Little Timmy's

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    Little Timmy's is one of the Irish Pubs spread around New Alexandria.
    What started in Valentine, became an established bar in Rhodes.


    In July 1901, Timothy O'Boyle started serving drinks by coincidence in Valentine. Due to the big succes he encountered during his first week of serving drinks, Timmy felt it was right to leave "the manky shithole" that Valentine is.
    Moving down south, Rhodes, he found a vacant parlour house that just breathes Ireland.
    The old Parlour House in Rhodes was abandonned, which was a sign for Timmy to establish his Irish Pub there.

    People came from over all of New Alexandria for the friendly environment and the amazing stories that were being told in the Irish Pub.
    Timmy organised multiple events such as "Timmy's Tequila Tuesday", "Topless Thursday", "Black Friday", etc.
    Soon he noticed he was short on hands as the place was more often then not packed with customers.

    Bob Volkov was hired as a dishwasher and bartender, while Ricky Shay was responsible for the safety of the customers and staff.

    As of August 29th 1901, Little Timmy's expanded it staff and services with hiring Ramona Hess. Her domestic services were dully noted by Timothy and she was hired as a chef. From this day on, one could come and order a meal in the Irish Pub.


    Little Timmy's





    Date Founded:

    July 7, 1901
    August 20, 1901 officially licensed