Fox Alvarez

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  • Fox Alvarez


    Bella Rose, although goes by Fox and doesn't really associate with her actual name due to memory and trauma around that name. She seen to be wary but curious, suffers Echopraxia, Echolalia, PTSD, and split personality. She very protective of those she cares about and wants to help those she cares about. She does have blackouts and does something and "wakes up" realizing what is happening. She does her best to hide her fears and emotions, being paranoid of being punished for anything. She has a fear of being abandoned, fear of being hit, and fear of being roped up. She is caring, sweet, and nice typically.

    Early Life 

    She was born to a british-american woman name Maribella Rose, her first born child. Her father is Ohanzee, which he is a native that had fallen deeply in love with Marribella. Through the early 5 years of her life it was nice. That's until she turned 5 years old and developed a mimic. She would repeat words anyone says sometimes, not imitate their voices but the words itself.

    Maribella tried her effort to go a doctor and see about fixing or changing this behavior. It got to the point put her on medication, which her father became furious when found out and stopped taking her to the doctor.

    When she turned 7 years old, her father became more strict and harsh, growing tired of her mimic behavior and punish her every time she does it. She would usually have bruises on her cheek from being slapped or on her arm when she was gripped so tightly and pulled into a room and locked inside for hours. Her father believed a fox spirit is possessing her and making her do these things. Half-way through age 7, her father started to make her learn medicine and healing, making her learn under a medicine lady and doctor. When she turned 8 years old, she became pretty good with her healing but little mistakes get punished and physically punished.

    Same time around when she was 8, her father grew so angry and had no idea what to do with her. He took her down to a facility that became open to suppose fix mental patients and cure them. She was forced onto a carriage and taken there. Where people wearing all black, known as nurse, taken her inside. She had number branded onto her arm with a tattoo and she was forced into a small room that only had a bed to sleep and a bucket to do her business. She would taken out of the room to given session/therapy by the nurse/doctors, which electric shock therapy to water drip therapy to just using a whip to use physical pain to stop mental problem. Which didn't work or help at all and developed second personality from it. Which second personality tries to shield her from the harm. She turned 10 years, she manage to escape and take a horse.

    She was able to find back home and looked through the window in the wrong time. She watched her father choke her mother to death while she was desperately trying to fight back but no use. The trauma watching her mother die cause her to blackout and second personality set it. Second personality went and kill her own father, which she remembers doing as Second personality let her remember it. Although she fled away from the home and end up in the cave where second personality took over as Bella Rose as an individual became vacant in a way that doesn't do anything.

    6 years lived in a cave near Annesburg and has forgotten everything who she was and where she came from and basically went feral.

    Present Life 

    Present life, she on the path trying to remember but also trying to figure herself out. Her first encounter was with The Krays, then met with Bela Belmonte, Alexander Ryder, Lizzie Bastion, James Macgonagal, Harim Gregory, Pedro Alvarez, Melody Black, Rulf, and few others. They basically adopted her into their group and all took take care of them. Alexander and Lizzie originally wanted to officially adopt Fox, although Fox now able to think for herself better at the time and think. She still sees them as family. She taken under Pedro Alvarez and Melody Black, which she sees as mom and dad to her. She dealing with mental problem like PTSD and second personality surfacing at times.


    Colts somewhat due to being adopted by Melody Black and Pedro Alvarez


    "Chocolate is life, chocolate is good."

    Trivia Journal
    Colt cards: 2 (1 signed) Scarlet Prescott, 9 River Colt, 1 (Signed) Jesse Sterling), 5 Alex Mercer, 5 Silver Horse, 10 Dallas Colt, 3 (signed) Ruby Colt, 1 (Signed) Ethan Colt, 9 Roslyn Eads, 5 Theodosia O'Hare

    Fox Alvarez











    110 lbs


    July 4th, 1883


    North Dakota


    Half-british-america, Half-Native

    Marital Status:



    Ohanzee (Father - Deceased)
    Maribella (Mother - Deceased)
    Three half-siblings (Missing - Unknown)
    Pedro Alvarez (Adopted Father)
    Melody Black (Adopted Mother)
    Isabella Belmonte (Aunt)
    Elizabeth Ryder (Aunt)
    Alexander Ryder (Uncle)
    James Macgonagal (Family)
    Harim Gregory (Family)
    Rulf (Family)


    I don't know?



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