Ramona Hess

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    Ramona Hess, born in the region of West Pomerania in Germany is the youngest twin with her sister Minerva (‘Mina’). She has deep dark chocolate brown hair usually worn in a messy bun, green eyes, fair skin and a bit of freckle in the face. She is short but a strong and agile young woman with her feet firmly planted on the earth, quick and strong, matching her personality. She is attentive and passionate, uninhibited, curious, vivacious and disarming and always up for an adventure. She is in core good-natured but impatient, stubborn, fiery and can be a bit tactless, sometimes mercurial and often clumsy. However somewhat distrustful, she takes a realistic and practical approach to life and will surprise many frontiersmen with her adaptability. She has a big heart for charity and helping people out, and can be found doing so in various ways.

    Early Life 

    Rügen (Germany), Port Isaac (Cornwall, UK), Houghton (Lake Superior)
    Unwanted, conceived out of wedlock and in the midst of difficult political and religious circumstances concerning their mother, the twins life started out in blood and chaos. Not having seen their mother alive the twins grew up with their (apparent?) biological father Hermann, a Pomeranian man, and his Welsh companion Eseld Stocker. Born in Germany and for most of Ramona's early childhood growing up in coastal town Port Isaac, they emigrated to the Americas as Hermann found an opportunity to work as a geologist at an American mining company.

    To make ends meet in Houghton the girls - who are now about 12 years old - need to pitch in working various jobs and soon learn a variety of domestic skills. Minerva in particular would benefit from upholding a set of skills as she was born with a defect in the nerves, causing her to drag her leg and unable to walk a reasonable distance. Ramona constantly picking up the slack will grow strong, responsible, nimble and street smart. The twins grew up to be culturally conscience, down to earth, hard working and skillful young women. They disagreed about almost everything in their daily lives and as an awkward pair they were a nuisance to everybody that had to deal with them.


    Not too much hindered and being home schooled, their father being out for work often and their stepmother not emotionally available either, Ramona takes care of her twin sister as well as she can. Needing to fend for themselves they entertain each other around the town's horse corrals, occasionally running a local errand by wagon or on horseback earning some pocket money. Opposite to Minerva, Ramona was 'one of the guys'; generally surrounded by corralling & cutting boys, being challenged and holding up her own just fine. She needed to grow up fast. To clear her head, she used to sneak out of town to visit the village of indigenous people just a few miles out, finding friends (and her teenage crush 'Tkoozi') and support there. She learns to hunt properly and respectfully live off the land, a skill that comes in handy much later when she ends up in New Alexandria. As she'd go off wandering alone more and more - and more often than her father appreciated.

    One of the recurring theme's of Ramona's life is the unstable aftermath mixture of her mothers death, the loss of her sister and the altercation that follows one of the punishments she receives from her father, which will influence her future once she reaches adulthood. It changes the way she values relationships, family and her growing skepticism about Christian religion.

    Present Life 

    New Alexandria
    Turning Spring 1901 the young women entered the State whilst delivering a coach to Henry, a wagon salesman. Half way into the journey Minerva and Ramona got separated – Minerva struggling through a bad patch of neuralgia would take the ferry up river, separated from Ramona who is to continue alone with their two horses and the wagon. Ramona, being keen and witted enough to face the journey of a few days alone, eventually arrived in Blackwater without much hinder only to find Minerva not there. She shall search for her sister, to no avail, for months to come and upon learning she will never find her will forever be dealing with the aftermath.


    Simple work as laundress and boarding house employee at her uncle's establishment
    For the first few months around she looks for any kind of irregular work at saloons and hotels around State and succeeds at getting by on her own. In passing she gets to know a lot of people. She lingers on the motivation to search for her sister and the thought that she shouldn't go back home, as her sister might resurface someday. Somehow. So she adjusted to the idea of starting new, in New Alexandria. Luckily she has family living in Rhodes where she could stay for the time being, assisting them at their establishments running supply errands, cleaning and make-up service, serving breakfast and offering laundry service to guests and city dwellers.

    Starting a business: Cookery & catering
    She first put her roots down for business in Rhodes, working out of the local pub. Timothy, the local patron of the Irish pub, grants her the opportunity to cater her foods during opening hours. For a short time a business partnership blooms. Soon she’ll feel welcomed, supported and needed in a new community and tries building towards lasting friendships. She falls in love. For a decent amount of time everything about the pub and the town is friendly and peaceful. An environment where Ramona’s better traits can thrive and where she can forget about her troubling youth and hauntings.

    However things are about to change in Rhodes. The pub, the customers, the town itself. Violent confrontations with a handful of infamous characters threaten Alice's life, and Ramona's. Problems with gangs starts to stir the pot. The patron flees and the employees scatter. It takes a while before things return back to normal but not what it used to be and many of the regular customers have already moved away from the tumult. So does Ramona, who grows tired of being in the middle of meaningless, frilly conflicts could have been avoided and will start to spend less and less time at the pub.


    Strong bonds & severed ties
    Rhodes will forever leave a bitter taste. Together with Jimmy, Alice and Nora they disappear West to Armadillo for a few weeks - to get out from under the perpetual harassment and violence around them. Their interdependent relationship intensifies and for a short moment Ramona would believe life can't have anything more to offer than this bliss, as she builds on her relationships with and adhering to a few friends she grows especially attached to. Like Connor Boysenberry: caring for him they grow closer after his memory loss, Alice Jinks: who she considers a sister after their time West, Nora Croft: who holds a special place in her heart as well and Ricky Shay: she considers her best friend, who seems to have a crush on her, but will sadly never make the cut.

    After things settle down they move back to a town of special 'occupational' significance: Blackwater. But as time progresses the people that closely surrounded her before will slowly but surely start to move away. She's got people watching over her but she tries to not get caught up in bad ways or owe them anything. For some time, Ramona paints on a smile and a cheery disposition and lets the world think she is okay but few people understand what she was going through or showed patience for it when she opened up about it.

    One of the recurring theme's of Ramona's life are old habits that remain and old acquaintances that keep pushing and pulling on her, challenging her convictions. She'll try to distance herself and question these friendships and affiliations, only to embrace and cherish them a few moments later.

    Better efforts and new relations
    Eventually she finds the strength to focus on her business again and broadens her catering efforts finding new associates, drawing herself up indignantly. She discovers new meaning and energy forging new friendships and by falling in love again. Turning a few cogs and putting some screws back into place, she seems ready for the future.

    A few years have gone by since and nothing much has changed. As she is now a well-known consummate caterer for event planners, saloons and other Businesses. She involves herself in charitable organisations and activities. The whole of West Elisabeth with Big Valley and part of the Great Plains feel like home, so she sticks around Blackwater and Strawberry, residing at a camp near the Upper Montana river she shares with people closest to her.



    Business owner
    Cooking & catering: Ramona's Roast
    Sheep & goat flock: Little Clee

    Supporter/member of
    Fairview Wilderness Society
    Julia Quigley's Soup Kitchen
    New Alexandria Marketplace

    Constantly reassessing her choices but in courage of her convictions, Ramona keeps friends in all kinds of places. Some have a stronger presence than others. She's got big eyes and ears and a smart alignment that tends to work in her favour. She has a fair amount acquaintances, but only a handful of trusted friends. A personal relationship with Ramona is either very superficial or very intense, there's nothing much in between.

    🫂Trusted friends:
    Morgen Friendly, Connor Boysenberry, Vilhelm Hansson, Michael Montarello, Boyd Langston,
    Manuel Portucale, Jack Flood, Taryn Caulder, Fergus O'Leary, Nora Croft, Ricky Shay, Alice Jinks, Billy Butters.

    Mainly trusted friends she feels safe with and that know at least parts of her backstory, what drives her and what pisses her off. But who would she trust with her life..?

    🧑‍🤝‍🧑Other close friends and allies:
    Tyler Banks, Franciszek Kowalski, Boone Jackson, Iris & Nathan Burke, Calix Borne, Maksim Krasnov, Muddy Rivers and a few more that remain undisclosed.

    💕 Romantic:

    🎙️Parabol + Parabola - Tool
    Decker Slade
    Welcoming him to State mid Autumn 1901, they've met up for casual interactions ever so often. As a kindred spirit he later moves into her just as she seems to need it most. He is there when others aren't and states she can't do anything to scare him away. As her heart is broken and although Ramona stays distant first and claims "If someone has to lose, I don't want to play" they grow quite close in little time. Sharing a similar set of convictions they spend their first winter together, forging an unbreakable bond. With their passion for charity and nature, they match perfectly, making life easier for Ramona in ways she would've never dared to imagine.

    With piercing blue eyes, raven black hair, soft tan skin and tall posture he's a looker. Field Medic for King's Cross General Practice and hunter; He is calm, humble and supportive, observant, vigilant, compassionate and loyal to a Tee. He submerges Ramona in various new perspectives that mend the things that are broken in her, straightening out the twists and bends in ways that remind her of some healing friendships she had back in Houghton. He expresses an understanding for her beyond the need for words. He digs deep, very deep, causing her to feel vulnerable but exceptionally strong. Slow but intense, as time progresses this relationship seems resistant to the tides and destined to go a long way.

    d.d. 04/14/1902
    They've been together for quite some time now. Shortly after Ramona returns from an extended travel for studies, Decker surprises her by asking her to marry him at one of their favorite spots. However she didn't expect them to be so serious this soon, she accepts his proposal.


    🎙️Bloodflood part I & II - alt-J
    Jimmy Hersh
    A well known fact to most she comes across during her first months in State, Ramona is utterly infatuated by Jimmy Hersh. As a blonde, slim younger fellow with blue eyes, a wonderful soft voice, and totally into her - he catches Ramona’s eye within days after appearing at the pub in Rhodes. She'll soon help Jimmy out with a place to sleep and provides warm, wholesome meals as early tokens of love. Both quite inexperienced they easily connect and start to spend their time exploring State together and sharing their daily routines.

    She learns Jimmy is a sincere, caring, passionate and determined bloke that takes everything presented to him at face value. After their time West their relationship deepens further but as time progresses, Ramona will discover dark sides to his personality. Frighteningly enough, she will recognise a few of those in herself, however deeply buried and different they'd come to expression. He turns increasingly stubborn and volatile. Consumed by their love she'll allow him considerable latitude for an extended time. Her perverse interest for his actions keeps her around and she shows remarkable little interest in refraining him from violent actions and joining The Remnants, which inevitably leads to a downward spiral. Over time Ramona grows less accepting of his choices and they eventually drift apart, far enough for him to break up with her over it.

    Years pass as she clings to the idea that he might change back for the better. Many people express they deem it unseemly and pitiful. However she tries to soak off, she stays close to the group for reasons as simple as she considers a few of them still friends, and is witness to their struggles from the sidelines. After going through numerous challenges internal conflicts eventually drive Jimmy to make a life changing decision for which he pays with his life. Not behind bars, not by execution order, but in freedom a short time after.



    "Hi there!"
    "Don't worry, I'm flexible"
    "Where are we going?!"
    "I own three pairs of pants, two sets of boots and a pair of high-top moccassins, four hats, six shirts, four coats, three gunbelts and a whole lot of accessories. However you'll never see me bathe in a tub."


    Habits & Quirks
    🧗‍♀️ Loves heights and climbs things, but is clumsy enough to fall down and hurt herself.
    🛤️ Is always quite critical about others' path finding around State.
    🌬️ Terrible at and easily bored with small talk and is likely to walk out of those suddenly.
    ✝️ She was raised in support of old religions so has little understanding of Christian values.
    🎱 Is a bad liar and tends to make inappropriate jokes.
    🏕️ Resides at the Upper Montana Fishing Camp "Owl's Hoot" with a bunch of close friends.
    🌪️ Is easily distracted and loses her train of thought often.
    🫂 Always ready to help people find the right path, even though it often proves challenging.
    🥃 Can't hold her liquor but that doesn't keep her from accepting a drink when offered.
    🚬 Is averse to smoking and smokers, however she fancies a cannabis once in a while.
    🍓 Is wildly allergic to strawberries.

    Hopes & fears
    ♊ She is dearly connected to her twin sister, and dreads the loss of being separated from her.
    🏨 Aspires owning a successful business and be independent.
    ✍️ Had a hard time learning to read and write earlier in life, but has overcome and caught up:
    🪶 She now writes short stories and poems.
    🆘 Is terrible at First AID and has little idea how to assist injured.

    Loves & Hates
    🌼 She loves flowers and herbs, knows many by name, and will often be observed picking them.
    🧋 She loves all kinds of cheeses, hot chocolate and cold apple cider.
    🐈 She is afraid of cats and will shoo them away, but loves dogs.
    ❤️ Her favorite colours are reds, browns & cream and dresses to it.
    🎻 She loves music and dancing and plays the fiddle sometimes.
    🐏 Frolic and proud owner of a flock sheep & goats.

    Horses & Pets
    🐕 "Yuma"
    , border collie.
    🐴 "Nebula", a sorrel overo Criollo mare.
    She belonged to Asher, Ramona's cousin. It's a lovely sure-footed mare with a bit of an attitude that Ramona prefers to go hunting with. Asher rode her as as barrel racing horse, so she corners real tight and navigates through thick forest superbly. However easily grunted by snakes and other small critters, she does fine around big animals and doesn't get rattled by gunfire. Once in a while Ramona will breed her, producing wonderful and colourful overo foals.
    🐴 "Comet", a few spotted white Appaloosa colt.
    Bred from Big Valley wild horses, Comet is a very well balanced horse with a tad of a dance to his tread. Holds excellent composure around wildlife, prefers to be pastured year-round, holds out great in roughs and deep snow and proves to be a true trailing horse. Dislikes being touched, especially on the feet or toward the hind end. Prefers carrots and is often seen actively foraging for wild herbs but is generally not fussed with what he's being fed.
    🐴 "Wichapi" (Morning Star, aka 'Sun'), a grey overo American Paint stallion.
    Bought at the Rosewood Ranch Horse Auction, bred by Lakota on the Great Plains. Close to home, this boy was used for hunting Buffalo but lacked courage and motivation to that was needed. Ramona thought he might serve better herding and garding a flock of sheep. Wichapi has proven a great talent chasing after coyotes, foxes and even fend off an occasional lone wolf, so he might indeed be perfect for the job. Oftentimes ridden unbridled he loves to roll in the mud and nibble on clothes.
    🐴 "Meridian", a dark bay Andalusian mare. Expressive, strong minded and a real people pleaser. She's not the fastest one and isn't too sure-footed and a terrible jumper but Meridian has proven to be an excellent riding horse. She dislikes getting her feet wet and has a strange preference for wild mints and candy canes.
    🐴 "Sedna", a grey snowcap Appaloosa filly. Young and impressionable but very sure-footed and peaceful. Ramona had fallen in love whilst traversing Big Valley with Comet, who'd shown a fancy for her along the fence line of Pronghorn as well. After a short clapping-hands the filly was quickly bought. She loves apples and carrots, not hay and seems to have a preference for the most murkiest of waters. Being quite energetic she has a hard time standing still and will try and move forward under the saddle by discontently turn circles.
    🐴 "Aurora", a gold Turkoman mare. Originally named "Runs for the Roses". She's an ex Derby horse Ramona is nurturing back to health, offering her a second chance in life.

    🐴 "Gravity”, a grullo dun Criollo mare. - STABLED WITH LIZETTE GRAHAM -
    Gravity is a well-centered older mare she brought with her from up North. Gravity is very tractable but has difficulty standing still and being hitched for too long, and will try to escape. Does not like to be stabled. She is the most affectionate type, likely to nudge you, loving, innocent. She is a bit obtrusive to other horses and spooks from dogs. She likes apples, not carrots, is okay with hay and seems to prefer the most dirty, mucky water over clean, clear water to drink from.

    🐴 "Juno" (Queen of Heaven), a dapple grey Missouri Foxtrotter mare. - STABLED WITH DECKER -
    A true working horse. Adopted from a former law officer and loves to move… the happier she is, the faster she moves, ears pricked and exuberant. Hates crossing bridges. Eats almost everything that is presented to her and is a true stable princess. She does not like to be pastured, she'd rather be lazy eating hay under a roof. However she's a dependable horse, Ramona and her don't go together that well. She might shine as a medical response horse, so she'll be with Decker for the time being.

    🐴 "Orbit", a sable champagne Foxtrotter stallion. - SOLD -
    Orbit is a troublesome young stallion, originally purchased for Ramona's sister Minerva. He dislikes rain and will try and bolt away from under the rider when displeased about it. Funnily enough, he loves to wade through bodies of water and needs to be restrained from lying down in shallow streams and muddy pools. He likes to work and thrilled to do his job as soon as he learns it. He likes hay, not apples, not carrots and goes around picking young leaves from low hanging branches any chance he gets.


    Notable personal items
    💎 A braided leather headband that she shares with her sister, she doesn't wear often.
    🌺 A few pressed, dried flowers gifted by Ricky, she keeps in a folded piece of paper for safekeeping.
    🌼 A handmade, corded hairband for putting fresh flowers in her hair.
    👒 A worn-out scuffed flatcap that reminds her of the first few months in State.
    📿 A gold necklace gifted by Jimmy. She wore it once but tossed it March '02.
    🦨 A skunk fur hat, 'Sarah', gifted by Connor. She cherishes it deeply.
    🧦 A pair of wool socks gifted by Mrs Mabel Pettybone for Christmas '01.
    🏹 A gator hide wrapped, gator teeth re-curve bow gifted by Manuel.
    🧣 A light pink scarf she shared with her sister, worn down to the thread she now keeps it in her pocket.
    📝 A drawing of 4 people wearing blue jackets and pink shirts, made by Nora, carefully rolled up and tucked away.
    🪶 A crows feather trinket gifted by Decker.
    ⏱️ A silver pocket watch engraved with the initials "M&M".
    💍 Their silver engagement ring with on the inside "D.S. & R.H." engraved.

    🔪 An old, healed over laceration in the lower pelvic area.
    🤕 A small laceration scar above the eyebrow. Wagon incident.
    🤕 An indented scar on top of the nose bridge. Wagon incident.
    😾 Very poorly healed over claw marks on the right shoulder. Multiple panther attacks.
    🐺 An odd looking scar on her upper right leg, wolf bite. A fair amount of skin had been torn off.

    Special items of significance and gifts
    She owns a custom crafted McClelland Saddle
    Originally a military saddle based on the Spanish tree saddle, is light weight and hand sewn in russet-brown ornamented bull hide leather. Measures a 13" wide and 8" high gullet, hape bars, R2 Mexican type horn and comfortable angled swell and cantle. The saddle is finished with a dark-blue, yellow & turquoise inlead weaving and rabbits fur patches. The bridle is finished with a matching woven romal. Crafted by Tkoozi, Keweenaw Bay.

    Three carefully sought out reading books gifted to Connor in times of gloom
    📔"Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World. In Four Parts" (1726) by Jonathan Swift,
    📗"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1886) by Robert Louis Stevenson,
    📓"Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas" (1869) by Jules Verne.

    A custom made bone knife gifted to Decker for Christmas
    A 440mm single edged hunting knife of a steel blade; engraved with the image of a beaver traversing water, a reference to a personal life story of his. The handle crafted from stag horn and subtly coloured markings of turquoise & red, symbolising courage and the connection to Earth. Handmade by Tkoozi, Keweenaw Bay.

    A customised Hutton & Baird Schofield gifted to Decker
    The Schofield revolver is snub-nosed and fully customised with rifling and improved sights, fully etched in baroque, grip engraved with an eagle.

    A wooden Owl carving gifted to Jimmy for his birthday
    The wooden carving with a hole bored in it just large enough to fit one .42 caliber (standard LeMat revolver) round. The owl meant to symbolise either wisdom & transformation or bad omen of doom; Ramona deemed it quite fitting, following the recurring themes of their lives together back then.

    🖼️ Photographic Journal

    Ramona Hess







    Late twenties


    5'3" (161 cm)


    130 lbs (58 kg)


    November 11th


    Bergen auf Rügen, Germany



    Marital Status:



    Uknown mother
    Hermann Hess, father
    Minerva ‘Mina’ Hess, sister ♱
    Ellen Stocker-Gray, aunt
    George Stocker, uncle ♱
    Asher Stocker, cousin
    Luke Stocker, cousin
    Marie Lynn Stocker, cousin



    Faction Affiliations: