Marybelle Oswald

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  • Marybelle Oswald


    Early Life 

    From a young age, Marybelle Oswald, was taught that if you act innocent, if you do as your told, you will get everything you want. When she was 5, she was told to start playing piano, so she did, the played and played and then played some more. After she learned to play piano, she needed to know how to cook, a man's love is through their stomach after all. Once she knew how to cook, she was taught how to dress herself properly, a lady should always dress properly, the way you dress shows your wealth and wealth attracts wealth... apparently.

    As she got older, her mother made her write down how to act in a journal that she always kept close as she had started to act out towards her parents, especially when her siblings were born, her younger siblings, so innocent. She started to talk back, she started to get her own wants and likes, for instance, she didn't want to marry any of the men her mother offered her to marry. Her mother, specifically, was more aggressive about it, she loved to spend money and they were slowly losing it because of her, so she needed to marry someone with a good reputation and good money. Matter of fact, all the Oswald children should find a wealthy partner.

    When Marybelle was a teenager, she loved to traveled in the slumps, a place she was told to never go, the back alley of the back alley of Saint Denise. As she walked on the cobblestone in the mud, she heard a whine and when she looked, a small pup, covered in brown mud and wet of rain, skinnier than anything she had seen before. She would never be allowed to keep the pup but they wouldn't be able to stop her, that day she had brought back a husky named Peaches.

    From a young age, the Oswald siblings, were taught to be the perfect partner, be innocent, be manly, be a good housewife, have a good job, you will get everything your parents want.

    Present Life 



    "C'est la vie"


    Marybelle Oswald









    4'10 - 5'1


    119-146 lbs




    Saint Denise, New Alexandria



    Marital Status:



    Lucian Oswald, Eloise Oswald +6




    Faction Affiliations: