Scarlet Storm

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    Short in stature
    Natural Long Black Hair.
    (For a short time it was white)

    Light Blue eyes
    Fair Tan Skin
    Wears dark eye shadow and red lipstick
    Usually Has Red Roses in Her Hair
    Typically wears all black or red clothes.
    Wears a Choker around her neck to cover a scar.

    Scarlet is kind hearted and extremely empathetic. She cares deeply and willing to put others before herself.
    Shes loyal to those close to her and helpful to those who are in need.
    Scarlet is as well VERY stubborn. When she has her mind set on something, its hard to deter her.
    Scarlet usually shelters her feelings and dislikes opening too much about her past and her inner thoughts.
    Shes spent part of her life by herself which has led her to rely on herself rather then seeking help.
    She can be socially awkward and hates long silences in conversation. (You can notice she gets awkward when trying to end a conversation)
    She does her best to get along with everyone around her. If there is someone she doesn't like (or they don't like her) it's usually for good reason.
    She tends to bring up random thoughts that comes to her head and gets easily distracted.
    She got the nickname "Squirrel Brain" because of this.
    Shes very fidgety and doesnt like to stay in one place for too long.
    She is known to wander off when bored or due to her curious nature, to explore places around her.
    She loves animals and has many horses that she loves like children.
    Scarlet is a great marksman (except when it comes to shooting cougars) and has never lost a gun fight (yet)...
    Shes not afraid to stand up to whats wrong and what is right.

    Early Life 


    (A Young Scarlet while she Lived in Porto Rico with Her Father)

    Scarlet was born September 3rd, 1877 to Martin Storm and Luisa.
    Martin was a traveling merchant, who would exchange good between islands in the Carribean and in southern parts of North America. During a fateful trip to Porto Rico, to procur coffee for trade, he met Luisa in the village of Jayuya.
    They fell in love as soon as they laid eyes upon each other. They were soulmates. Destined.
    It wasnt too long till they were expecting a child together.
    Sadly, when Scarlet entered the world her Mother left soon after. The toll of the delivery, and the lack of medical care was too hard on her. She wasnt able to pull thru.
    Martin was crushed, devastated by the loss but he had a baby to take care of and he began his focus on raising her.

    For the first few years of Scarlets life, she lived on the Island of Porto Rico with her Father. Staying in the same village as her mother, Jayuya.
    He wanted her to get to know the people her mother was apart of. Martin focused on helping the village with it's production of Coffee and transporting goods to the Port of Ponce.
    Some of Scarlets favorite memories was traveling from Jayuya to Ponce, a larger town by the beautiful beaches. Martin would take her to the beach where she run around with her father, collecting shells, learning more about the people her mother came from.
    When she was 5 she danced her Areyto, her naming ceremony, where she received her Taina name, Anaris
    [Ana-Ris]. Which means 'Red Flower'.
    She was also given her Mothers bow, something her Father held onto when she passed. The Caribe from her Mothers tribe taught the young Scarlet how to handle it and soon she was able to hit her marks.
    Martin was proud of his daughter and how much she was like her Mother. Though there were parts of her Mother, worrying traits, that he was unaware of that Scarlet inherited...
    Over time, Martin found it best to find more sustainable, safer work for himself and to support Scarlet. Though the Coffee import business was doing well, the conflict of the land was of great concern to him. With money he had saved, he bought passage for himself and Scarlet to America.
    At the tender age of 7, Scarlet said goodbye to he island living and set sail with her father to Florida and begin a new life there. Scarlet had only known the sea, the forest, the island and the simple living it gave. But Martin helped prepared her for the life she might expect in the States.

    (7 Year old Scarlet setting Sail with her Father)


    (Scarlet Traveling the Roads with her Father)

    Scarlet and her father started their travels in Florida, exchanging in goods and doing odd jobs on the side. They lived out of a big Caravan for the first couple of years in the States.
    Scarlet loved the outdoors and getting lost within it. Her father had his hands full with a child who was filled with wonder and curiousity. Her knack for exploring had gotten her in trouble from time to time.


    When she was 9, she was currently staying in a town that was settled near the swamps.
    Her father was currently working a side job, repairing the dilapidated Church.
    Scarlet was suppose to stay at the caravan and tend to her daily chores but curiosity got the best of her. Following a stray cat that caught her attention, she soon found herself lost in the swamps. When her Father returned home that night, he noticed right away she was missing. He easily followed her trail and found a bloodied Scarlet huddled under a tree crying and shaking.
    Her father immediately looked her over for injuries but none could be found.
    Clutching tightly in her hand was a sharp rock, covered in blood and next to her was the corpse of a small Coyote with a cat dead in its mouth.
    Scarlet sobbed out how she tried to save the Cat from the Coyote's clutches but it was too late. So she angrily attacked and killed the Coyote for what it did.
    A side of her was shown that night. The side she inherited from her Mother that even her father wasnt aware of. One that caused her Father worry when he listened to her story.
    Her vengeful rage. But to young Scarlet, she felt what she did was Just.
    She felt like she avenged the cat.
    Scarlet never talked about the incident again and neither did her Father.

    When she was 10, they traveled North, finding themselves in the Carolinas.
    In a small developing town, they settled their roots. Moving into a small cabin nestled in the woods. Martin found a job similar to what he did prior to Scarlets birth.
    Taking grain, goods, and supplies to neighboring towns across the county.
    Scarlet was happy here. She grew close to many folks, helping out those in need and assisting her father with his work as well.
    Scarlet was taught by a retired Professor named Alfred Marks, who moved in the town years prior to her arrival with his wife Sarah Marks. He gave her books, explained the unexplained and peaked her curiousity for the world around her. His wife taught Scarlet how to cook and identify plants you can find in the the wild. Scarlet also took an interest in Mrs. Mark's fancier fashion that she wore. The older lady showed her magazines from New york, where the old couple use to live. Scarlet was surprised to see a world filled fancy dressed folks like Mrs. Mark and dreamed of days where she could be dressed just as elegantly.

    (Scarlet gathering flowers with Mrs. Marks)

    The old couple took care of her like she was one of their own whenever her Father was busy or away on delivery jobs. They were the Grandparents she never had and was always quick to run off to their cottage to see them. Martin was delighted his child was settling well. Scarlet flourished and her life felt complete.
    But life has a funny way of turning things upside down in an instant


    Present Life 


    Arriving to New Alexandria

    Scarlet arrived to New Alexandria towards the end of May of 1901. Scarlet didnt know a single person within the State and was too nervous
    to reach out to those who passed by her.
    One day, while visiting Valentine, a man came over to Scarlet, mistakening her for someone else. A conversation was sparked up and he invited her to a Bar opening in Tumbleweed. His name was Joseph Manning and with that invitation, he offered to give Scarlet a gun since she had none.


    The Boston Blinders (Former Member)
    King's Cross General Practice (Former Employee)
    Olive and Twist
    Ailments & Antidotes (Owner)
    Rose & Marigold: Medical Practice (Co-owner)

    ♡ Romantic Partner ♡
    Single Pringle

    ★ Family ★
    Martin Storm (Biological Father) - Deceased
    Yuisa Storm (Biological Mother) - Deceased
    James Maverick (Adoptive Father)-Deceased
    Joseph Upshur (Cousin)

    𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝
    Josephine Godfey

    - The friendship between the two started when they made a pact the first day they met. Agreeing to be Best Friends to annoy
    Frank Landmark. Little did they know then that their friendship blossomed into one of the strongest bonds Scarlet has.
    Josie is the sister she never had and the confidant she always need. She cant imagine her life without her.

    ★ Closest Friends ★
    Shiloh Weston (Brother Figure)
    Amos Weston
    Arthur Thompson
    Katarina Kane (Mother Figure)
    Juniper Mercer
    Marla Sullivan (Sister Figure)
    Sal Sullivan (Brother Figure)
    Colt Calloway
    Leroy Smith
    Joy Goode
    Rowan Ward (Sister FIgure)
    Lochlan Kennedy

    ★ Good Friends ★
    Billy Butters
    Polly Paley
    Ash Wood
    Tony Dale
    Jacob Loveday
    Wenna Loveday
    Freya Grayson

    -A few from her past and present.
    But none are worth mentioning.


    "Son of a Bitch"-General Frustration Quote
    "M'Lady" - What she says to Josie



    She has been in 5 gunfights and has played the major part in winning them.
    She has a metal plate in her head due brain surgery to remove scar tissue.
    She nearly lost her arm after petting a Grizzly Bear.
    She has very bad memory problems, due to mutiple brain injuries.
    Scarlet is indeed very accident prone.
    Privately brags about Knocking out Lockhail Hawkins after confronting her for harmful lies she was spreading about her best friends Sal & Marla's relationship

    (although she just meant to push her away when she tried walking up to Scarlet. Scarlets small gremlin energy proved to be too powerful)
    Scarlet was engaged to Headin Jacobs for a few weeks before calling it off.
    She was married to Henry McCall, a leader in her former gang, moving to England with him in August BUT eventually lost contact with him over time when she traveled back and forth from the states. She divorced him after not hearing from him in some time, feeling abandoned.
    She was close to The Krays, was even asked to be an initiate. She left after not agreeing with their values.
    Scarlet onced got kidnapped 3 times in one week, all by different people/groups.
    She was once deputized by Zeke Bell, something she is proud of, to help him and another deputy against The Godfreys.
    Her adoptive Father passed away in her arms in Valentines as they looked on to the sunrise with Katarina Kane. It created a strong bond between her and Kat
    She wears a choker, which covers a scar on her neck where she got shot at back in October.
    She usually is seen wearing a Silver Pocketwatch, which was a gift given to her when she joined The Boston Blinders.

    All her hand guns are engraved with a Panther.
    Her Navy was her first gun. Gifted to her by Joseph Manning, a legenday gunsmith. The gun means a lot to her.
    Scarlets Taino name is Anaris, which means 'Red Flower'. It is the reason she wears red roses in her hair and the affinity towards the color red.
    She often states the reason why she is so small was due to being malnourished as a child. Though that isn't the actual reason. She's just small.
    She enjoys changing her hair. From braids, to buns or whatever fits her mood.

    She owns a blonde wig that she bought while on a trip to see a Dr out East. She use to wear it often to conceal that most of her head was shaven due to medical treatments she got done while gone. Now she wears it occasionaly for events or when it fits her mood.

    ✧Scarlet's Theme Songs

    'When you were young'- The Killers
    'Somewhere only we know'- Rhianne
    'Rhiannon'- Fleetwood Mac
    'Something in the Orange' - Zach Bryan (Song that Josephine Godfey Sang when Scarlets Father died)
    'Im just a girl'- Florence & The Machine Cover
    'Evil'- Melanie Martinez (Song represents her growth after the betrayal from V, her ex)

    ✧Scarlet Artwork
    By Kiwi Art
    By CutterBasset


    Above done by ME

    Scarlet Storm















    Jayuya, Porto Rico



    Marital Status:



    Martin & Yuisa Storm -Parents
    (Both deceased)
    James Maverick -Adoptive Dad
    Joseph Upshur -Cousin


    State Representative
    Doctor. Pharmacist. Surgeon
    Secretary of Press (Former)
    Judicial Clerk (Former)
    Bartender (First Job)


    Anaris (Taino given name)
    "Little Gremlin"
    "Squirrel Brain"
    "Story Book Princess"- Mr. Oz

    Faction Affiliations:

    Rose & Marigold Medical Practice

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