Molly Ray

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  • Molly Ray


    A sweet but sassy sometimes short-tempered lady trying to navigate life. Sometimes best known for the tragedies in her life than the good parts.

    Early Life 

    Molly was born in the Spring of 1876 in Saint-Denis. During birth, her mother, Marion, passed away. Leaving her father, Earl, to care for the infant and their other six children. Times became hard for an out of work depressed alcoholic, so they bounced from town to town with the oldest children picking up odd jobs to care for the family.

    Eventually, the family ended up in the Tall Trees portion of West Elizabeth. They were able to build a small cabin and live off the land. Losing three siblings to illness was hard for Molly as a child. They were more than just her caretakers, as her father never was able to kick the bottle. They were what she thought was her whole world.

    Earl frequently traveled to Strawberry to drink and play poker with a rag-tag group of moonshiners. This event would be pivotal in Molly's future. One night during a drunken poker game Earl, bet Molly's future and lost. Her father had now promised Molly's hand in a marriage that she wanted no part of. It wasn't that Alfred wasn't a good man. He was, he would go on to make some woman very happy someday. Molly wanted to travel to the country. Something burned inside of her that called her. The higher power of sorts, or maybe just plain out rebellion.

    Seventeen and faced with a life-changing decision Molly ran away. Leaving everything, she knew behind. Freedom was what she wanted, and boy did she get it. She was a decent hunter, learning from, in her opinion, the best, the older brothers. While out hunting, she ran into Moses, an older retired bounty hunter that opened her world into something bigger than what she could ever imagine. Old Man Moses taught her everything he knew about tracking people, wanted people, fugitives. Confident in the newly learned skills, she set off to Tumbleweed to secure her newfound occupation.

    Once in Tumbleweed she ran into, Floyd Marshall, leader of a newly formed Posse, "The Blackwater Butchers". While they were more questionable in their work line than most, she oddly felt safe with them. He was impressed with her "natural" bounty hunter abilities and seemed like a swift learner. While she did say she had some exposure to bounty hunters, Molly never entirely told Floyd that she had previously trained. She tailed among them for about a year, lying about her age and where she came from. It wasn't long until they were finally able to figure her out and offered her refuge where she vowed to never lie to them again.

    Present Life 

    Over the years, members of the Butcher's came and went, ultimately leaving Molly and Floyd as the last two members. Though they had been around each other for years, Molly and Floyd had never been romantic with each other. She cared for him, but was confused and often intimidated by him. Things changed when it became just the two of them. She found herself taking more care of him. He was more open with her. Emotionally she was confused, was he something more, or was he still just her boss? Everything between them completely changed when Molly drunkenly stumbled into his apartment. After that night, it was for all intents and purposes, over for him just being her boss. He was the only soul in the world she now trusted and loved.

    Time changes people. While their time in New Alexandria brought them great joys, it also brought them great pains. Molly and Floyd were married in the middle of Valentine in May of 1899. Molly soon referred to a man like a father who had wished for a shotgun wedding. Soon Molly would be Mrs. Marshall. Later on, the same day, becoming a mother, Molly would agree to adopt a woman who had no family within the state. Carolina King was now her daughter.

    Bliss never lasts long for Molly. Fighting and abuse grew. She was a shadow to her husband, and he intended to keep her that way. Molly, always the free soul, would crush under this new lifestyle. Eventually, the abuse would lead physically, and after being beaten, Molly's heart grew cold. It was time, her new family told her. Time to let go and move on. So she did exactly that. She asked for a divorce and never saw Floyd again.

    Through time and trials Molly eventually joined the New Alexandria Sheriff's Department, she committed fully to her new career enjoying the adventure it took her upon. While on the job she grew closer to one of her colleagues. A man notorious for his charm, and wit, Mr. Dawson Ray. Over time it had become clear to both of them, that they cared deeper for each other than had first been agreed upon. Dawson for the first time in her entire life had made Molly question the future she wanted. As they both raised through the ranks, they experienced loss and stress. Stress that would push them apart and then back together. Dawson eventually proposed to Molly in Blackwater...a town that had become the source of every happy moment for them as a couple. Where they had started, where they declared their love for each other, and now where they had become a soon-to-be family.

    Stress grew upon Dawson's shoulders eventually leading to him retiring from the department, and returning to England for business sake. However, before Dawson could leave for England, he and Molly decided they would sneak away to California to get married. She was his, and he was hers. He held her heart and would forever. A young woman by the name of Saskia had entered their lives and melted both of their hearts. It wasn't long before Saskia had asked Molly to adopt her, having reservations due to the fact that Saskia was a part of a family by the name of Hagen, a known criminal family, Molly, and Dawson, away still in England, both agreed it was time to give Saskia a proper family. Saskia soon became Saskia Ray and the three of them now had to navigate their lives together with an ocean apart

    Time grew longer and Saskia grew ill. Molly's heart shattered when Saskia passed away, leaving Molly alone, unable to cope with losing her daughter alone, Molly soon filed for divorce from Dawson. It wasn't long until something unexpected happened. Now looking at moral conflict she wanted to stay true to her heart, do her job, and let her heart be healed. He did that, even if she had to put him in ropes and shackles from time to time. Where this new adventure would take her, she didn't know, all she knew was that her once the cold broken, and lost heart was now claimed, not just by him but also what he gave her.

    Things have changed in Molly's life. One thing that remains is her heart is entirely too big for her body and she will always be led by it.



    "Something like that I guess"


    Molly Marion Ray











    110 Lbs.


    1876, late Feb early March, exact date unknown


    St. Denis, Leymone, New Alexandria


    New Alexandrian

    Marital Status:

    Something like Love


    Jodah Sterling
    Georgia Banks
    Carolina King
    Saskia Ray (Deceased)
    Patrick Lake
    Sean McCree
    Luke Bourbon

    Benjamin Banks
    Kevin Tremonti
    Milo Reines
    Antonio Delgato
    Anna Mayfield
    Jericho Baker
    Wade Wyatt
    Tommy True
    Kreuger Stroolinger
    Jodah Erickson


    Deputy State Marshal, New Alexandria Sheriff Department


    Molls, Molly

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