Elythra Blue

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    Elythra is well defined by her copper skin, dark brown almond shaped eyes, short stature, black curly hair that is adorned with feathers, freckles, slightly crooked nose, and scars on either side of her mouth. She frequently changes outfits been tribal and western professional, but keeps her hairstyle relatively the same.

    Early Life 

    Elythra Randella was born to father Aimon Shayne and mother Lloreva Randella on the night of February 23rd, 1875. She grew up in the tribe known as the Tarahumara (Also known as the People of the Copper Canyon). The tribe name directly translates to 'light-footed' and her people are known for travel as well as their ability to run long distances. The Tarahumara hail in Chihuahua, Mexico, and she specifically comes from the northern band of Tarahumara. Her mother taught her tribal lifestyle and medicine, all the traditional aspects of being a tribal woman while her Irish father taught her some of the outside practicalities of life such as bow hunting (an uncommon practice in her tribe), western medicine, and English.

    She was gifted the name "Ichtaca" by Chief Xiuhicoatl, the name meaning Well-Kept-Secret as her mother hid her pregnancy with an outsider for as long as she could. Elythra was soon granted the title of "Owirúame," which is the tribal term for a physician. She specialized herself in midwifery starting at the age of 14 as a doula for her tribe. As she grew, she gained experience in herbal medicine, and incorporated these practices into her profession. In her tribe, she is known as what is called a Mestizo which is a central and southern indigenous term for someone who has "Indigenous and European blood," essentially meaning mixed but for a very specific type of mix.

    When she was about 24 years old, her mother passed away from an illness, and her father began to wander from the tribe. When he didn't return, Elythra set out to try and find him. Her mother was a Coyote, someone who would guide people over the Mexican-American border (most of the time illegally), so Elythra knew the routes to get into the states, where she believed her father had fled to. Along the way she picked up a few jobs, some less glamorous than others, just to put food in her belly and make it across the border. She reached New Alexandria by the time she was 26 years old.

    Present Life 

    Elythra immigrated to New Alexandria when she was 25 years old. The first group that welcomed her into the state was the Comanche tribe. Elythra developed a friendship with the kaheeka Parakara (Sits High). He introduced her to the councils of the Arikoan, the Comanche Nation, and the Wapiti Nation. It's here where Elythra made her presence known to the tribes, and spoke about her former life in the Tarahumara tribe, and how she currently remains tribeless in the state of New Alexandria. Each of the tribes were accepting to her with the Wapiti especially taking a liking to her. It's here where Lillith Makawee welcomed her to ride with the tribe and stay on their lands as much as she would like.

    Not long after this, Elythra got tangled up with the Nameless after they cornered her when she rode by their hideout. They assumed she was a spy, but after she convinced them otherwise, they brought her in and fed her. They soon convinced her to do a robbery with them which ended in her being the only one of the group getting caught and arrested, despite her pleas saying that she was threatened not long before that. (Elythra later reconnected with some members of the Nameless after Billy Joe Barber's death, and they have reconciled and become friends.)

    After she got out of Sisika, Elythra went to Lillith Makawee and told her what had happened. In this, she relayed to her that she felt lost in the state now, and missed her mother dearly after her death. She asked Lillith if she may call her mom, and Lillith embraced her. Elythra grew a hatred for the law of New Alexandria because of the situation and how she was not believed on the threats she had received, and piqued her hatred with the law by escorting law out of Armadillo (including Lorenzo Roussan and Rue Roussan) at gunpoint alongside Lincoln McCormick. On this day, Lincoln tells Elythra that she earned his respect.

    Elythra met Wyoming Blue completely at random in the town of Armadillo after he came to complain to one of their mutual friends that they had been living in the same house and neither of them had noticed. The group of friends then took to playing truth or dare and connecting over a few drinks. By the end of the night, Wyoming had invited her to be a plus one to the wedding of Anna Conrad and Jack Richards. The two quickly fell in love. Elythra also made quick friends with Jackdaw leader Arthur 'Bear' Reigns. She fell for him as well, and at the beginning of Wyoming and Elythra's relationship she had an affair with Bear lasting several weeks.

    After being taken by the last surviving member of The Morningstar Family, Auron Morningstar, Wyoming Blue challenged the man to a duel in Elythra's honor. Elythra begged him not to do so, as she had recently found out she was pregnant and didn't want to lose him during this sensitive time. The day before the duel, Wyoming proposed to her, unsure if he would live to see another day. Auron Morningstar failed to show up for the duel.

    Bear opened up to Elythra about her possibly wanting some protection of a gang while she's in state, especially considering her pregnancy, and offered Wyoming a position in the Jackdaw gang so she would be considered Jackdaw Family. She begged Bear to join the gang but he simply wouldn't allow her in her condition. After months of asking, Bear allowed her to join the gang as a fullblood but only had her participating in medical practices as the designated doctor for the Jackdaws.

    Elythra began to study western medicine at this time, getting a particular fascination for trauma surgery. During an emergency surgery she was preforming, Dr. Malcolm Ashbrook watched over her preforming the surgery and was impressed by what he saw. He interviewed her soon after and hired her on the spot as a 'rush trainee' for Mountain Medical. Elythra became friends with Raven and Finley McCoy, and she was soon hired on to be a veterinarian in training at McCoy's veterinary clinic. She never made it passed trainee stage, but still uses the knowledge she picked up in emergency situations.

    Lincoln McCormick hired Elythra as a saloon girl for Outlaw's Rest, the notorious bar open in Armadillo. Here she made friends with several of the other saloon girls and became close with Lincoln, calling him her best friend and asking him to be the godfather of her child. It was in Outlaw's Rest where she became friends with State Rep. Robert Barlow after accidentally pistol whipping him and then giving him a kiss in hopes that he wouldn't press charges.

    In late March of 1901, Elythra and Wyoming left state for a month so Elythra could have their child back with her tribe in their traditional ways. On April 5th, 1901, Elythra gave birth to a baby girl that they lovingly named Esperanza (Hope) Rose Blue after Elythra's late friend Caleb Rose claimed he saw that she was having a girl and her name was Hope during a state of unconsciousness. When she returned to state, she was offered a position of Secretary of Native Affairs by the now Governor Robert Barlow. She said she would accept this position with approval from each of the councils. When she received the approval, she happily took up the position unofficially while it was being written in the second constitution of New Alexandria. It's here that she cut ties with the Jackdaws as a member as well as Wyoming so that she could be in a Government position.

    After the execution of Jack Richards by The Colts and the Jackdaws, Elythra turned on the Jackdaws by giving over valuable gang information to the law. After the Jackdaws learned of this, they shot down her, Wyoming, and good friend Lee Colt. Rushing to her protection, Robert Barlow swore her into the position two days later at her beside to hopefully sway the Jackdaws from hurting her once again. After Elythra sent out public information about the Jackdaws under the pseudonym "Falcon" the Jackdaws caught up to her once again, taking her from Braithwate and torturing her for two days before she was found including cutting off two of her fingers and cutting her hair off on native lands. Her affair with Bear was then made public, and Wyoming and Elythra reconciled because of it.

    On June 5th, 1901, Elythra and Wyoming became married, and Elythra became known as Elythra Blue. She was married by Lee Colt, and the ceremony was witnessed by Mahikuhtsu (War Buffalo), Odina Waya, and Catelyn McCormick.

    Elythra began her campaign as governor for the 8th gubernatorial election of New Alexandria after Governor Robert Barlow stated he would not be running for re-election. She received public endorsements from King's Cross General Practice, the New Alexandria Livestock Association, and Governor Robert Barlow, winning the election with a 57% vote against 3 other candidates. She was sworn in as Governor on August 18th, 1901.




    Elythra is known as the trainee to receive their medical license from Mountain Medical in the shortest amount of time
    Elythra has a fat tabby cat named Soopari (meaning stars in Tarahumara) which she lovingly calls Soup
    Elythra is one of the few outsiders that is regularly welcome to set foot in the Wapiti reservation
    Elythra made a business deal with The Fallen in hopes to get a braid of her hair back to return it to the lands
    Elythra saved the lives of 3 former Jackdaws who wronged her
    Pelo Ea Tau (current chief of Wapiti) calls Elythra a sister since they call the same woman their mother
    Elythra has a secret hobby of creating outfits to look like friends of hers
    Elythra currently runs Cerulean Hope Ranch out of MacFarlane's, trusted by the Comanche to care for their Mustangs
    Elythra is one of the only outsiders permitted by the Comanche to roam in the Rio Bravo

    Elythra Blue











    96 lbs / 43.5 Kg


    February 23rd, 1875


    Chihuahua, Mexico


    Tarahumaran (Indigenous Mexican)

    Marital Status:

    Married to Wyoming Blue


    Lloreva Randella (Mother, Deceased)
    Aimon Shayne (Father, Deceased)
    Esperanza Blue (Daughter)
    Finn Bourbon (Nephew)
    Lillith Makawee (Adopted Mother)


    Governor of New Alexandria
    (Former) Secretary of Native Affairs
    Ranch Owner


    Elythra Randella (Maiden Name)
    Ichtaca (Well-Kept-Secret)

    Faction Affiliations:

    The Jackdaws (Former, Negative)
    The Nameless (Negative)
    The Morningstar Family (Negative)
    The Fallen (Negative)
    The Comanche (Positive)
    Wapiti Nation (Positive)
    The Arikoan (Positive)
    Yvwi Detlugv (Positive)
    Government (Positive)