Stone
    • Her favorite color is purple
    • She loves Violet Snowdrops
    • Very protective of her family
    • Started beef with Rumor Boy
    • Impersonated Deputy Brick Stone on White Hat Night
    • Wears a silver necklace Nathan Burke made for her: A silver heart with their initials, the date they started dating, and a bullet casing (from their time together as traffic enforcers. In which Iris got shot in the line of duty)
    • Broke a Sisika work detail boat by pouring water on the engine- subsequently got Duke Brown, another watchman, Jethro Vern, and herself marooned on an island
    • Makes canonically terrible coffee

    • Bounty Posters:

    Iris Burke













    09/30/1871 - 07/15/1902


    Madison County, Kentucky



    Marital Status:

    Married to Nathan Burke


    Adopted Family:
    Bob Volkov (Adopted Father)
    Jimmy Hersh (Adopted Brother)
    Boone Jackson (Adopted Brother)
    Robert Murdoch (Adopted Brother)
    Illya Sirenko (Adopted Brother)
    Vanya Smirnov (Adopted Sister)
    Vyacheslav Volotski (Adopted Brother)
    Theodore Adams (Adopted Brother)
    Steven (Horse Uncle)
    Kiara Williams (Adopted Daughter)
    Jessica King (Adopted Daughter)

    Kragen Murdoch (Exhusband)

    Biological Family:
    Doris Dragner (Biological Mother)
    Fred Dragner (Biological Father)
    WillaDean Dragner (Biological Sister)
    Delilah Dragner (Biological Sister)


    Leader of the Remnants


    Iris Dragner (Maiden Name)
    Iris Murdoch (when married)
    Edith Wallaby (Grave Robbing)
    Chrissy Baker (General Alias)

    Faction Affiliations:

    Remnants (Leader)