Melody Kennedy

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    Melody Kennedy
    Theme Song(s), 'Killer Inside of Me'
    'Wild Horses'

    "Gay in Bulk"


    Melody is known to be a friendly face, willing to talk to any and all if they approach her. Standing at 5'5, she stands at an average height with a slim but fit build that has been riddled with scars from all different ways; Animal Attacks/Accidents, Torture, Knives, Guns, Burns and scars left from surgery, you name it and she probably has a scar caused from it. Though the young woman is luckily able to hide most scarring with carefully picked clothing which often ranges from colours; Blues, Yellows, Reds etc to shades of Grays, Blacks and Browns. Most commonly noted for her former Colt attire that she wore no matter the occasion. Though whilst most scars are hidden under clothing, her face on the other hand has been littered with scars which tends to be hidden by long, wavy blonde hair, that is either let out or set in a braid. Melodys most noticeable features would be her eyes; A swirling mix of Blue and Brown due to a rare mutation called Heterochromia.

    Melody is also known to be a former long standing member of The Colts, leaving the gang life behind to go clean and turn her life around; Becoming a Bounty Hunter and actively working alongside Law Enforcement and later a Watchmen for DOP. But aside from that Melody is most known for her friendly attitude towards people and ability to respect others even when they aren't respecting her. While Melody has grown a lot over the last few years she is still quite shy and socially awkward at times but as grown into quite the confident woman as she takes on turning her life around and letting in people she never would've been able to let in.

    Early Life 

    Born to Nerine and Damian Black, Melody was born into a well known wealthy family, her family owned a ranch; Making a living off breeding prestige horses. Melody enjoyed living on the ranch and being around the horses and from a young age she learned how to ride, the lineage and breeding of horses, their worth, their injuries, and their pedigree and due to that she later on became a very experienced rider. Many of their horses were officially registered under horse organizations. Which gave them a big name in Saint Denis. Melody was born with two older siblings; Axial and Josephine and a younger sibling; Domenic. Melody was very close to her siblings and the four were always there for each other. Melody was distant with her parents, mainly because they controlled her. Her father.. was a cruel man who -RETRACTED- and was a part of a strict family, where the daughters would have an arranged marriage, which she found out at 10. Melody didn’t want to settle down at a young age with someone she barely knew, She wasn’t like her sister who had been accepting of this. Melody often fought with her parents over the marriage but they never listened which only made her distance herself even more from them. As she neared the age of 16 she was destined to marry a wealthy man, only a couple years older than her. Though he was nice but being forced to marry someone made her feel like a piece of cattle, to be traded around and gifted like she was nothing. it was disgusting. She wasn’t going to allow herself to be forced into something she didn’t want to be in. That was the final straw for her. She packed her necessities and some food silently, and snuck out the door. Managing to get to get to the stables and take out her horse and within the dead of night she left. She kept her horse at a slow pace to avoid attention before going off the trails and galloping off, she ended up getting lost due to the lack of light but she trusted her horse and herself and kept going. Melody came to the town of Annesburg. A disgusting, smoke filled place that made it difficult for her to breathe. Her horse also seemed to have some difficulty breathing, but both her exhausted and needed rest. She was clapped by a rude awakening of the real world, it wasn’t all perfect like her home had been and she would need to be quick to adapt to this life. Dismounting her horse, she led him up to a small hotel-like building and after tying him to the hitching post she was luckily to have taken a good amount of money and was able to pay for a one night stay. Waking up with the beating sun through the windows and burning lungs. She wanted to leave. She couldn’t stay here and with that.. she left. She said her thanks and rode out of town. She couldn’t understand how someone could live in such a place but she was grateful she had enough money to leave.

    Over the course of several months, Melody slowly learned how to steal and managed to get her hands on some firearms. She quickly made a name for herself in smaller towns for being a thief but she never stayed around long enough to get caught. Melody was developing new traits as she got older and was adapting quickly to the new way she lived. She found out quickly that not all towns tolerated people's swiping drinks as she was thrown into the mud by an angry man in Valentine after flirting with him and taking his drink. Melody also learned to hunt, though her kills weren’t perfect but it was food she could eat when she didn’t have anything else to eat. She also learned to craft things.. Basic things like tools she could use to trap animals or things for fishing. By 18 she was starting to get into real trouble, having started to rob people and carriages on the rare occasion she was finding herself being hunted by Deputies but she managed to keep clear of them and seeing she could get in trouble and killed for this, she began to be more careful. Not that she wasn’t already careful as she always wore a mask but she didn’t want to be on a wanted poster anytime soon. Though no one really knew the thieves real name she was tempted to go under a new name and start making a name for herself but she decided not too. Melody struggled with her life, she wanted change to stop living like this as much as she enjoyed it but did she really enjoy stealing from others? Though her life changed as she saw an advertisement for workers at Strawberry. It was beautiful, a secluded town covered by nature. It was a tourist town. She thought she could easily get a job and from there she took her horse and headed towards the town. Maybe this will be a new life for her, a change. No longer needing to steal and live a life on the run. Though she knew deep down her past would come and get her but for now she wanted to live in peace. She was hired by Ruby Colt to work alongside her before the two moved into other areas and ended up joining a small group of people, who would later become the largest gang in the state. The Colts. So much for the new leaf aye?

    Present Life 


    Over the last few months and year, Melody has grown a lot since she first joined The Colts. Having gotten in trouble a few times and Ethan almost shooting her due to an action, Melody has grown to be a more confident, Assertive member of The Colts. Having proved herself quite a few times now and continues to do so, she also has had much development alongside those around her. She also fell in love with a man of the name; Pedro Alvarez and later would marry him and adopt a young girl named "Fox" who had severe personality disorders. Fox would become "Fox Alvarez" and would be officially adopted by the pair. She also got to see her brother again and though the two struggled at first they have grown close again and rely on one another. But with all this happiness comes with sadness and after her husband, daughter go missing, Having a miscarriage, Losing Ruby and Alex and almost her brother she struggles daily and tries to hold herself up and keep her head looking forward. Melody finds herself being constantly unsure about the world around her and forced herself to focus on only the colts and prove to them further.. which she did; going from a shy, quiet girl to a well still shy and quiet but more confident and able to stand for herself. After months of struggling she finds out Pedro has returned and is drowned by her thoughts being unsure what to do and while still deeply in love with him is unsure whether she should give him a chance.

    Melody ends up being tortured and after nights in a coma she is falls out of it in a panic. Ethan is there to calm her and reassures her things are okay and once she is calm he asks her to officially be his and Roslyn's daughter. In which she accepts tearfully as she has always seen Ethan as a father. After a long conflict, Melody and Pedro end up fixing things and continue their path of love and marriage after she almost dies from a heart attack caused by a final fight that brings them together. But such happiness doesn't last as Ethan is murdered and while Melody is lost at first she puts herself together and works to be like he would want her to be and begins growing cold and ruthless. Getting sick of the weakness around her she starts to push things into her own hands.

    Though after months, She slowly realises how sick she has become and with getting tired of her so called family and how they treat her she starts distancing herself before deciding to go clean. August Bishop amongst other deputies manage to convince her to drop the buckle and she makes a full attempt on going clean.

    Melody becomes an active Bounty Hunter and puts in her cleanslate. After 6 months of working hard, she finally has become fully clean, surrounded by her new family and gets rid of the things that hold her back and found new love.

    Though as her life tends to go, some of the best parts of her life coming crashing to a end, Though Melody remains strong and pushes through each challenge. She leaves behind Bounty Hunting and applies to become a prison guard and is swiftly accepted. Her training goes by quickly and she patrols often by herself and works hard in her job.

    This includes a basic paragraph of her viewing on the person. Mind there is some trigger warnings, or at least with her father.
    Nerine Black - Mother - Alive
    • Melody doesn't speak much of her mother, but when mentioned she speaks about her in a rather fond manner. Melody had a rather neutral relationship with her mother and still views her in a good light, though disagrees with how her mother allowed her father to treat Melody and her siblings. Melody and Nerine had a decent relationship, her mother trying her best to teach her daughter and was the one who allowed Melody to learn and ride horses, whereas Damian thought it was unlady like.
    Damian Black - Father - Alive
    • Spoken in a rather negative light, Melody to put it bluntly despises her father. Alot of Melody's mental issues and disorders stem from the treatment she had as a child, he was rather abusive towards her and lived in the light of a typical 1870 man, viewing woman as lower. He wanted Melody to be an ideal daughter to marry off to the highest bidder due to his social standing and with Melodys rebellious nature and not wanting such a life, he often reacted rather violently towards her.
    Axial Black - Older Brother - Alive
    • Melody was rather close with her older brother, he shared few traits with their father, only seeming to gain the business aspects and how to maintain his social status within the world he otherwise gained a rather friendly and loving nature. He is the reason Melody knew how to hold and use a gun at a young age and prepared her for life to the best of his ability. He took her along on hunting trips and was one of the main people to teach her how to ride a horse. These two had a rather loving relationship and Melody speaks of Axial rather highly.
    Josephine Black - Older Sister - Alive
    • Much like Axial, Melody held a strong and loving relationship with her older sister. Josephine often tried her best to steer Melody away from her rebellious path but was unable to stop Melody on that path. Having been unmarried after her ex-husband passed away early on, she often tried to turn their fathers attention to her rather then Melody which worked for a little bit until Melody did something outrageous. Josephine currently looks after Raven Black, Melody's daughter.
    Domenic Black - Younger Brother - Alive
    • Out of the siblings, Melody and Domenic were the closest which resulted in Domenic following the same path as his sister, he'd often get himself in trouble or stand against their father to attempt to save his sister from his wrath and Melody did the same to protect him. The two bounced off each other with led to alot of issues being caused because of them. When Domenic came to New Alexandira the two ended up fighting and she slapped him with her gun, though they remain close they now sit at opposite sides of the law, Melody -Lawful, Domenic - Unlawful.
    Ruby Colt - Sister by choice - Deceased
    • Melody and Ruby shared a sisterly-bond, Ruby was one of the only people Melody had for a long time and is the reason why Melody joined The Colts, the moment the gang formed; Ruby gave Melody a beltbuckle and would later teach Melody the criminal ways of life. Melody heavily regrets and mourns Ruby's death, and often blames herself, thinking she could've warned Ruby but never got around to doing it. Had Melody been there when Ethan tried to take her life, she would've held a gun to protect Ruby. Up until Piper and August, Ruby was the closest thing she had to family and meant the world to Melody. Melody heavily looked up to Ruby as an Idol and a lot of the traits Melody shares today were developed from her relationship with Ruby, her death remains to be one of the hardest things Melody has gone through.
    Alex Mercer - Big Brother by choice - Unknown
    • Melody and Alex had a rather interesting bond, Melody was one of the few people Alex showed emotion to and the two developed a sibling type bond, Alex her protector. The two were fairly close and he often guided her in her ways. Melody viewed Alex as a protector and older brother and held him a good light, she misses him to this day and wishes she could know if he was alive or not, though she assumes he is dead.
    Ethan Colt - Adoptive Father - Deceased
    • Melody and Ethan had a rocky relationship, he often yelled at her and held a gun to her for mistakes she made, she tried her best for him and often looked up to him and over time the two developed a Father-Daughter relationship, to the point where he adopted her and she took on his last name. Though looking back she realises the treatment he gave her wasn't the best she still views him as her father and holds him close. She mourns his death quietly.
    Fred Benton - Brother by choice - Unknown
    • When these two around, it is just crackhead energy. Melody and Fred bounce of each other in a rather chaotic manner which often results in one of them being knocked out, she holds Fred is a high manner and considers him a brother she never got to have - While he doesn't stand as high as Piper and August, he is still very important to her and she'd protect him with her life, she is also rather possessive over Fred.
    Edward Stonewall - Considered Family - Deceased
    • When Melody and Edward first met, they had a rather rocky start though even long before she met August he seemed to push her to go clean and turn her life away and when Melody eventually did go clean he supported her the entire way and was another who took Melody under their wing and guided her. She heavily mourns Stonewall and hasn't seem to fully recovered from his death.
    Significant Other(s)
    Damon Lasky; The Best Lasky - Ex-Fiancé/Situationship - Alive
    • Melody and Damon had kept their relationship and courtship under the radar for quite a few months before starting to become mildly public about it. Despite Damon not being ready for such commitments and now doesn't talk to her, She holds him a rather positive light and doesn't let it effect her day-to-day - Though deep down she is rather depressed on the manner and from this has decided not to go further in another relationship.
    • Outside of their relationship, Melody has a huge respect for Damon, him being the only deputy to really respect her and treat her like a human when she was a criminal and was one of the few people who gave her a chance when she went clean. He was a heavy part of her going clean and she is forever grateful for him.
    Pedro Alvare - Ex-husband - Unknown
    • Melody and Pedro started out strong and he helped her find her way for quite some time before things faltered after Melody fell for another man when Pedro disappeared for 6 months. They never recovered from that and Melody felt trapped in a loveless marriage for a year before she finally got the courage to divorce him and move on. When spoken about she holds him in a rather negative light and isn't afraid to bad-mouth him.
    Jericho Kelly - Fling - Unknown
    • Melody instantly clicked with Jericho upon meeting him and the two swiftly became close due to his caring nature and the fact he was the only member of The Colts that actually cared about her emotions and let her be herself. They entered a flirtationship and had a fling during the later time they new each other and would've entered a relationship had Pedro not appeared from his disappearance, causing one of the best relationships Melody had to go down the drain. They drifted apart after this as Pedro threatened Jericho's life. She still holds a soft spot for him in her heart and deep down wishes to see him once more and does miss the company he gave her.
    Raven Black - Daughter - Alive
    • Melody doesn't have much of a relationship with Raven, due to Melody's affiliations and being in a gang she handed Raven to her older sister to take care of and Raven doesn't know her mother. It is likely she'd neither remember Melody's face when she gets older due to the fact Melody no longer visits her siblings. Had these two actually spent time together, Raven and Melody would get along well. Raven share's similar behaviour as their mother and is a spitting image of her, lacking features of her father.
    Ophelia ??? - Son - Alive
    • TBA
    Keagan ??? - Daughter - Alive
    • TBA
    Best Friends
    Piper Lasky - Deceased..
    • An unlikely relationship to form, Melody's first opinion of Piper wasn't the best; having met in a general store robbery which resulted in an argument within the cells. Though Melody moved on from that fairly quickly and never held it against Piper and when they met on better terms they quickly became friends, Piper was one of the few to support Melody throughout her entire time she tried and went clean and continues to support Melody. Melody holds Piper in the same light as Ruby Colt and would do anything for Piper, due to how she views Piper, Melody is rather possessive over Piper and would protect and give her life for Piper without a second thought. Melody took on Pipers maiden name; Kennedy, as a symbol of their sibling-like bond and carries it with pride. Without Piper, Melody likely wouldn't have come as far as she did.
    • Melody is heartbroken at this loss.
    August Bishop; The Augusy - Bestest Friend - Alive
    • The one who changed her life, upon meeting Melody, the two seemed to click instantly and Melody greatly enjoyed August's company and playfully bullied him and would rob stores to have him chase her. Their relationship in the beginning was very flirty and playful and people often thought they were together, he was the one who pushed her to go clean and she stopped doing stores because of him (outside of just not really enjoying robbing stores), though their friendship would come to a halt after she turned herself in for what she did to Jen Acree and he basically told her to fuck off. She decided in that moment she'd turn her life around and drop the Colt Buckle, throwing it on the ground. August later gave her the buckle back and the relationship turned into Mentor and Apprentice as he guided her to a cleaner life. He was the biggest factor in Melody's life and her entire journey to where she is now, he still continues to support her and guide her. Melody is very protective and much like Piper, Melody possessive over August, She'd do anything for him and put her life on the line for him without second thought.
    Calen Kelly - Alive
    Perzival Kawewe - Perzi - Alive
    • One of the few deputies Melody was close to during her criminal days, Perzi is stood beside Melody and was one of the people to push her to go clean. He has supported her for a very long time and is one of the dearest people in Melody's life, she'd take a bullet for him without a second thought. Melody and Perzi's friendship began after she asked him to read her a bedtime story to which he promised he would, he HOWEVER hasn't done that yet and Melody teases him constantly about it. Perzi is someone Melody can rely on whenever she needs advice or just someone to talk to.
    Fletcher Beckett - Smeckett - Alive
    • Melody met Fletcher at the same time she met Piper, the two ending up in an argument after she robbed a store. However as Melody took the path of becoming clean, Fletcher and Melody grew to be close friends and Melody knows she can rely on Fletcher heavily.. well outside of his wagon skills that is. Melody is quite fond of Fletcher and speaks about him in a rather high manner.
    Felix Mercer - Alive
    • Melody has known Felix for a rather long time and always had quite the fondness for him, he's been there for her every step of the way for the most part and was someone she could always talk to. Though they have drifted apart since Felix went to live with Joy she still holds him close.
    Alexis Reigns - Alive
    • Criminal wife! Melody has a rather huge fondness for Alexis, the two clicked rather well when they first met and even as Melody looses her patience for criminals, Alexis forever owns a fondness in Melodys heart. Alexis is someone Melody could go to for anything and had Melody not been trapped in a marriage she likely would seeked a relationship with Alexis.
    Darion Rueb - Alive
    • One of the top people in Melodys life, Rueb has done so much for Melody in the time she's known him fully, he is the reason she is as far as she is with his support and advice. He's been the one to give her alot of opportunities and to guide her heavily to ensure she's on the right route. She likely wouldn't have had the opportunities or be where she is had he not been there. She is openly fond of Rueb and tends to flirt with him playfully, he is someone she'd lay down her life for and protect heavily.
    Norah Jones - Alive
    • Melody is rather fond of Norah and has been for a long time. Norah was someone who supported Melody and developed a strong friendship with her over time. Norah is one of the first people Melody goes to for advice or just to talk to, with her life getting more stressful she tends to vent and rant to Norah and she appreciates the company Norah gives.
    Close Friends
    Jesse Sterling - Unknown
    • Meeting him alongside Ruby, She grew fond of Jesse quite quickly and may have even had a minor crush on him before she saw him more as family then anything. Melody enjoys being around Jesse and while he has been hard on her in the past she sees him as someone she can trust and rely on. He is also another person she feels at ease with and while she likely does annoy him at times, She knows she can be herself around him and be open with him. Melody misses Jesse heavily but she understands why he disappeared, though she hopes to see him again.
    Bobby Ferguson - Unknown
    Boyd Langston - Alive
    Anna Brown - Alive
    Jacob Allen - Alive
    Avery Hardy - Alive
    Miguel Fuentes - Deceased
    • Former friend, former Colt. Melody doesn't regret killing him but deep down misses him. He was a good friend to have but Jealousy and bitterness seemed to get the better of him. These two had a playful nature and had a strong rivalry.
    Alexander Detwiler - Alive
    Ash Conan - Alive
    John Langston - Alive
    Elijah Kingsman - Alive
    Scout Sterling - Unknown
    • Introduced by Jesse, Melody is very fond of Scout and enjoys their company. A friendly face Melody finds herself being at ease around due to their playful nature and their ability to make people laugh. Melody respects and trusts Scout a lot and would like to get to know her more. She also misses Scout and hopes she'll see them again
    Joy Goode - Alive
    • Another person she's known for a long time, despite their affiliations; Melody being Colt and Joy firing line, the two were rather close and Joy was someone Melody could go to for help or advice.
    Roisin O'Hara - Alive
    Iris Moon- Alive
    Juniper Mercer - Alive
    Headin Jacobs - Alive
    Rose Smith - Alive
    Ash Wood - Alive
    Giovanni Forte - Alive
    Merilee Holland - Alive
    Frank Landmark - Unknown
    • N/A
    Tris Chamberlain - Alive
    Rocket Moody - Alive
    Pierre Roberts - Alive
    Marcus Church - Alive
    Lincoln McCormick - Alive
    Ria Lasky - Alive
    Lucina Knox - Alive
    Ivy Lancaster - Alive
    Name - Alive
    Rex Moody - "Business is Business" - Alive
    Elinor Doyle - Alive
    Obediah Sticks - Alive
    Jethro Vern - Alive
    Katerina Walker - Deceased
    • f


    Attorney General Office - JULY1902-Present

    • Acts as an Assistant Attorney General
    Department of Prisons - APRIL1902-Present
    • Taking a new route in life, Melody decided to try being a watchmen for Department of Prisons. She seems to greatly enjoy the job but seems to very much miss bounty hunting and exploring the state and the thrill of her previous job.

    New Alexandria Sheriff/Marshals Office - NOV1901-Present
    • Melody was a registered Bounty Hunter but actively works alongside Deputies and Marshals.

    New Alexandria Equestrian Society / New Alexandria Horse Registry - MAR1902-Present

    The Colts - 1899-1901
    • Melody's sense of loyalty to the gang decreased over time, with the lack of 'outlaw' behaviour and in general criminal activity she grew uninterested in the gang. She debated leaving for quite some time due to being mistreated and belittled constantly, eventually August Bishop managed to convince her to drop the buckle after a altercation between them. After leaving fully, the gang has done nothing but drag her name through the dirt and Melody has grown to hate the gang and most of its members. She refuses to interact with them.


    "Death is merely a challenge for me to overcome."
    "Wanna see a magic trick?" -Proceeds to stop in front of whoever is getting said magic trick-
    "FrosTBITE NO-"



    - Journal and full character profile.
    - Known for "Looking to buy Gay in Bulk" Telegrams
    - Skilled with long range, Hunting and Medicine.
    - Also skilled with horse training, riding and veterinary skills/knowledge
    - Tends to knock people off their horses or stopping in front of them after saying "Wanna see a magic trick?"
    - Ranger cards; 4 Bobbys, 3 grizzly bears, 2 Lewis Lettuce, 4 cougars, 3 Jericho Baker, 4 Coyote, 2 Benjamin Banks, 3 Wolf, 2 Black bears, 1 Luke Bourbon, 2 Bison (Rare)
    - Colt cards; 1 Ethan, 4 Dallas colt, 2 Silver horse, 2 Roslyns.
    - Is Bisexual with a male preference and Demiromantic. Doesn't seem to actually have a interest for relationships anymore and takes a more Aromatic side of being Demiromantic.
    - Has 24 horses. (Boarded out of state = Not owned in game yet or no longer used)

    • Quartz (Retired 25 year old Stallion, White and Black Appaloosa)
    • Tundra (9 year old mare, White and black Piebald Gypsy Vanner - LOST) - Still Lost
    • Unnamed Stallion (4 year old Seale Brown Dutch Warmblood Stallion, Used for Studding) - Boarded outside of state
    • Farcry (5 year old Silver tailed Buckskin Standardbred Stallion.) - Boarded outside of state
    • Fierte (French for Pride, A 9 year old Dapple Buckskin Norfolk Roadster, Sire to Frostbite.)
    • Frostbite (A 5 year old Flea bitten (Speckled gray) Norfolk Roadster Mare)
    • ??? (A ??? year old Night Shade Nokota gelding. - Boarded outside of state
    • Hades (A 6 year old White Faced Missouri Fox Trotter Stallion)
    • Dawn (A 4 year old Red Dun Overo Mare) - Sold to Anna Brown
    • Octavia (A 3 year old White and Black Tovero Missouri Fox Trotter Filly) - Gifted to Jacob Bishop
    • Ares (A 8 year old Steel grey Breton Stallion)
    • Fragment (A 6 Year old Chocolate Roan Dutch Warmblood Mare) - Currently with Piper Lasky
    • Bullet (A -- Year old Brindle Thoroughbred Gelding) - Final gift from Ethan Colt
    • Mr Chonker (A 16 year old Raven Black Shire Gelding) - Boarded outside of state
    • Nyx (A 10 year old Liver Chestnut Hungarian Half-bred Mare) - Gifted to Domenic Black
    • Scotch (A 13 Year old Silver Dark Bay Gelding)
    • Tundra's Blizzard (A 11 year old Gray Leopard Blanket [Snowcap] Appaloosa Mare - Is Feral/Wild)
    • Rook (A 3 year old Buckskin Brindled Fox Trotter Colt)
    • Crumpet (A 6 year old Leopard Blanket Appaloosa Mare)
    • Soteria (A -- Reverse Dappled Black Thoroughbred Gelding)
    • ??? (A -- Champagne Splashed American Paint Gelding)
    • Thunder (A ??? year old Gray Turkoman) - Final gift from Edward Stonewall
    • Poppy (A 3 year old Flaxen Roan Tennessee Walker Filly)
    • Sunny (A 3 year old Golden Palomino Tennessee Walker Filly)
    - Owns Two pets
    • Buddy - A 4 year old Fox Hound.
    • Essix - A 2 year old Peregrine Falcon, Was rescued as a chick.

    Notable Items
    - Matching Bolt Action Rifle and Navy Colt set - Gift from Damon Lasky, engagement gift. Acts as a "Wedding Ring"
    - Pump Action Shotgun - One of the last few in state
    - White Hat with the Initials; E.S inside. - A last gift from Edward Stonewall, left to her for if or when she became a deputy to wear.
    - Bolt Action Rifle - Gift from Morgan Rifle, Sentimental value.
    - Lucky Rabbit foot - Given by a Native that Melody once helped.
    - Leather pocket with two wolf claws/teeth and a bear claw on the outside. Unknown what's in it. Apparently has mental healing properties - Gift from Jericho Kelly
    - Colt Belt Buckle - Given by Ruby Colt when the Colts first became a thing. Melody holds this in high value due to the fact is the last thing she has of Ruby.
    - A diamond necklace heirloom with 6 diamonds in it - Gift from Elijah Kingsman, a family heirloom



    Melody Kennedy











    Slightly underweight.




    Outside of State.


    American/Australian (With some French Heritage)

    Marital Status:



    Ethan Colt (Adoptive Father) - Deceased
    Ophelia - Daughter - Alive
    Keagan - Son - Alive
    Raven Black - Daughter - Alive

    Damian Black (Father) - Alive
    Nerine Black (Mother) - Alive
    Axial Black (Older Brother) - Alive
    Josephine Black (Older Sister) - Alive
    Domenic Black (Younger Brother) - Alive


    DOP Watchmen
    Assistant Attorney General
    Bounty Hunter
    Owner of NAHR
    Co-Owenr of NAES
    Filthy Criminal


    Nora Nightfall (Fake name)
    Melanie (Fake name)
    Melly - Given by Piper Lasky
    Melody Colt - Old name
    Carrot - Given by Giovanni Forte

    Faction Affiliations:

    Attorney General Office
    Department of Prisons
    New Alexandria Sheriff's Office
    New Alexandria Marshals Office
    The Colts