Ramona Hess

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    "Everything remains unsettled forever, depend on it"



    🖼️ Photographic Journal
    📖 An old journal and forlorn letters to her sister
    📖 A new journal "Such is the way of the world"

    Ramona Hess is the youngest twin with her sister Minerva (‘Mina’). She has deep dark chocolate brown hair usually worn in a messy bun, deep green eyes, fair skin and a bit of freckle in the face. She is short but a strong, swift, agile and determined woman with her feet firmly planted on the earth, matching her personality. She is attentive and passionate, uninhibited, dead honest, curious and always up for an adventure.

    She is in core good natured but impatient, stubborn, fiery and can be a bit tactless, sometimes mercurial and often clumsy. However precautious, she takes a realistic and practical approach to life and will surprise many frontiersmen with her adaptability. She has a big heart for charity and helping people out, and can be found doing so in various ways from time to time.

    Early Life 

    Isle of Rügen (Germany), Port Isaac (Cornwall, UK), Houghton (Lake Superior)
    Unwanted, conceived out of wedlock and in the midst of difficult political and religious circumstances concerning their heritage, the twins life started out in blood and chaos. Not having seen their mother alive the twins grew up with their (apparent?) father Hermann and his Welsh companion Eseld Stocker. The first 8 years of Ramona's life are a blur. She was told they were born in Germany. However, for most of Ramona's early childhood she grows up in coastal town Port Isaac, before they emigrated to the Americas as Hermann finds an opportunity to work as a geologist at an American mining company.

    To make ends meet in Houghton the girls - who are now about twelve years old - need to pitch in working various jobs and soon learn a variety of domestic skills. Minerva in particular would benefit from upholding a set of skills as she was born with a defect in the nerves, causing her to drag her leg and unable to walk a reasonable distance. Ramona constantly picking up the slack will grow into a strong, responsible, nimble and street smart young woman. The twins grow up to be culturally conscience, down to earth, hard working and skillful as well. Being a-typical twins, they disagreed about almost everything in their daily lives and as an awkward pair they were a nuisance to everybody that had to deal with them and their arguments.


    Not too much hindered and home schooled, Ramona takes care of her twin sister as well as she can. Needing to fend for themselves they entertain each other around the town's horse corrals, occasionally running a local errand by wagon or on horseback earning some pocket money. Opposite to Minerva, Ramona was 'one of the guys' - a tomboy; generally surrounded by corralling & cutting boys, often physically challenged and holding up her own just fine. She needed to grow up fast. To clear her head, she used to sneak out of town to visit the village of indigenous people just a few miles out, finding friends, her first crush and support there. She learns about fire hunting and to hunt with a bow, and respectfully live off the land, a skill that comes in handy much later when she ends up in New Alexandria. As she'd go off wandering alone more and more - and more often than her father appreciated, receiving punishment when found out. Their relationship is fragile and cold, her stepmother distant. The reason unclear and again a couple of years seem to have fallen from her memory. Her sister remains all she has until they leave home at the age of 22.

    The arrival
    The young women entered the state whilst delivering a horse carriage to Henry, a wagon salesman. Half way into the journey Minerva and Ramona got separated – Minerva struggling through a bad patch of neuralgia would take the ferry up river, separated from Ramona who is to continue alone with their two horses and the wagon. Ramona, being keen and witted enough to face the journey of a few days alone, eventually arrived in Blackwater without much hinder only to find Minerva not there. She shall search for her sister, to no avail, for months maybe even years to come.


    Establishing roots in New Alexandria
    For the first few years around she looks for any kind of irregular work at saloons and hotels and succeeds at getting by on her own. Luckily she has got distant family residing in Rhodes where she would stay for the time being, assisting them at their establishments running supply errands, cleaning and make-up service, serving breakfast and offering laundry service to guests and city dwellers. She'd linger on the motivation to keep searching for her sister and the thought that she shouldn't go back home, as her sister might resurface someday. Somehow. Adjusted to the idea of starting new, she'd call New Alexandria home.

    Starting a business: Cookery & catering
    [Summer 1901] She first puts her roots down for business in Rhodes, finding a new job at the local pub. Timothy, the local owner of the Irish pub, grants her the opportunity to cater her foods during opening hours. For a short time a business partnership blooms. Soon she’ll feel welcomed, supported and needed in a new community and tries building towards lasting friendships. She falls in love for the first time, with Jimmy Hersh. For a decent amount of time everything about the pub and the town is friendly and peaceful. An environment where Ramona’s better traits can thrive and where she can forget about her questionable past and hauntings.

    But inevitably things are about to change in Rhodes. The pub, the customers, the town itself. Violent confrontations with a handful of infamous characters threaten Alice's, Nora's and Ramona's life on multiple occasions. Problems with Jack Cecile, Alan Watson and Felix Nileson, Ares Baldwin and other individuals and groups like The Boston Blinders and The Krays start stirring the pot. Eventually the owner flees, the employees and customers scatter. It takes a while before things return back to normal but not what it used to be and many of the regular customers have already moved away from the dread. So does Ramona, who grows tired of being in the middle of meaningless, frilly conflicts could have been avoided and will start to spend less and less time at the pub.


    Strong bonds & severed ties
    [Autumn 1901] Rhodes will forever leave a bitter taste. Together with Jimmy, Alice and Nora they disappear West to Armadillo for a few weeks, to get out from under the perpetual harassment and violence around them. Their interdependent relationship intensifies and for a short moment Ramona would believe life can't have anything more to offer than this bliss, as she builds on her relationships with and adhering to a few friends she grows especially attached to.

    After things settle down and new opportunities present themselves they move back to a town of special 'occupational' significance: Blackwater. But as time progresses the people that closely surrounded her before will slowly but surely start to move away. Ramona grow close to a newfound 'family'. However having people watching over her feels comfortable, she tries to not get caught up in bad ways or owe them anything. These gang affiliations will inevitably cost her more than she'll gain from it, a sentiment proven ever so true when she loses Jimmy. For some time after, Ramona paints on a smile and a cheery disposition and lets the world think she is okay but few people understand what she was going through or showed patience for it when she opened up about it.

    Better efforts and new relations
    [Winter 1901] A few months go by as eventually she finds the strength to focus on her business again and she'd broaden her catering efforts finding new associates, drawing herself up indignantly. She discovers new meaning and energy forging new friendships and allowing herself to fall in love again. A man named Decker Slade will sweep her off her feet and take her on a journey that offers closure, strength and resilience. Turning a few cogs and putting some screws back into place, she seems ready for the future.


    [Summer 1902] She regains the confidence to chase her dreams again and decides to push forward for her business, requiring her to travel far and away. After travelling to Baltimore and New Haven to study specialised religious food handling and preparations, she is introduced to the basics of pasteurisation, a European practice that is just touching down on American soil. Chasing those dreams and aspirations, for a second time in her life she travels to the old continent to further study on food preservation and deepen her understanding of European (mostly German and French) cheeses. She'd expand trading relationships opening up intercontinental opportunities for her business back in New Alexandria.

    [Autumn 1902] Unexpectedly, Ramona is confronted by her past. Halfway through her journey she receives a letter. What follows is a peculiar encounter in Fredrikshavn that uncovers an important story of her past and her heritage, and alters her understanding of where she and her sister came from. The man she meets is one of three German brothers who followed the teachings of old Catharic beliefs. The twins are conceived to one of them: Jakob Hess. Not the one she knowns as her father (Hermann), but an uncle instead. Run out of Swedish territories, the twins weren't born in Imperial Germany but somewhere near Hetta in Finland.
    Carefully unfolding the story further she learns of her mothers heritage, true identity and the real story behind her gruesome death. The girls turn out to be of Sámi descendent from their mother's side. Her persistent draw towards the native (American) tribes back in Michigan and here in New Alexandria, and their way of perceiving life, starts to make a lot more sense and questions for long have finally been answered. Ramona is from now on sure of her original name and that of her sisters; 'Wiitala', although she chooses not to carry it.

    Head over feet
    [Winter 1902] Having loved and lost, a broken engagement leaving her marooned and once again cycling through various phases of friendships, the winter of 1902 dawns. As the holiday season presents itself once more, she'd ask herself if this could ever be a season of joy. Because ironically enough for her, it has never been. After having been wide-awake and foresightful to dealings, cover-ups and sufferings of people that assert power over the lives of her loved ones - she makes a decision. One that might soon cause a snowball effect. Once more her vigilant nature and the information she'd been gathering would finally prove beneficial. As she inevitably gets sucked into their orchestra her power is severely underestimated. Lip Darmon, their friends and Ramona put their lives at stake when their tenacity and courage reach an all time high. She herself is determined to burst their bubble and bring them down, following the lawful path still, in acceptance of the consequences to whichever way the ball bounces.

    Ever since she's been sticking close to newfound relations. Travelling back and forth from Strawberry to St. Denis and back often, not having dropped the ball yet and keeping up appearances of control. She's welcomed her lover and new friends into her camp, as they work towards the snow thawing and spring is about to break. By investing a surmountable amount of money and hard work they find themselves co-owners of the Strawberry stable grounds and work hard to keep it in the best shape possible. Keeping close to Big Valley and Strawberry, Ramona comes down to a strong and collected mindset again.
    But, Ramona has inevitably changed. People close to her will discover she's got a more of heavy heart and losing patience and hope for natural resolve. She'll turn her gaze to forge lasting partnership, digging deeper for meaningful relationships and settling down for good. She will cut down on her business activities as well, stating "business can wait, love can't" as she engages to marry Bram Donners and sharpens the knives preparing for whatever is still to come.


    Present Life 

    West Elisabeth
    The whole of West Elisabeth with Big Valley and part of the Great Plains feel like home so she sticks around Strawberry, residing at a riverside camp she shares with people closest to her. Anybody looking for her would most probably find her roaming somewhere between Blackwater, Big Valley and Colter; pasturing her animals, hunting, running supplies and trailing the area she loves most and knows best.

    Strawberry stability
    After she has established herself and made name as a well-known consummate caterer for event planners, saloons and other Businesses, she continues to involve herself in charitable organisations and activities as well. From time to time she takes on apprentices; teaching a new lot the ropes of quality catering & cooking - proper food preparation, health and safety; Aid packages, Valentine's Specials, organised picnic - it's all to keep her sane and busy.



    Constantly reassessing her choices but in courage of her convictions, Ramona keeps friends in all kinds of places. Some have a stronger presence than others. She's got big eyes and ears and a smart alignment that tends to work in her favour. She's a fairly approachable person overall but she keeps to herself and only has a handful of trusted friends. Just a few people actually know what she's about: A personal relationship with Ramona is either very superficial or very intense, there's nothing much in between.

    The Rhodes era
    Morgen Friendly
    Best friend (Alive)
    A good friend and once a regular to the Rhodes Irish pub together with Timothy O'Boyle, Ricky Shay, Maxim Krasnov, Mabel Pettybone and many others, Morgen has been sticking around Ramona like glue on paper. Their relationship is trusting and kind as they share a camp along the Upper Montana River. His dry humor and entertaining demeanor serves a positive addition to her daily routines. They explore, farm & fish together and keep to each other as a brother and sister do without complications. Ramona appreciates him for his everlasting presence and easy companionship.
    Manuel Portucale
    Close friend (Deceased)
    Another remnant of a group once very tight as regulars of the Rhodes Irish pub, Manuel has become one of Ramona's most reliable friends. A running joke that Manuel likes to remind her of is that they're each others plan B, a statement which Ramona openly opposes. She's got someone else in mind as a "plan B", if it ever comes to such a plan. However she doesn't understand him fully sometimes, she appreciates his unwavering loyalty to their friendship and shares her camp with him. She views herself as an instigator to him and his former wife Dahlia breaking up, and will always feel guilty for her involvement. The uncertain emotions over time heal, as they stick close together. As their friendship waxes and wanes they know always to count on each other when it matters. Unfortunately life isn't meant to be lived forever: Manuel get's shot and passes on January 14th, 1903.
    Ricky Shay
    Old friend (Unknown)
    One of the very first and truest friends she made in state and for a short while a crush that never made the cut. His goofy, endearing and disarming nature poses for an easy friendship to evolve as they go along with the tight knit group of friends. Up until the point that she loses sight of him. As tumultuous the Rhodes Iris pub became, so did their relationship. After she gets romantically involved with Jimmy Hersh and a kind of rivalry emerges, Ricky slowly moves to the background and as months pass he gets called away to business outside of New Alexandria. Ramona will forever fear she was the last straw turning him away and is unaware of his current whereabouts.
    Alice Jinks
    Old Friend (Unknown)
    One of the friends that carry over to the tumultuous period and one of the most intense friendships Ramona experiences, Alice quickly grows into a semblance of a sister she once lost. As unfortunate events unfold in Rhodes where Alice is held at gunpoint kneeling in the middle of town, and other altercations threatening their lives following shortly after, they cling together and leave Rhodes. As Alice, Nora and Jimmy form a closed pact and frequent Armadillo and Blackwater, their bond feels unbreakable. They rely on each other heavily with each passing day, until Jimmy finds himself involved with a gang and breaks with them. Alice, Nora and Ramona remain close but their bond proves irresistant to the tides. Personal troubles of Alice cause her to spiral and slip away, leaving state. Ramona still feels the sting of losing her, occasionally reminiscing over times past.
    Nora Croft
    Old Friend (Unknown)
    As Jimmy and Alice are now far from their grasp, Nora and Ramona stays connected regardless of their paths forking, keeping their interdependent relationship afloat. They stay true to their friendship and to the friends they keep between them like Billy Butters, Ricky Shay, Manuel & Dahlia Quinn and Timothy O'Boyle. As their kinship and relationships start to wax and wane, the care and shared worry for Connor Boysenberry brings them closer yet again however as months fly by Ramona loses sight of her indefinitely as Nora is now deemed to have left New Alexandria (for good?).
    Billy Butters
    Old Friend (Alive)
    Billy has always been somewhere inbetween. Smacked in the middle of Connor and Ramona, Connor and Polly, Nora and Ramona, or just some random lady he'd fallen for. For a time, they were all involved in the Bed Time Bandits©. Fun, bright and entertaining as Billy is, to Ramona he's one of those friends that can be away for ages and come back to her as it were yesterday she saw him last. As old time mates and sharing a camp together, they cherish good company in each other and Ramona appreciates him dearly despite not seen much of him over the last couple of months.

    The Blackwater era
    Jimmy Hersh ♡
    Former lover (Deceased)
    As the Rhodes Irish pub had a tendency to bring people together, so did it bring Jimmy to Ramona. When one day he introduced himself in town and the pub. being very apologetic and overly polite in his ways, he doesn't really stand out at first. But as a blonde with bright blue eyes, a wonderful soft voice, and totally into her, he catches Ramona’s eye within days. They grow a liking for each other and share many first times in state. The lucky fellow will later be of great significance and hardship to her story, as her future unfolds. Ramona puts a great amount of trust in Jimmy to keep her out of harms way and take lead to their life. Later Ramona will discover dark sides to his personality, sides that feel strangely familiar to herself. He shows special interest in unlawful paths and grows stubborn and volatile. However Ramona tries hard, she proves unsuccessful in trying to keep him out of trouble. Consumed by their love Ramona will allow him considerable latitude for an extended time. His membership to The Remnants brings her close to Iris Dragner, Kragen Murdoch, Boone Jackson, Tyler Banks and Robert Murdoch who take her in as a friend and "family member", overcoming many differences along the way. The relationship with Jimmy however does not hold. Over time Ramona grows less accepting of his choices and they drift apart, far enough for him to break up with her over it. Ramona is intentionally sidelined as he'll soon find his fate at the hands of law, eventually paying for his crimes by execution on February 23d, 1902.
    Boone Jackson
    Old friend (Alive)
    Now the questionable family holds many newfound friends for her, and a strange notion of safety, Ramona would always keep a healthy distance to their dealings. As the source of their connection is Jimmy and mutual friend Boyd Langston, of all of them Boone forms the strongest bond with Ramona, Boone proves to be a reliable, trusted friend and for a short time she finds solace in him keeping an eye on her and the friends they keep between them. But as mutual friends one by one fall away from them, so does their friendship. As Ramona has grown tired of the dealing surrounding The Remnants and is involved in a relationship with Decker Slade, who gives her the spur to pull further away from the unlawful friends she keeps, Boone deals with his own and his family's struggles and Ramona and him soon drift apart. However, after many months have gone by and inevitably losing a fair amount of people between them, Boone and Ramona have found a way to rekindle their intricate connection but will never be fully able to make up for the time lost.
    Connor Boysenberry
    Best Friend (Alive)
    However they've known each other from the early days in Rhodes, their connection and friendship blossoms only after Connor struggles with his injuries and practically loses all memories from before the accident. Ramona stays true to her nature and together with Boyd Langston, Billy Butters, Lockhail Hawkins and Nora Croft they nurse him back to health. Ramona appreciates Connor dearly and soon forms a close bond to him, never wanting to see him in pain again. Turning a few screws and cogs, and without him ever knowing, she instigates revenge on his assailant and confides in Boyd and Iris while doing so. She'll never forgive herself for not pushing harder earlier to keep him safe and as an awful period dawns and an unfortunate aftermath unfolds, she briefly loses sight of him as he retreats back to Colter. After eventually turning himself in for what happens during a vagary of revenge and confusion, Connor ends up imprisoned for life, making it even harder for her to stay close. Regardless of it all she doesn't leave him behind and remains close by, until and forward to he finally opts for parole on December 15th 1902 after which he is granted back his freedom. Ramona's shared explicit details of her life with him and considers him one of the most special friends she's ever had.
    Boyd Langston
    Close friend (Deceased)
    As their shared worry and care for Connor Boysenberry brings them together at first, they revolve around each other as friends for a long time after Connor ends up incarcerated. Holding this against Boyd for months, and their relationship always fragile at base, Ramona keeps an open mind to Boyd's dealings challenging his convictions and the way he conducts himself. They confide in each other often and reflect upon Connor, his late brother Timothy and other friends' dealings and occasionally hunt together to get away from the constant negativity surrounding the friends and acquaintances they keep between them. During her relationship with Jimmy, the presence of Boyd is a matter to be cautious about. Boyd once falls victim to the vengeful actions of Jimmy shooting him down, for which Ramona will forever feel responsible. However she's quite opposed to and unhappy of the choices he makes eventually leading to his passing in Sept 1902, she will always remember him as a close friend.
    Michael Montarello
    Close friend (Alive)
    Forming a group of friends exploring New Austin and the rest of state, Michael Montarello, Nora Croft, Fergus "Sticks" O'Leary, Vilhelm Hansson and Ramona form lasting friendships. They bond quickly and Michael over time feels like a brother to Ramona. Their friendship tosses and turns and can be quite tumultuous from time to time, but they always find their way back to each other. After Nora and Vilhelm leave, and "Sticks" prefers to move about on his own, Michael and Ramona stay close and share a camp. Once every blue moon they'll find themselves acting out in a way that suits Michael best: Rowdy. Having Nathan Burke and Iris Dragner between them as friends, for a little while Ramona would feel she'll lose him to the typical gang life as well, but fortunately time proves in favour of her convictions. At the moment Michael is travelling and undetermined on when to return.
    Vilhelm Hansson
    Close friend (Alive)
    Their friendship originating from having mutual friends, they grow closer over time as Vilhelm and Ramona share a passion for small livestock. Together they tend to their flocks of sheep and few straggling goats, leading to a shared business in sheep & goats milk cheeses, casings, raw milk products and cuttings. As they pasture and herd these animals on the Great Plains daily they form a great team and their engagement comes naturally. Discovering more of his story and background along the way, Ramona feels connected as they've been through the same hardships in their past. Vilhelm's presence in New Alexandria is nothing more than a second chance and Ramona feels for him as a kindred soul.

    The Strawberry era
    Decker Slade ♡
    Former lover and friend (Alive)
    As a kindred spirit he arrives in her life just as she seems to need it most. As she's heartbroken from Jimmy leaving and later his passing, and although Ramona stays distant at first, they grow quite close in little time. Sharing a similar set of convictions they spend lots of time together forging what feels like an unbreakable bond. With their passion for charity and nature, they match perfectly, making life easier for Ramona in ways she would've never dared to imagine. With piercing blue eyes, raven black hair, soft tan skin and tall posture he's a looker and ticks all her boxes. He is polite, humble and supportive, smart and observant, vigilant, compassionate and loyal to a Tee. Their love for each other is unwavering and passionate. As the relationship evolves he manages to mend the things that were broken in her, straightening out the twists and bends and expressed an understanding for her beyond the need for words.
    She'd fall madly in love with him and as they frequent Big Valley together they spend their time moving amongst mutual friends. On the 14th of April 1902 he asks her to marry him and she couldn't be happier to accept. However, as time slowly passes by their engagement loses momentum and she'll unexpectedly find it wasn't meant to last. Turning autumn of 1902 he breaks the engagement stating he isn't in any way capable of a promising commitment and that she deserves better. Despite of Ramona being heartbroken they'd soon agree to at least savour their friendship and keep each other around.
    Taryn Caulder
    Best friend (Alive)
    As Ramona finds herself in Big Valley more often than before, she'll soon find a friend in Taryn. As time passes and their bond strengthens, she confides in Taryn as one of her very best friends nowadays. She looks up to her, and appreciates her guidance and wisdom when times get tough. They share the same set of convictions, passions and interests and they work together on their Businesses helping each other out. Over time Ramona forms friendships with the people they keep between them as well, as she slowly starts to feel she's found a new kind of familiarity amongst them. Taryn, "Raven", Tommy True and chief Bones welcome her for who she is, fair and true and uninhibited. She feels safe with them all and as a friend of the tribe she searches for meaning and answers to her heritage. The friendships that formed between them offer many new ways for Ramona to move forward in life through strength, discipline and resilience.
    Fergus "Sticks" O'Leary
    Friend (Alive)
    A true explorer by heart, Ramona has been acquainted with him for quite some time now. Their personalities oppose each other so there will always be some challenges to their friendship as it waxes and wanes, but if they leave each other to their own accord they find enjoyable ways to nurture their friendship. A regular sessions of catch-up usually revolves around exchanging information and keeping up with new markets and venues. They keep Vilhelm Hansson, Jack Flood and Michael Montarello as mutual friends and whilst from time to time exploring the lands and it's opportunities together, they share the same interests, curiosity and a collective observant nature.
    Jack Flood
    Best friend (Alive)
    Meeting through their mutual friend "Sticks", sharing their passion for justice and their similar moral alignment, Ramona and Jack seem to have evolved a friendship of their own that is easy, thoughtful and animate. She appreciates Jack for his levelheaded approach to almost everything in life, showing her the vitues of fortitude and integrity. As chaos tends to circle around Ramona his trustful, kind and forgiving approach to her specifically is helping her stay on her feet. He's easy to be around and offers a strong constant in her life. She'll worry and care for him, as he carries out his duties. As time progresses he remains a close and dependable friend, one of her best.
    Franciszek Kowalski
    Close friend (Alive)
    Part of the people of Colter and Big Valley, and part of her life connecting the older friends she keeps, Kowalski and Ramona go way back. As old souls looking down on New Alexandria. Only after she'd start running errands and supplies to Colter every other week and visiting Connor during his challenging times, she'll find deeper connection and friendship with him. Ramona looks up to him, she trusts him and cherishes the experience and wisdom he provides and cherishes the impromptu moments they tend to bump into each other. This friendship needs time but is slowly evolving as she helps him run errands, teaches him how to shear his sheep, and confides in him more and more, whilst reminiscing about the friends they once kept between them.

    The St. Denis era
    Bram Donners ♡
    Fiancé (Alive)
    A big and strong British-Swede that comes crashing into her life at an unknown date and time somewhere during the Summer of 1902 and is one of those that'll stick around despite whatever she throws at him. Ramona and Bram connect quickly and his silly, uninhibited ways make her stick close by and enjoy every interaction and outing they have. He's brave and disciplined, selfless, attentive, adventurous and exuberant. For a short while he'd help Ramona around the livestock but soon he would find himself a job as bartender and security manager at The Four Horsemen in St. Denis, pulling Ramona towards the saloon even more often. He's one of the few that manage to keep her on her feet through thick and thin and the hardships she endures. They feel almost like siblings for the longest time and cherish a strong friendship, but the relationship gradually and inevitably shifts from being friends to devoted lovers. During the following few months they are presented with their own set of shared challenges and inabilities soon after giving into the romantic engagement. They stick together and eventually dare to take the next step by engaging for marriage on February 10th of 1903.
    Lip Darmon
    Close friend (Alive)
    It takes quite a while before their friendship deepens, as they've known each other since early 1901, but as Ramona frequents The Four Horsemen Saloon more often as a business partner and customer. Ramona has become one of the prominent regulars of the saloon and forms meaningful friendships with the people there. However, the presence of Sonny Harris, or Cosmo Kray as she remembers him from their past fragile personal relationship, is cause for Ramona to steer clear of forming a bond with Lip. But after a while Sonny proves to have moved away from their differences, leaving them space for new friendships to develop. Lip and Ramona discover surprisingly similar convictions regardless of their totally different backgrounds and lives, and find themselves confiding in each other more often. Over the course of the last few months, where Ramona finds herself in St. Denis almost daily, Lip and Ramona both find themselves pushed into a tight spot where only action and consequence seems the way out. In a proverbial way they march together.
    Fredrik Andersen, Agatha Baumstumpf, Brath Macwell & Kiwi McMalish
    Close friends (Alive)
    Still exploring but definitely trusted, close friends.

    Special items & gifts of significance to loved ones
    She was gifted a sapphire set of jewellery by Bram
    A golden bracelet set with sapphires and a silver necklace with a locket adorned by one small midnight sapphire stone.
    A custom made steel straight back knife gifted to Bram for Christmas '02
    A steel bladed knife engraved with a depiction of a Jörmungandr sea battle, symbolising the incomprehensible scale and power of life and everything in it. The hickory burled wood handle has burnt in it a traditional knotwork design, just as the deerskin leather sheathe Ramona has crafted for it.
    She was gifted a handcrafted quilt with appliqué of three fires
    A large, handmade quilt crafted as a gift to Ramona. Crafted by Fawn, wife of "Misa", Keweenaw Bay.
    She owns a custom crafted McClelland Saddle
    Originally a military saddle based on the Spanish tree saddle, is light weight and hand sewn in russet-brown ornamented bull hide leather. Measures a 13" wide and 8" high gullet, hape bars, R2 Mexican type horn and comfortable angled swell and cantle. The saddle is finished with a dark-blue, yellow & turquoise inlead weaving and rabbits fur patches. The bridle is finished with a matching woven romal. Crafted by Tkoozi Misaabooz, Keweenaw Bay.
    Three carefully sought out reading books gifted to Connor Boysenberry in times of gloom
    📔"Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World. In Four Parts" (1726) by Jonathan Swift,
    📗"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1886) by Robert Louis Stevenson,
    📓"Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas" (1869) by Jules Verne.
    A custom made bone knife gifted to Decker for Christmas '01
    A 440mm single edged hunting knife of a steel blade; engraved with the image of a beaver traversing water, a reference to a personal life story of his. The handle crafted from stag horn and subtly coloured markings of turquoise & red, symbolising courage and the connection to Earth. Handmade by Tkoozi Misaabooz, Keweenaw Bay.
    A customised Hutton & Baird Schofield gifted to Decker
    The Schofield revolver is snub-nosed and fully customised with rifling and improved sights, fully etched in baroque, grip engraved with an eagle.
    A wooden Owl carving gifted to Jimmy for his birthday
    The wooden carving with a hole bored in it just large enough to fit one .42 caliber (standard LeMat revolver) round. The owl meant to symbolise either wisdom & transformation or bad omen of doom; Ramona deemed it quite fitting, following the recurring themes of their lives together back then.

    Business owner
    Ramona's Roast - Cookery & catering
    Little Clee - Raised for wool and dairy

    Business associations
    Lace & Bells (former)
    Little Timmy's (former)
    Off The Rails (former)
    Cassidy's (former)
    The Four Horsemen


    "Hi there!"
    "Don't worry, I'm flexible"
    "Where are we going?!"
    "Calm down!"


    Bits, habits & Quirks
    🧗‍♀️ Loves heights and climbs things, but is clumsy enough to fall down and hurt herself.
    🛤️ Is always quite critical about others' path finding around New Alexandria.
    🌬️ Terrible at and easily bored with small talk and is likely to walk out of those suddenly.
    ✝️ She was raised in support of the old religions so has little understanding of Christian values.
    🎱 Is a bad liar and tends to make inappropriate jokes.
    🏕️ Resides at the Upper Montana Fishing Camp "Owls Hoot" with a bunch of close friends.
    🌪️ Is easily distracted and loses her train of thought often.
    🫂 Always ready to help people find the right path, even though it often proves challenging.
    🍓 Is wildly allergic to blackberries.
    🪶 Is damn good at crafting and fletching arrows using duck, pheasant & turkey feathers and gar scales.
    🦉 Feels the Owl is a significant being in her life, identifying with it.

    Loves & Hates
    🌼 She loves flowers and herbs, knows many by name, and will often be observed picking them.
    🧋 She loves all kinds of cheeses, hot chocolate, cognac and cold apple cider.
    💚 Her favourite colours are greens, browns & cream and dresses to it.
    🎻 She loves music and dancing and plays the fiddle sometimes.
    🐈 She is slowly overcoming her fear of (domesticated) cats.
    🤵 Appalled by the farce of a typical big, strong and silent type. "There's always more to it".
    ☯️ Is neutral good and values society, loved ones and humility above all else.

    🔪 An old, healed over laceration in the lower pelvic area.
    🤕 A small laceration scar above the eyebrow. Wagon incident.
    🤕 An indented scar on top of the nose bridge. Wagon incident.
    😾 Very poorly healed over claw marks on the right shoulder. Multiple panther attacks.
    🐺 An odd looking scar on her upper right leg, wolf bite. A fair amount of skin had been torn off.

    Notable personal items
    🌺 A few pressed, dried flowers gifted by Ricky, she keeps in a folded piece of paper.
    🌼 A handmade, corded and beaded hairband for putting fresh flowers in her hair.
    🧦 A pair of wool socks gifted by Mrs Mabel Pettybone for Christmas '01.
    🏹 A gator hide wrapped, gator teeth re-curve bow gifted by Manuel.
    A handcrafted bow, still to finish, started with Connor.
    🧣 A light pink scarf she shared with her sister, worn down to the thread she now keeps it in her pocket.
    📝 A drawing of 4 people wearing blue jackets and pink shirts, made by Nora, carefully rolled up and tucked away.
    🪶 A black Mallard Duck feather trinket & Blue Jay feather, both gifted by Decker.
    ⏱️ A silver pocket watch engraved with the initials "M&M".
    ♨️ A set of Emerald friendship earrings gifted by Manuel.
    💍 A set of sapphire jewellery and a diamond engagement ring, gifted by Bram.[/SIZE]


    Horses & Pets
    🐩 "Yuma", border collie (Deceased in Nov. 1902).
    🐕 "Kunik", a husky.
    🐴 "Nebula", a sorrel overo Criollo mare (11 yo).
    She belonged to Asher, Ramona's cousin. It's a tenacious, sociable and tractable mare that Ramona prefers to go hunting with. Asher rode her as as barrel racing horse, so she corners real tight and navigates through thick forest superbly. However easily grunted by snakes and other small critters, she does fine around big animals and doesn't get rattled by gunfire. Once in a while Ramona will breed her, producing wonderful and colourful foals (1: Meteor).
    🐴 "Comet", a few spotted white Appaloosa stallion (13 yo).
    Bred from Big Valley wild horses, Comet is a well balanced horse with a tad of a dance to his tread. Holds excellent composure around wildlife, prefers to be pastured year-round, holds out great in roughs and deep snow and proves to be a true trailing horse. Dislikes being touched however, especially on the feet or toward the hind end. Not a big fusser but prefers carrots and is often seen meticulously foraging for wild herbs.
    🐴 "Wicahpi" (Morning Star, 'Sun'), a grey overo American Paint colt (6 yo).
    Bought at the Rosewood Ranch Horse Auction. Close to home, this boy was bred by Lakota for hunting buffalo but lacked courage and motivation. Ramona thought he might serve better herding and guarding a flock of sheep. Wichapi has proven a great talent chasing after coyotes, foxes and even fend off an occasional lone wolf. He's playful, nosy, expressive but sly. Oftentimes ridden unbridled he loves to roll in the mud and nibble on clothes.
    🐴 "Meridian", a dark bay Andalusian mare (7 yo).
    Unflappable, steadfast and a real people pleaser. Sometimes a little obtrusive. She's isn't too perceptive and a terrible jumper but Meridian has proven to be an excellent no-nonsense riding horse. She dislikes getting her feet wet and has a strange preference for wild mints and candy canes.
    🐴 "Meteor", a light palomino Mustang mix colt (3 yo).
    Bred from Nebula and a dapple buckskin Mustang from New Austin, he's a looker. Just green broke he's bullheaded fitting his age but shows to be intuitive and a hard worker. He is cheeky with the livestock, crazy for carrots and a class clown in the barn.
    🐴 "Sedna", a grey snow cap Appaloosa mare (9 yo).
    Aloof and impressionable but responsive and agreeable. Ramona had fallen in love whilst traversing Big Valley with Comet, who'd shown a fancy for her along the fence line. She is unshod, loves apples and sugar cubes, dislikes hay and seems to have a preference for the most murkiest of waters. Most impatient she has a hard time standing still and will try and move forward under the saddle by discontentedly turn circles.
    🐴 "Menily", a champagne splashed American Paint mare (6 yo). A sure footed mare that proves to be loyal to a Tee, she's a newly adopted hunting partner to Ramona especially for the lands up the snowy mountains. She perks up at the first sight of snow, dislikes cobbled roads so is difficult to take into the city and will throw a tantrum if pushed. She is unshod. Loves hay and apples, and feels most comfortable grazing the Big Valley meadow.
    🐴 "Galaxy", a flaxen roan Tennessee Walker mare (11 yo). A wonderful riding horse bought off of a wrangling focused ranch. The horse is originally trained a cutter horse on which Ramona leisurely will let loose once in a while.
    🐴 "Coin", a golden dun Mustang mare (6yo). A share with Bram, she's nursing the young mare to a more rounded training - aiming to finish her for trailing and hunting.
    🐴 "Volnas", a sooty buckskin Dutch Warmblood stallion (7 yo). Acquired from a Blackwater Stock Import company. The horse now renamed Volnas kicked a dockworker to death after being loaded off the ship, deemed uncontrollable, Ramona saved him from being put down. He's showing promise and is in training for sale.

    🐴 "Esmeralda", a raven black Kladruber mare (6 yo). - Stabled with Wyatt Morningstarr -
    🐴 "Atlas”, a piebald tobiano Hungarian Half-bred stallion. - Stabled with Perzival Kawewe -
    🐴 "Gravity”, a grullo dun Criollo mare. - Stabled with Lizette Graham -
    🐴 "Juno" (Queen of Heaven), a dapple grey Missouri Foxtrotter mare. - Stabled with Decker Slade -
    🐴 "Runs for the Roses", a golden Turkoman mare. - Stabled with Rush Klein -
    🐴 "Orbit", a sable champagne Missouri Foxtrotter stallion. - Stabled with Connor "Goggles" Osborne -

    Ramona Hess







    Late twenties


    5'4" (167 cm)


    130 lbs (58 kg)


    November 22d


    Unknown place, Finland


    European descent

    Marital Status:

    Engaged to Bram Donners


    Jaana Wiitala, mother ♱
    Hermann Hess, father ♱
    Minerva ‘Mina’ Hess, sister ♱
    Eseld Stocker, adoptive mother
    Ellen Stocker-Gray, aunt
    George Stocker, uncle ♱
    Asher Stocker, cousin
    Luke Stocker, cousin ♱
    Marie Lynn Stocker, cousin





    Faction Affiliations: