Ramona Hess

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  • Description 

    Ramona Hess, born in the region of West Pomerania is the youngest twin with her sister Minerva (‘Mina’). She has deep dark brown hair usually worn in a messy bun, green eyes and a bit of freckle in the face. She is short but a strong and agile young woman with her feet firmly planted on the earth, matching her personality. She is attentive, vivacious, cheerful and disarming and always up for an adventure. She is in core good-natured, but fiery and a bit tactless, impatient and often clumsy. She takes a realistic and calm approach to life and will surprise many frontiersmen with her adaptability.

    Early Life 

    The twins life started out as being unwanted. Their mother being a foreign dignitary’s wife went out of her way to protect the children, who were conceived outside that marriage to another man, ensuring they would be safe from domestic tyranny. Not knowing their mother, the twins grew up with their father Hermann, a Pomeranian man, and his Cornish companion Eseld Stocker. For a few years they lived in Cornwall, Britain, before they emigrated to the Americas as Hermann found an opportunity to work as a geologist at an American mining company ⛏️

    To make ends meet in Houghton, the girls needed to pitch in taking on odd jobs and soon learned a variety of domestic skills like washing, bleaching, sewing and mending. Minerva in particular would benefit from upholding a set of skills, as she was born with a defect in the nerves, causing her to drag her leg and unable to walk a reasonable distance. Not too much hindered and being home schooled, Ramona took good care of her twin sister as they hung around the town's horse corrals, occasionally running a local errand by wagon or on horseback. In exchange of feeding and watering the horses and clearing out the stables, a local horseman offered them riding lessons and lessons in draft horse wagon driving. The twins grew up to be culturally conscience, down to earth, hard working and skillful young women.

    Present Life 

    At present day, 1901, the girls entered the state whilst delivering a coach to Henry, a wagon salesman. Half way into the journey, Minerva and Ramona got separated – Minerva had been having a bad patch of neuralgia and would take the ferry ⛴️ up river, leaving Ramona to continue alone with their two horses and the wagon. Ramona, being keen en witted enough to face the journey of a few days alone, eventually arrived to Blackwater without much hinder, only to find Minerva not there.

    Laundress, house keeper and boarding house employee at her aunt's establishment
    She felt she shouldn't go back home, as her sister might resurface someday. So she adjusted to the idea of starting new, in New Alexandria. Luckily she has family living in Rhodes where she could stay for the time being. She helps out at their owned hotels running supply errands, cleaning and make-up service, serving breakfast and offering laundry service to guests and city dwellers. She's been looking for irregular work at the saloons and hotels around state.

    Cook, hostess, catering
    As she felt lonely and a bit marooned coming into State, she's been trying to make new acquaintances, and first put her roots down for business in Rhodes - 🧁 working out of the local pub. From there she's been spreading out her catering efforts, finding new places to work from, finding more partners to work with, moving around State in doing so.


    The Twins


    Mount View Hotel, Rhodes
    Little Timmy's


    "Hi there!"
    "Don't worry, I'm flexible"


    👉 She will twirl her dark curls around her when feeling uneasy.
    🧗‍♀️ Loves heights and climbs things, but is clumsy enough to fall down and hurt herself.
    🎱 Is a bad liar and tends to make improper jokes.
    🏡 Lives and sleeps in the parlour house or at the keeper’s house when possible.
    🏠 Has moved into one of the cabins just north of Rhodes, as her cousin Asher moved out of the State.

    📖 Has a difficult time reading and writing.
    😶‍🌫️ Is easily distracted, loses her train of thought. Bad memory too.
    🍓 Is allergic to strawberries.
    🥃 Can't hold her liquor but that doesn't keep her from drinking.
    🧠 Has a bit of a compulsive thing when it comes to the order of things.

    Hopes & fears
    ♊ She is dearly connected to her twin sister, and dreads the loss of being separated from her.
    🏨 Hopes to one day own a business.
    ✍️ She fears she won't ever be able to read or write properly.

    Loves & Hates
    🌼 She loves flowers and herbs, knows many by name, and will often be observed picking them.
    🧋 She loves all kinds of cheeses, hot chocolate and cold apple cider.
    🐈 She hates cats and will shoo them away, but loves dogs.
    💜 Her favorite colours are purple and cream, and dresses to it.
    🎻 She loves music and plays the fiddle herself.

    Horses & Pets
    🐴 "Gravity”, a grullo dun Criollo.
    Gravity is a well-centered young mare she brought with her from up North. Gravity is very tractable but has difficulty standing still and being hitched for too long, and will try to escape. She is the most affectionate type, likely to nudge you, loving, innocent. She is a bit obtrusive to other horses and spooks from dogs. She likes apples, not carrots, is o k with hay and seems to prefer the most dirty, mucky water over clean, clear water to drink from.
    🐴 "Orbit", a golden champagne Foxtrotter.
    Orbit is a frisky young stallion, originally purchased for Ramona's sister Minerva. He dislikes rain and will try and bolt away from under the rider when displeased about it. Funnily enough, he loves to wade through bodies of water and needs to be restrained from lying down in shallow streams and muddy pools. He likes to work and thrilled to do his job as soon as he learns it. He likes hay, not apples, not carrots and goes around picking young leaves from low hanging branches any chance he gets.
    🐴 "Nebula", a sorrel overo Criollo. She belonged to Asher, her cousin. It's a well-centered, calm, lovely mare who Ramona prefers to go hunting with. Once in a while Ramona will breed her, producing wonderful and colourful overo foals.

    Notable items
    💎 A braided wristband that she shares with her sister. She doesn't wear it, but it's put away in her pouch.
    🌺 A few pressed, dried flowers gifted by Ricky Shay, she keeps in a folded piece of paper for safekeeping.
    🌼 A handmade, corded band for putting fresh flowers in her hair.
    👒 A worn-out scuffed leather flop hat that reminds her of the first few months in State.

    Ramona Hess









    5'4" (164 cm)


    119 lbs (54 kg)


    nov 11, 1879


    West Pomerania (Germany)



    Marital Status:

    Dating Jimmy Hersh


    no name mother
    Hermann Hess, father
    Minerva ‘Mina’ Hess, twin sister

    Ellen Stocker-Gray, aunt

    George Stocker, uncle ♱
    Asher Stocker, cousin
    Luke Stocker, cousin
    Marie Lynn Stocker, cousin


    Domestic Service
    Hostess cook



    Faction Affiliations: