Josephine Godfey

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  • Josephine Church


    Josephine is a soft-spoken and kind-hearted young woman with a calm temperament. She is most easily recognized by her love of the color yellow, which she wears constantly. She has long, raven black hair, part of which she ties back with a yellow hair ribbon. She has green eyes and deeply tanned skin, with freckles scattered across her nose and cheeks. She stands at about 5'2" with a slim, almost frail, build.

    Early Life 

    Josephine was born in Richmond, Virginia to a lower-middle class family. Her father was a general store owner, so she spent her younger years going on trips every so often alongside him and her brother to makes deliveries and collect wares in the family's old horse-drawn wagon. She loved those trips, and cherished seeing the world outside of Richmond for all that it was. It was a simple life, but a fairly pleasant one.

    Josephine spent her youth trying to learn. She was never put into school, but her brother was, and he brought his schoolbooks home and taught Josephine to read. Despite the rudimentary teaching, she did not become fully literate until much later in life. Although reasonably competent with reading, she struggled majorly with writing. Even more intriguing to the girl than reading, however, was the instrument her elder brother had been learning from his friends in town. She begged him to teach her, and so after dinner in the evenings, he would let her sneak out with him to the ally behind their home. It was there that she learned to play the guitar, learning the chords and old songs that her brother so graciously taught her. Nothing felt quite so sweet as those moments.

    However, as Josephine got older, things worsened. Her mother had always been an intense woman with extremely high expectations of Josephine, and as she reached adolescence, those expectations came crashing down. Josephine was no longer allowed to join her father on his trips- in fact, she was rarely allowed to leave the house. Between the ages of 12 and 18, Josephine was stuck in that townhouse for practically all hours of the day. She was, according to her mother, being prepared for her future. Her mother, and, by proxy, her father, held the belief that marriage was something that was expected of almost all young women of her standing, but she had no interest in the idea. She knew that life as a married woman in the city wouldn't grant her any happiness, nor the freedom she so desperately longed for. Unfortunately for Josephine, her mother had already selected a man for her to wed.

    He was a horrible individual, albeit wealthy. The realization that her time was running out hit her hard, and she realized she had to make a move. She spent months saving and planning, until finally, the night before her wedding, she ran.

    She only informed her brother of where she was going, and didn't have much to take with her. She packed a few dresses, all the money her brother could spare, and her old guitar. Then, she saddled one of the draft horses her father kept for his wagon, and slipped out into the lantern-lit streets of Richmond. It was difficult those first few years, but she scraped by busking for coin and renting out tavern rooms. Her meek temperament stemmed from her sheltered childhood, and Josephine maintained a tendency to back away from both conflict and opportunity. Every bit of coin that didn't go toward food or shelter was saved until, years later, she could finally afford a train ticket out west.

    Present Life 

    When Josephine arrived to New Alexandria, she first found a friendship among individuals like Red Leblanc, Leo Brennan, and Jof Bergman, who introduced her to the career of ranching. Red gave her a job at Lone Elk Ranch, where she learned to help with horse and cattle drives. Although she was inexperienced and had never worked the land or with livestock before, she fell in love with the freedom she felt on the plains. It was a simple life, but one she had never experienced before, and so she stuck with it throughout her time in state. Many of these individuals became some of her closest friends, especially for her first couple of months. One of them helped to teach her to read and write properly, which she continued to work on for several months afterward.

    After experiencing a difficult break-up, Josephine found herself struggling with a sense of purpose in-state. On a whim, she decided to to telegram Inya Nordskov regarding a poster she had seen about medical apprenticeship. She met with Inya and Frank Landmark that very day, joining the company. That same day, she met fellow apprentices Scarlet Storm, Thomas Anderson, and groundskeeper Shiloh Weston. With each of these people, she formed a tight-knit bond, and it rekindled her interest to stay in-state. Under Inya and Frank's guidance, Josephine flourished in the field of medicine. She was determined to help people and to achieve bigger things. In this time, she also grew extremely close with Scarlet, forming a long-term sisterhood and friendship that Josephine would grow to rely on.

    Now, over a year later, Josephine holds the position of Surgeon General and owns a medical practice with Scarlet. In that time, the two best friends built an ever-growing family of people. She surrounds herself with these people that she cares about most, including her "wives," closest friends, and husband.



    • New Alexandria State Government as Surgeon General
    • Stargey Farms
    • Rose & Marigold Medical Group
    • King's Cross General Practice (formerly)
    • Lone Elk Ranch (formerly)
    • Bullock & Ross Cattle Co. (formerly)
    • Marcus Church
    Best Friend:
    Close Friends/Family:


    "Not my circus, not my monkeys."
    "Don't talk to my wife like that."
    "Besos, besitos."


    Josephine Elaine Church nee Godfey













    April 22, 1878


    Richmond, VA


    American (Spanish by blood)

    Marital Status:



    Laurence Godfey (Brother), Elena Lowrey (Mother), Alejandro "Alexander" Godfey (Father), Marcus Church (Husband)


    Surgeon General, Rancher



    Faction Affiliations:

    Rose & Marigold Medical Group, Stargey Farms